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#73 - How we can all MEND our relationship with ourselves with Rosie Molinary, author of Beautiful You

Rosie Molinary and I are thrilled to bring you this BONUS podcast about our new virtual workshop called MEND - radical self-acceptance with Body Kindness. In this episode, you'll hear Rosie and I discuss the intersections of shame, perfectionism, and what it means to radically accept ourselves JUST AS WE ARE. We hope listening to our conversation gives you a taste for our interactive conversational approach we bring to our workshop. In addition to the video content, the workshop includes...


#72 - Weight Watchers, Diet Culture and Our Kids: Four Adults Chat it Out

Happy March and National Nutrition Month! This month the podcast will bring conversations about nutrition and body image. (Speaking of: check out MEND, my course on radical self acceptance with author of Beautiful You, Rosie Molinary) Bernie is back this week and we have two guests on the show! You’ll hear fellow dietitian Whitney Hightower talk about what it was like to be complimented for dieting because it made her body smaller and criticized for gaining weight when she stopped...


#71 - Athletes at Every Size and The Plight of the “Fit Fatty” with Ragen Chastain, Guinness World Record Holder, Speaker, and Fat Activist

Get the inside details of what it takes to certify a Guinness World Record from Ragen Chastain, a speaker, writer, and Certified Health Coach. Ragen is the heaviest person to complete a marathon. She is healthy. She is fit. She is fat. In this podcast Ragen will help inspire you to reframe exercise in your life away from body shame and weight loss goals -- at any size! Tune in to learn some of the unspoken ways we are excluding higher weight people from movement as a society and how we...


#70 - Enough As She Is, Helping Girls Move Beyond Impossible Standards with bestselling author Rachel Simmons

Attention anyone who wants to see girls succeed: tune in to this conversation with bestselling author Rachel Simmons. Her latest, “Enough As She Is: How to Help Girls Move Beyond Impossible Standards of Success to Live Healthy, Happy and Fulfilling Lives” serves as the backdrop for our chat. Rachel’s research shows girl’s competence does not equal confidence. Girls have never been more anxious and overwhelmed, feeling that no matter how hard they try, they will never be good...


#69 - A Money Health Checkup with Somatic Therapist Bari Tessler Linden

When you think of Body Kindness do you think of money too? I didn’t always make the connection, but I realized that how money moves through your life is an expression of your values and beliefs about yourself. I have also experienced clients who were restrictive with food and money “you don’t deserve…” and clients who spent frivolously to get that “reward” only to experience a downward spiral when the bills came. My guest today, Bari Tessler Linden, is a Financial Therapist, Mentor Coach...


#68 - The RBG Workout with Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Trainer Bryant Johnson

In this fitness-focused episode, my friend Bernie (former Biggest Loser “winner” and chronic dieter) and I get into a heated argument about his former trainer Bob Harper’s recent appearance on Megyn Kelly TODAY about weight shame. I think it’s ridiculous that Bob somehow thinks applying “firm kindness” to higher weight people is actually helpful caregiving. I’m mostly irritated with the segment because it would have been a wonderful opportunity for a Health at Every Size advocate to...


#67 - You Do You: How to Give Fewer F* by Being Yourself with bestselling author Sarah Knight

Ask yourself these two questions: What’s wrong with my life and why? The answers become your goals, says Sarah Knight, the New York Times bestselling author of three self-help books: The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck, Get Your Shit Together, and most recently, You Do You. In this lively interview, Sarah and I discuss several important “mindset” fixes you will need to do if you really want to create a better life (within your personal means). Sarah says we all need to do some...


#66 - How to Do “Body Positivity” with Megan Crabbe (aka BodyPosiPanda), author of Body Positive Power

Megan Crabbe, author of Body Positive Power joins me. In our conversation, we address how difficult real body positivity work can be -- issues of privilege, intersectionality, diversity, and the idea that barely sitting outside “the norm” of weight and beauty is not enough to create necessary change in our culture. Megan says we must watch out for the “trolls,” give compassion to people still entrenched in diet culture, and keep doing this work because it’s helping people. Follow Megan:...


#65 - So You Want to Talk About Race with Ijeoma Oluo

Ijeoma Oluo wants us to talk about race. In her new book, So You Want to Talk About Race (Seal Press) she breaks down the barriers and explains, in simple terms and with lively examples, key concepts of privilege, intersectionality, microagressions, cultural appropriation, and more. In our podcast chat, Ijeoma helps us embrace the connections between body positivity, the anti-diet movement, and race and class issues that aren’t often discussed in these important spaces. Regarding...


#64 - The Beauty of Being a Misfit - A Manifesto for Everyone Who Doesn’t Fit In

Lidia Yuknavitch is a MISFIT and she wants you to know it’s OK to be one too. In fact, it’s necessary. In her latest book, The Misfit’s Manifesto Lidia and her guest authors share their stories for what it’s like being on the outer edges where you don’t fit in. We layer the “outsider complex” with Body Kindness, discussing the “false fictions” people believe about our bodies and our health. How acceptance of the problems in our culture labeling certain bodies as “bad” or “wrong” (not...


