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A body is found on the moor, with no clue as to who the man was. And he died from poisoning. Who is he? Why was he there? Jon Manel follows the police inquiry for BBC Radio 4.




Episode 7: Solved

The investigation receives some good news but there are yet more questions. What can we find out about the man whose body was on the moor?

Duration: 00:10:07

Episode 6: A year on

A year after "Neil Dovestones" was found, the investigation has become truly multi-national, with links to Pakistan, the Netherlands and Slovakia. Jon Manel hears how the police have been trying to make progress with fingerprints, DNA, and isotope analysis.

Duration: 00:09:17

Episode 5: A breakthrough

The man they are calling Neil Dovestones remains in the mortuary in Oldham but the police continue to make progress. The clue inside his left leg proves to be even more helpful than anticipated. With Jon Manel. If you have any information which you believe could help the police inquiry, you can reach DS Coleman's team by email: dovestones@gmp.police.uk You can contact Jon at jon.manel@bbc.co.uk

Duration: 00:09:43

Episode 4: The clue inside the leg

Why did the man they are now calling Neil travel such a long way to get to the moorland track where he was found? To have any chance of finding out who he is, the police need a decent lead. And they find one. Jon explores how that could help. With Jon Manel.

Duration: 00:09:32

Episode 3: Poison

After six months, the man’s body remains in a mortuary in Oldham. Toxicology reports reveal the unusual way he died, and we hear about the plastic container he was carrying. With Jon Manel. For details of organisations which can offer advice and support on the issues raised in the report, go online to bbc.co.uk/actionnline or call the BBC Action Line to hear recorded information on 0800 066 066. Lines are open 24 hours and calls are free from landlines and mobiles.

Duration: 00:09:12

Episode 2: The journey

With no idea who he is, the police have to rely on the small number of clues found in the man's pockets. From the remote moorland track where his body was found, they begin to retrace his steps. Can they discover where his journey started? And we meet the last person known to have talked to him before he died. With Jon Manel.

Duration: 00:09:12

Episode 1: The discovery

Last December a man's body was discovered in the desolate landscape of Saddleworth Moor in the Peak District National Park. There was no clue as to who the man was. Six months on, he still hasn't been identified and his body remains in a mortuary in Oldham. The police have been mystified and shocked by what they have found For months, those leading the investigation have been sharing their progress with Jon Manel.

Duration: 00:09:05