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4 friends getting together every week to entertain ourselves and anyone else that wants to listen. NSFW

4 friends getting together every week to entertain ourselves and anyone else that wants to listen. NSFW
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Las Vegas, NV


4 friends getting together every week to entertain ourselves and anyone else that wants to listen. NSFW




Wake Up, Sheeple!

In episode 154, Luke is happy and thats bad for business. Josh never sleeps anymore. And Lorne crosses the line (apparently even B&B has standards). We discuss love, women, UFC, NFL, archery, sky dicks, and much more. . 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:50:48

Episode 153: A Doctorate in Bullshit

This was the first episode with the original four cast members in a while and we were pumped! Josh talks about being a new daddy, Luke has a clinger, UFC 217 was glorious, real life face-swap, Louis CK, and War Chorus. . @BandB_PODCAST on Twitter 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:44:49

Episode 152: It’s All Gravy

Daddy Josh, UFC 217 predictions, Luke has beef at his new job, Rock the Boat, and Dustin hits another home run in Shark Tank. . 218-382-5265 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:29:24

Episode 151: Dustin Digs Crazy Bitches

Josh can’t make it so Dustin fills in. We talk about the shooting in Las Vegas, Dustin’s psychotic girlfriend, UFC 216, and Kim Jong Un. We also hear a bunch of Dustin’s ideas in our Shark Tank segment, and play Movie Sound Speed Round. . @BandB_PODCAST on Twitter 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:23:02

Episode 150: Some Side-Dick

Luke is absent. We discuss Josh’s biggest fear with upcoming fatherdom, Lorne getting punched, NFL, semen throwers, Japs eating live frogs, strange addictions, and more.. We also play Movie Sound Speed Round and shit on Game of Thrones again. . @BandB_PODCAST 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:12:25

Episode 149: “Puking’s the Best, Man”

Luke’s life is hell, dying is scary, daddy struggles, Mayweather V McGregor, NFL, Michael Bennett, angry old men, Burning Man, Panic, and sad movies. . @BandB_PODCAST 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:29:36

Episode 148: Climbing a Shit Rope

Mike the construction worker, and Luke the Teacher? Europeans stink, how to wear your sunglasses, Jon Jones and steroids, Mayweather vs McGregor, Game of Thrones has jumped the shark, and big dick confidence. . @BandB_PODCAST 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:29:55

Episode 147: Fleshy Fuckhole

In episode 147 we discuss grocery carrying, shitty jobs, Josh’s richness, NFL, Golden Knights, Bitcoin, most overrated bands, and play Movie Sound Speed Round. . 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:25:03

Episode 146: Adulting with Luke

We’re all 4 back in studio! We discuss UFC 146, dudes that can’t get laid, buttholes (again), Magic the Gathering, and Game of Thrones. We also play Rock the Boat, and Rapid Fire. . 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:34:12

Episode 145: Vape Spaghetti

Luke is back, and Adam fills in for Josh. We talk trolling Twitter, UFC, marijuana in Vegas, Juggalo’s, Chinese kung-fu dick-masters, vape wizzards, and movies. We also play War-Chorus. . @BandB_PODCAST 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:22:39

Episode 144: Drones, Bro.

In this episode: we discuss the economy, the JFK assasination, Pearl Harbor, and the food industries affect on our health (Pretty much all shit that we’re too dumb to understand). We also dive deeper into Lorne’s beastiality, Josh’s fear of buttholes, and play Movie Sound Speed Round. . @BandB_PODCAST 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:24:26

Episode 143: Bukkake Baptism

In episode 143, We talk video games, being hungover, Bellator 180, and bukkake. We also play Music Sound Speed Round, and spend a good 30 minutes discussing Game of Thrones. . @BandB_PODCAST 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:35:43

Episode 142: B&B: Unlocking a Better YOU

This week we discuss old women vs old men, fame, working vs not working, punching old people, UFC, and boxing. We also play Rock the Boat, and start a cult. . @BandB_PODCAST 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:39:23

Episode 141: Put A Little Hustle In That

In episode 141, we discuss B&B, Daddy Lorne, Josh’s house hunt, Luke’s new ride, Uber ratings, shitty retail supervisors, UFC, and watching people die. We also play Panic, and 8-Second 8-Bit. Unfortunately, we lost the last 40 minutes of this weeks show, deal with it. . @BandB_PODCAST 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:08:42

Episode 140: Free Showers

We’re all back in studio for this one! Luke has entered the smuggling business, and Lorne got ripped off by a midget. We discuss strip clubs, jizz throwin, the final solution, and Game of Thrones. We also play Rock the Boat, and Movie Sound Speed Round. . Instagram: @boldandbelligerent Twitter: @BandB_PODCAST Voicemail: 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:25:40

Episode 139: Josh Poo.O

In episode 139, Luke can’t make it so Adam fills in. We discuss recent deaths, Raiders stadium location, Catholic churches, and didgeridoo porn. We also do some would you rathers, and play Rapid Fire. . Twitter: @BandB_PODCAST Instagram: @Boldandbelligerent 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:17:26

Episode 138: Trench Foot in the Kitchen

The boys are back!! We catch up on the past few weeks, hear about Luke’s hellish workplace, Josh makes a half-assed announcment, Mike’s dog vs Lorne’s chicken, shewees, and eating boogers. We also play Movie Sound Speed Round. . 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB) Twitter: @BandB_PODCAST Dog vs Chicken Video

Duration: 01:23:16

Episode 133: TitBitchinNoTeeth

Josh is back from Mexico and got racially profiled at the airport. Dustin fills in for Luke and entertains us throughout the show by just being himself, he also pitches us some ideas. We play Steve McGrew’s latest trending video “Friends in Safe Spaces”, and end the show with some Movie Sound Speed Round. . Twitter: @BandB_PODCAST 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:22:33

Episode 130: Fanny Pack Full of Coke

In episode 130, Luke makes his first sale, GSP and Cyborg are back in the UFC, dumb phones, 80’s Karaoke, German saw sex, Oreo eating challenge part 2, Shia Lebouf, John Wick 2, and girls we shoulda fucked. . @BandB_PODCAST on Twitter 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:19:55

Episode 129: Wick & Walt Get Luke Wet

In episode 129, Luke gets a new job, Josh witnesses something tragic, we discuss the SuperBowl, coffin homes, and false flag operations. We also attempt a world record, and play war chorus. Luke has a nerdgasm over John Wick 2 and Walt Disney. . Twitter: @BandB_PODCAST Voicemail: 218-382-5262 (FUCKBNB)

Duration: 01:13:30

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