#63 - Goal Digging for an Anti-Diet Year

Rebecca and Bernie welcome 2018 by kicking diets to the curb. They share their personal goals for creating a better life in 2018. And they officially launch the Body Kindness "Spiral Up" Club -- a year-long membership program focused on a diet DETOX and building up a positive, caregiving mindset with compassion, not shame. Then later in the show, they discuss the basics of "HAES" (health at every size) and answer listener questions about how to advocate for size diversity in their...


#62 - Body Kindness Book Turns 1 and Our Favorite Episodes, Revisited

Rebecca and Bernie recount some of their favorite and most popular episodes of 2017. With 62 episodes in two seasons, Body Kindness has big plans for 2018. Tune in to reflect back, catch up on shows you may have missed, and help Rebecca celebrate her first “book baby” turning one. Learn how you can evolve in your Body Kindness practice, with an exclusive limited time offer to work with Rebecca on “spiraling up” and ditching diets once and for all - for...


#61 - Rebecca's (Solo) Birthday Party and Self-Reflection

In her first solo episode, Rebecca reflects on the past few years of "birthday manifestations" and shares her intention for 2018. She also spills the beans on upcoming workshops, retreats, and body kindness programming. Stay in the loop by becoming a Body Kindness Insider. You'll get a free e-course, check-ins from me and in invitation to join our free group on Facebook! To support the podcast production in 2018, visit --- You can subscribe to Body Kindness on...


#60 - Rebecca and Bernie catch up - A rare face to face recording in Chicago!

I finally got a chance to record with Bernie in person. I shared some frustration with the education sessions at FNCE (aka dietitian prom). The dietetics profession is riddled with weight stigma and I realized we have such a long way to go to disentangle health and well-being from diet culture. Bernie gets really upset when I share the “disaster preparedness” content in the Whole 30 program. He has family in Puerto Rico. Plus we get a surprise visit from a guest that really warms my heart...


#59 - Betrayed by cancer: Starting body acceptance over after surgical scars with Amy Herbert

If you received a cancer diagnosis, would you say "thank you?" I don’t think I could. This week’s "body betrayal" guest Amy Herbert is grateful to cancer for helping her discover a whole new appreciation for her body -- scars and all. Amy was forever changed by her cancer experience for the better. In this post-traumatic growth story, you’ll learn how she forged this new relationship with her body and why we need to reject unsustainable ideals for beauty, illness, and emotional...


#58 - Holding My Pregnancy for Ransom - An infertility 'body betrayal' story from Liz Shaw, co-author of Fertility Foods Cookbook and founder of the Bumps to Baby community

When a woman has trouble conceiving, she is likely to blame herself, feel alone, inadequate and ashamed that her body is broken. Liz Shaw has been trying to conceive for years and her fertility treatments are not working (yet). In her “body betrayal” letter she shares why she struggles with fertility and how the power of community is helping her through all the low points. Her Bumps to Baby online community is a place that gives her purpose while she grapples with her infertility, her...


#57 - Get 'Unscrewed' in this #MeToo world with Jaclyn Friedman, activist and author of Unscrewed

Politics, Hollywood, and your neighborhood. Sexual abuse is happening everywhere and people are speaking up. And finally we’re believing them. If you’re shaking your head at Charlie Rose, Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey (and others) you’re probably wondering what you can do about it. There’s a new book out by author and activist Jaclyn Friedman, Unscrewed: Women, Sex, Power and How to Stop Letting the System Screw Us All. She's my guest on the show today. About Jaclyn: Jaclyn...


#56 - I Feel Trapped By My Diagnosis - Finding Your New Normal with Anna Sweeney, Dietitian and Disability Rights Advocate

Imagine one day finding out the tingling you’ve been feeling isn’t normal numbness, it’s actually caused by “beautiful bright spots” in your brain. Now imagine you’re not yet a teenager. That’s exactly how it happened for Anna Sweeney, now a disabled woman and disability rights advocate. In her “body betrayal” letter, Anna shares how she transformed these boxes of difficulty she wanted to ignore and hide away into a powerful tool for change in her life and our culture. Connect with her on...


#55 - Resilience through an Eating Disorder with Christy Harrison, host of Food Psych Podcast, HAES Dietitian, and Intuitive Eating Counselor

Have you ever felt like your body has betrayed you? Bad things happen to good people all the time. Yet when we go through something painful, we often lack the self-compassion and optimism it takes to find our way out of our suffering. What makes some people more resilient than others? Their mindset -- believing they will get through the adversity and in some cases, believing the difficulty changes them for good. Resilience is a process we can all learn. The power of stories experiences....


#54 - It's Never Just About the Hair - Metastatic Breast Cancer and Resilience with Bare Short Film Director Kerith Lemon and Co-Writer Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall was only 25 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s been a long and challenging road for her, and Rebecca wants other women, especially young women with metastatic breast cancer, to know “you are not alone.” Tune in to hear us talk about Rebecca’s journey. Watch Bare, the film she co-wrote with director Kerith Lemon at, and share it with anyone who needs to hear this powerful story. Find out more about Bare: Watch the film | Twitter |...


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