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Bringing some street to your water soaked feet. The most non-pc surf podcast out there. All about golden era hip hop & bodega culture meets surf and skate culture.

Bringing some street to your water soaked feet. The most non-pc surf podcast out there. All about golden era hip hop & bodega culture meets surf and skate culture.
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Bringing some street to your water soaked feet. The most non-pc surf podcast out there. All about golden era hip hop & bodega culture meets surf and skate culture.






Vol. 25 - Matt Chojnacki

Better late than never kid. Back at ya’ll with a sick ass episode where Matt Chojnacki (@TheWaxHead) drops some serious knowledge on Australian surfing, the transition era and total involvement logging. We also got some short takes having to do with crowd funding surf films, false missile launches, surf pop-up shops and much more. Get ready to spend the next 2 plus hours on this piece and have your mind blown with some dope tracks. Now part of the Yew Online network Make sure to check...


Vol. 24 - Levi Prairie

What up all you chicken heads out there in ‘gram land. Time for a new episode of the podcast where we politic with @leviprairie about music, the Blackies scene and growing up in Costa Mesa. We also have some short takes with @lograp, @devon_howard, @zigzagsurfer, shark attacks in Hawaii and the lifting of offshore oil drilling regulations. So sit back, twist the cap and get blitzed with some golden era hip hop and surf culture. Now part of the Yew Online network Make sure to check us...


Vol. 23 - Welzie

Hope y’all been surviving this holiday season and shit. We back up in this piece doing our last interview from the North Shore with our main man @welzie_art as we politic about art, how he got to Hawaii, working in shaping rooms and how the North Shore has changed. We also have some short takes with @georgetrimm’s Bootleg being back online, @sealtooth riding a @campbellbros #Bonzer and a year end video by @surfersjournal. So let’s end 2017 with a fat buddah sack of tracks and surf talk,...


Vol. 22 - Holiday Episode

Happy Holidays to all our funky cats out there this December. This week we depart from our normal programing steezo and bring you a special holiday themed episode. @ZigZagSurfer and I sit down and give you our Christmas wish list. We also give you our #NaughtyOrNiceList for 2017. If you wonder what suckas made it on the list and shit make sure to listen til the end y’all. Get your stockings hung, blunts lit, nog spiked and ears open for this special joint yo. Now part of the Yew Online...


Vol. 21 - Rosie Jaffurs

Coming to you now as part of the @yewonline network it’s an ill episode of the podcast. We sit down and politic with North Shore’s own @rosiejaffurs and spin about Buttons, North Shore etiquette and being a woman logger. We also drop some short takes about Bruce Brown, a @jackcolemanpluto joint about the Prairie Bros. and lastly the saving of @encyclopedia_of_surfing. So sit back, listen to these obscure cuts and get back in the line up asap suckas. Make sure to check us out at...


Vol. 20 - A Taste of the North Shore

What up fam, we are back from our stint on #TheNorthShore. This episode is a bit different than most of our usual steez. This time around we reminisce about our time out there. We also ask a few people who live there what’s the 411 with them and how they feel their hood has changed. Lastly we end on a sad note about the recent tragedy that the Emery family went through, how it’s effected the community there and how you can help. But enjoy our time back with some sleeper tracks and some...


Vol. 19 - Devon Howard

Coming to you live and direct from #TheNorthShore is an extended version of the podcast. On this episode we sit down with Devon Howard (@devon_howard) and talk about getting into logging, proving yourself on a log, how to keep the stoke alive and much more. We also have some short takes on the Kelly Slater (@kswaveco) wave pool being a @WSL CT event, Sharks popping up on cams and a short clip about #VanLife from Mick Rogers (@mrrodgers_neighborhood) and TCSS (@tcss). Also make sure to stay...


Vol. 18 - Grant Noble

We are back up in this piece with a sick ass episode this week. The Crew gets to chill out with our man Grant Noble (@grantnoble_) where he tells us about cutting his teeth at Blackies, surf trips with the @RVCA posse, shaping his own boards and passing the knowledge down. We also politic about the #1wv1fn17 contest, the new videos from @theseea and the new video series put out by @globebrand. So make sure to twist the cap and listen to our rap. Make sure to check us out at...


Vol. 17 - Kris Hall

What up fam, we are back with a banger of an episode featuring #SouthBay ripper Kris Hall (@longboardbonglord & @krishallsurfboards) where he drops some knowledge on growing up in a surfing family, surfing in Hermosa, skating styles and the types of sleds he shapes. We also politic about the surf movies Bunker 77(@Bunker77film), Black Boy by Deus (@deustemple) and the comeback of Foam Symmetry (@foam_symmetry). Ya’ll better be ready for a ill episode with some tracks Kris picked to make...


Vol. 16 - CJ Nelson

We were sleeping a bit fam and got a lil sidetracked but here’s another episode. On this one we politic with CJ Nelson (@cj_nelson) about skating at EMB, surfboard technologies, changing styles and the Relik contest (@surf.relik). We also have some short takes on the new Spitfire (@spitfirewheels) Arson Dept. video, the Beyond surf film (@nomadearthmedia) and lastly a reminder about the Innocnts (@innocnts) #1WV1FN17 contest. So sit back, get your blunts rolled up and be ready for some...


