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In this show, music industry guru Bobby Owsinski gives you his personal insights into the industry of music covering industry news, reviews, analysis and tips as well as offering an amazing interviews with prominent industry movers and shakers every show! If you know Bobby, you know you are in for an enlightening and engaging treat. So enjoy the show!




Episode #179 – Radio Falling Behind, Alexa Personal Studio Assistant, Powerstation’s Ian Kagey

NEWS Radio falling behind streaming in all demographics The Odis personal studio assistant built on Amazon’s Alexa GUEST Ian Kagey – director of operations at Powerstation at Berklee NYC on the Avatar acquisition

Duration: 00:33:50

Episode #178 – CDs Still Selling, Hi-Res Audio, And Brian Stewart And Shari Hoffman

NEWS Believe it or not, CDs are still selling well in 2 very large markets The major labels are pushing hi-res audio again GUESTS Brian Stewart and Shari Hoffman from the AFM SAG-AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund

Duration: 00:35:55

Episode #177 – Taylor Swift And Ticketmaster, Gibson’s Financials, And Live Sound Engineer Mark Frink

NEWS Taylor Swift and Ticketmaster team up for “Verified User,” but with a catch Gibson Brands has a financial problem that may blow up in 2018 GUEST Live sound engineer Mark Frink

Duration: 00:53:36

Episode #176 – Brands In Songs, Unusual Guitars, And Harrison Console’s Ben Loftis

NEWS The top brands in Top 20 songs over the last 3 years Fender has two very unusual new product lines GUEST Harrison Console’s Ben Loftis talks about console history and Mixbus

Duration: 00:50:52

Episode #175 – YouTube Music Update, Music In Cuba, And DIYRE Founder Peterson Goodwyn

NEWS YouTube music update from Director of Global Music Lyor Cohen Music in Cuba GUEST DIY Recording Equipment founder Peterson Goodwyn

Duration: 00:43:39

Episode #174 – Selling Physical Product, Remastering, And Loudr CEO Chris Crawford

NEWS How to sell more physical product Do you need to remaster for streaming? GUEST Loudr CEO Chris Crawford

Duration: 00:43:28

Episode #173 – Google YouTube Music, Subwoofer Setup, And Studio Tech Gary Myerberg-Lauter

NEWS Google Play Music and YouTube Red to consolidate Steps for setting up a subwoofer GUEST Studio technical facilities manager Gary Myerberg-Lauter

Duration: 00:48:46

Episode #172 – Ideal Video Length, Ear Implants, And Incoming AES President David Scheirman

NEWS What’s the ideal video length for social media? New developments for hearing loss GUEST Live sound expert and AES president-elect David Scheirman

Duration: 00:49:36

Episode #171 – Publishers Sue Spotify, Russian Tubes, And Engineer Benny Faccone

NEWS Publishers want sue Spotify and now want equity The Russian government is threatening to take Mike Mathews tube factory away GUEST 17 time Grammy winner Benny Faccone talks about building his new … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:50:55

Episode #190 – Whiz Passes Psy, Gibson Buys Onkyo, And Engineer Michael Bishop

NEWS Whiz Kalifa passes Psy for most YouTube views ever Gibson buys consumer audio company Onkyo and adds to its brands lists GUEST Engineer/producer Michael Bishop

Duration: 00:55:02

Episode #169 – YouTube Losing Ground, Fender Goes Mobile, Mojave Audio President Dusty Wakeman

NEWS YouTube is losing ground as streaming has big gains in first half of year Fender goes mobile to cater to its new customers GUEST President of Mojave Audio Dusty Wakeman

Duration: 00:39:39

Episode #168 – Sony’s In-House Vinyl Pressing, Vocal Recording Mistakes, And Engineer Gary Noble

NEWS Sony’s going back to in-house vinyl cutting and pressing 6 Vocal Recording Mistakes GUEST Grammy-winning engineer Gary Noble

Duration: 00:47:59

Episode #167 – New Club Strategy, Music Helps Hearing Loss, And Guitarist Shane Theriot

NEWS This simple new strategy might be the key to keeping clubs from closing Music lessons can help with hearing loss GUEST Live From Daryl’s House musical director and guitarist Shane Theriot

Duration: 00:39:09

Episode #166 – Engineer Vance Powell, The New Album, And Guitar Demograpics

NEWS The album is now being called by other names, and hip hop leads the way Guitar players and demographics are changing before our very eyes GUEST Producer/engineer Vance Powell

Duration: 00:55:16

Episode #165 – Mastering Engineer Pete Doell, The Principles Of The New Music Business, And Apple’s New Hardware

NEWS The 10 Principles of doing business in today’s music business Apple’s new hardware brings back the creatives GUEST Mastering engineer Pete Doell talks about his new room at Aftermaster

Duration: 00:46:52

Episode #164 – The Mini-Majors, Police Sound Canons, And Singer/Songwriter Beatie Wolfe

NEWS There’s a new category of music companies as the mini-majors appear Police are using sound canons for riot control GUEST Singer/songwriter and tech maven Beatie Wolfe

Duration: 00:48:38

Episode #163 – Spotify Settles Lawsuit, Connected Everything, Guest Eric Gaskell

NEWS Spotify settles a lawsuit with David Lowery for non-payment of royalties Do we really need a bluetooth salt shaker? GUEST Eric Gaskell talks about GKL Audio kits and graphene loudspeakers

Duration: 00:38:48

Episode #162 – YouTube’s Study, Brain Chemistry And Music, And Engineer Eric “Mixerman” Sarafin

NEWS YouTube’s latest study riles up the music industry How music affects your brain chemistry GUEST Engineer/producer Eric “Mixerman” Sarafin

Duration: 00:52:32

Episode #161 – SoundExchange Payout, VR Flameout, And Producer Sylvia Massy

NEWS SoundExchange payout to artists and sideman Has VR flamed out? Look out for “Mixed Reality” GUEST Producer/engineer Sylvia Massy

Duration: 00:45:26

Episode #160 – Album Death, Imitation Voice, And Engineer Bill Smith

NEWS Warner Music has 20 of the top 50 albums, but does it matter much if no on listens? Lyrebird uses artificial intelligence to imitate any voice GUEST Engineer Bill Smith

Duration: 00:59:54

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