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The Boiling Point - Episode 157 - Rivers Corbett

Introducing Rivers Corbett: "13 Fears of Entrepreneurs."StartUP Canada Podcast ShowOpportunties New BrunswickRayZen Innovations In this episode: Opportunies New Brunswick

Duration: 00:29:22

The Boiling Point - Episode 156 - Dave Wolpin

Introducing Dave Wolpin: In this episode:

Duration: 00:31:25

The Boiling Point - Episode 155 - Tammy Morris

Introduction: In this Episode:

Duration: 00:25:32

Boiling Point - Episode 155 - Tammy Morris

Changing the Game Introduction: In this Episode:

Duration: 00:25:32

Boiling Point - Episode 154 - Deborah Irvine Anderson

Introducing Deborah: · Has worked for CBC as a journalist since Highschool. · After being a seasoned journalist for over 20 years, Deborah decided to form her own media company, Canteen Media. Which offers media training. · She is now a media consultant, veteran journalist, communicator, and an entrepreneur. In this episode: · Wayne Jagoe guest hosts the Boiling Point for his third time. · Deborah talks about her amazing time working for CBC. · Dave shares his memories growing up...

Duration: 00:29:45

Episode 153 - Paul Campbell

Introducing Paul Campbell: Goodnight Paul. The Journey to My NHL: Living the Dream In this episode: Goodnight Paul. The Journey to My NHL: Living the Dream

Duration: 00:31:12

Episode 152 Michael & Jan George

Introducing Mike and Jan George In this episode: Third Time LuckySoaring Families here

Duration: 00:36:14

Boiling Point - Episode 151 - Bruce McLeod

In this episode: · Bruce fills in the hosts about organizational culture in business and how it can make the biggest impact for a company’s product differentiation and giving a company a competitive advantage. · Bruce talks about how people don’t quit their company, they leave their boss. Having strong organizational culture in business helps for companies to retain their employees for the long term. · Bruce discusses the biggest systemic challenges organizations are met with, an...

Duration: 00:10:23

Boiling Point - Episode 150 - Craig Norris and VideoBand Productions

Breaking Down The Story Introducing Craig Norris and VideoBand Productions We have all heard about the doom and gloom in regards to the environment and climate change, but what would get us engaged to be a part of the solution? Many have tried to spur us into action or at least gain our attention (some more successfully than others). One way we can take any heavy subject more interesting is to convey the facts in the way of a story. So, what makes a story captivating? Today’s Boiling...

Duration: 00:27:41

Boiling Point - Episode 149 - Jay Whitelaw and Givesome

Charitable Confirmation Introducing Jay Whitelaw and Givesome We are all asked to give to charities and groups on a daily basis. Sometimes it is through adding a dollar to your supermarket total, or maybe a television commercial, or a girl scout at your front door. At the same time, many of us have become cynics when it comes to charitable giving because we don’t know where all the money is going and we often only hear from the charity or group when it comes time to give again. This...

Duration: 00:31:25

Boiling Point - Episode 148 - Mark Breen of Enterprise Saint John and Patrick Parent of Moosehead Breweries

Solving Complex Problems with the Catalyst Innovation Program Introducing Mark Breen of Enterprise Saint John and Patrick Parent of Moosehead Breweries Innovation creativity is not a destination, but a journey. We know that most companies have to be innovative to stay relative. However, if pace of your innovation isn’t quick enough you risk your business fading away. Often companies get complacent over time and a sort of “group-think” sets in where processes and company culture are...

Duration: 00:32:23

Boiling Point - Episode 147 - Corey Kupfer and Authentic Enterprises

Authentic Negotiating Introducing Corey Kupfer and Authentic Enterprises We often hear the phrase “win-win” when we are in a negotiation setting. However, sometimes this phrase is used as a tactic to get you off your guard and the true intent of the negotiator is to get a much from you as possible. Sure, we all want to get a great deal, but when one party to a negotiation is losing out it can lead to a number of future problems. Today’s boiling point guest truly believes in “win-win”...