Vol. 15 - Hotdogger Championship Recap

Back up in this piece with a recap of the @hotdoggerchampionship where we did interviews with some of the competitors including @zigzagsurfer, @jphonolua, @jahmorgan and many more. We also have some short takes with Grant Noble (@grantnoble_), a new surf film Dulce about Pavones and the new Oahu Stussy (@stussy) tour vid. Keeping it short this time around so ya’ll can get hunting for some swell with the quickness yo. Make sure to check us out at...


Vol. 14 - Ed Solt from the Hotdogger Championship

Back with some dope tracks to get you through the last of this depressing swell. This week we sit down with Ed from the Hotdogger Championship ( @hotdoggerchampionship ) and discuss the contest, the culture and everyone involved. We also have some short takes with Stephanie Gilmore’s (@stephaniegilmore) Malibu home, Dion Agius (@dionagius), Jack Coleman (@jackcolemanpluto) and Taylor Knox (@taylor_knox). So sit back, spark one up and dig the vibe we have for you this week…peace. Make sure...


Vol. 13 - Joel Tudor Interview

Here’s a banger of an episode yo clocking in over 2 hours and shit. Up in this special episode we got to sit down with Joel Tudor (@joeljitsu) and politic about Kelly’s wave ranch (@kswaveco), NYC in the mid 90s, the dwindling number of log shapers, marijuana & surfing and women in surfing. We also touch on the latest episode of Epicly Later’d (@epiclylaterd), Jason Dill, The Hotdogger Championship (@hotdoggerchampionship) and a new shark detection system Make sure to check us out at...


Vol. 12 - Eden Saul (Dead Kooks Surfboards) Interview

We took a week off while in NYC and are back with a banger yo. We were lucky enough to get Eden Saul of Dead Kooks (@deadkooks) to sit down with us and politic about growing up in Australia, spliting time between there and LA, travelling and shaping all over the world. We also drop some knowledge with a few short takes having to do with the Hotdogger Championship (@hotdoggerchampionship), Call Me 917’s latest video (@calme917), The Dime (@dimemtl) Glory challenge and a bunch of random...


Vol. 11 - F@&K Billabong - Women’s image in surfing, Alex Knost, Tin Onjeda and Former

What up party people… time for a new episode. We set it off politicking about the F@&K #Billabong article written and the reaction by everyone. Then we bust into some short takes with Alex Knost (@knostthankyou), Tin Onjeda (@paranoidofblondes), Dane Reynolds (@sealtooth), Former (@former) and some random videos I found on Vimeo (@_keany_). Enjoy the tracks this week because we bumped heavy on those for all you cats. Mad love to @sealtooth on the birth of the two new little ones....


Vol. 10 - Jack Sabala (Nighttrain Surfboards) Interview

Getting back into the groove y’all. This week we are setting it off via an interview with Jack Sabala of Nighttrain Surfboards (@nighttrainsurfboards) where he talks about how he got started shaping, influence from mid-century design and what he’s hyped on shaping lately. We also have some short takes with the recently announced Hotdogger Championship (@hotdoggerchampionship), Nathan Oldfield’s (@nathanoldfield) new film and news from the #WuTangClan. Sit back, relax and enjoy the weird...


Vol. 9 - Sean Tully Interview

Hope y’all been havin’ a good time out there avoiding the crowds in this tiny swell season. Heard it’s been getting ill at first point. This week we are back with an interview with our main man Sean Tully (@innocnts) where he talks about growing up & surfing in LA, the 1WV 1 FN contest, what it’s like to run an art gallery and why aren’t there more indy surf clips out there. We also have some short takes with Palace Skateboards (@palaceskateboards), the recently announced Hotdogger...


Vol. 8 - Hyped on, Hate or Whatevs with Mike Siordia

What up everyone. Hope ya’ll been catching some waves because it’s been flat as fuck out here. In this episode we sit down with Mike Siordia (@zigzagsurfer) and start a new segment called “Hyped on, Hated or Whatevs” where we discuss topics like leashes on logs and drones in the lineup. We close out with a few short takes about Natas Kaupas, Tyler Warren and the new New Balance skate video. Sit back, relax and enjoy the weird mix of tracks we picked this week from old to new. Props to Sean...


Vol. 7 - Kassia Meador Interview

We are back yo. In this episode we get to sit down with our home girl Kassia Meador at her crib in Topanga. We talk aout how she got into surfing, her love of the ocean & earth, her wetsuit line and the importance of experiences. This one was such a dope experience to do that I am so stoked to have this as our third interview. Make sure to sit through this long episode. Make sure to check us out at Merch available here...


Vol. 6 - F@#K WSL, Bing Surfboards, 9 Ft & Single, and Thomas Campbell

We are back yo. This episode we mix it up between some hip hop and end on a little island vibe since I am missing my beef patty spot on Myrtle Ave lately. We politic about how whack the WSL is and what shook moves they’ve been up to. We finish up with some short takes talking about Bing Surfboards’ new model, Deus’ 9ft and Single festival and Thomas Campbell talking about his next surf flick. So sit back and enjoy the tracks, politicking and surf steezo. Make sure to check us out at...


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