Duration: 00:32:37

Boiling Point - Episode 146 - Alison Smith and Parent Learning Community

Coaching the Parent Introducing Alison Smith and Parent Learning Community Obviously, we at the Boiling Point are great advocates of coaching. We know that the coach approach works because we have experienced in in our own lives. The coach approach can help us navigate all numbers of aspects in our lives from business, to athletics, to life in general. Today’s Boiling Point guest takes her coach approach to parenting. Alison Smith is a former educator, mom, parenting coach, and writer...

Duration: 00:26:12

Boiling Point - Episode 145 - Neil Burchill and inSIGHT Wellness

Creating a Life Worth Living is a Life Saved Introducing Neil Burchill and inSIGHT Wellness We have all heard the phrase, “everything in moderation.” How many of us actually live these words? The people who seem to have the greatest lives are the ones who take care of their body, mind, and spirit, but many of us fall back into unhealthy and stressful lifestyles. Today’s Boiling Point guest believes that once you have a deeper understanding of what you need and strive for that, you will...

Duration: 00:30:00

Boiling Point - Episode 144 - Anne Boyle, Polina Pinchevsky, & Round Peg.

Marketing Your Purpose Introducing Anne Boyle, Polina Pinchevsky, and Round Peg. The days of using Don Draper’s marketing style is over. No longer are we to believe that we are truly filling our “inner void” with a product. These days we are looking for more. We want our dollars to go to companies that are making an impact and have a true altruistic purpose. When socially responsible companies need to get their story to their customers, they need look no further than today’s Boiling...

Duration: 00:24:25

Boiling Point - Episode 143 - Dr. Hal Movius and Movius Consulting

The Right Confidence Introducing Dr. Hal Movius and Movius Consulting Negotiation is a daily reality in most of our lives. Whether it is a big-time business deal or bargaining with a five-year-old over bedtime, negotiation is a fact of life. There is a pervasive belief that some of us are better negotiators based on personality and confidence but according to today’s guest this is just not the case. Dr. Hal Movius is an applied psychologist, negotiation and leadership coach,...

Duration: 00:27:44

Boiling Point - Episode 142 - Maren Keeley and Conscious Company Media

The Good News Introducing Maren Keeley and Conscious Company Media Have you ever ended an experience of watching or reading the news only to feel more depressed than informed? There is no shortage of content out there (especially on the internet) that would leave a person feeling pretty down on the world. We don’t want to reject reality, but we all know there are also a lot of great stories out there going underreported. This week’s Boiling Point guest felt the same way about...

Duration: 00:25:04

Boiling Point - Episode 141 - Scot Tatelman and State Bags

Give Back Pack Introducing Scot Tatelman and State Bags It is truly great when you can buy a fantastic product for yourself and at the same time give a fantastic product to someone in need. This is exactly what happens when you purchase a bag from this week’s Boiling Point guest. Scot Tatelman and his wife Jacqueline are the co-founders of State Bags, which is a one for one bag brand based out of New York City. Similar to companies like TOMS Shoes, for every State bag that is sold,...

Duration: 00:25:18

Boiling Point - Episode 140 - Dr. Leeno Karumanchery, Diversity Solutions, and Enkidu

Disabling Bias Introducing Dr. Leeno Karumanchery, Diversity Solutions, and Enkidu There is something terrible that we all have inside us that are difficult to remove unless it is brought into the light of day. It can affect how we perceive other people and can negatively affect our decision-making. The thing I am speaking of is our unconscious bias and today’s Boiling Point guest is seeking to eliminate it from our organizations. Dr. Leeno Karumanchery is a sociologist with 25 years...

Duration: 00:28:28

Boiling Point - Episode 139 - Jason Graham-Nye and gDiapers

Diaper Different Introducing Jason Graham-Nye and gDiapers We all have met (or have been) that first time parent who goes above-and-beyond to do and be the very best for their new bundle of joy; They feed the best food, give all the proper brain stimulation, and give all the love a little one could ask for. However, many of these same people will draw the line when it comes to the choice of whether to use cloth or disposable diapers. One option seems time consuming and gross and the...

Duration: 00:35:00

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