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Bombad Radio - Books, Movies, Comics and more!

Bombad Radio - Books, Movies, Comics and more!
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Bombad Radio - Books, Movies, Comics and more!




Episode 297 - Kyle McCarley Voice Acting on NieR:Automata and More!

Episode 297 of Bombad Radio is with voice actor Kyle McCarley, known for his work recently on the award-winning title NieR:Automata. In addition to NieR he has worked on titles such as Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Final Fantasy 15, and many audiobooks and commercials Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 00:45:29

Essential Bombad Radio #30: Disney Buys Fox - All the Details!

Disney has bought 20th Century Fox for $52Billion! We break down the details, what does Disney get and NOT get. What about Parks? Comics? Shows like Gotham? When will the deal be final? All this and more! Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 00:23:25

Essential Bombad Radio #29: Comic Con Battles, Video Game Awards, and Infinity War gets a trailer

Essential Bombad Radio #29 dives into the following: - San Diego Comic Con and Salt Lake Comic Con case ends - The Game Awards happen - Playstation Experience (PSX) - Movie Trailers (Infinity War, Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom, Batman Ninja and more) and of course so much more news! Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 00:57:41

Episode 296: Wilbert Roget II on Call of Duty World War 2 and Composing for Lucasarts and Star Wars

Episode 296 of Bombad Radio has Wilbert Roget II, composer of games such as Call of Duty World War 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Lara Croft, The Force Unleashed, Dead Island 2, and Star Wars: First Assault! Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 01:02:40

Steven and Stephen on Steven Spielberg: HBO’s Documentary ‘Spielberg’

Steven and Stephen discuss November films like Thor: Ragnarok, Justice League, and Coco, and review the recent HBO documentary on Steven Spielberg. Then they hit up trivia on 4 letter movies! Next month, The Terminal! Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 00:59:46

Musical Procrastination - The Final Episode: Jerry Goldsmith’s The Mummy

I hope you have loved listening to all of the incredible music that has been analyzed in the last few years. Here is one final Podcast which covers an amazing Score from the incomparable Jerry Goldsmith; we hope you enjoy The Mummy. Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 00:50:59

Essential Bombad Radio #28 - The Strange Tale of Star Wars Battlefront 2

Essential Bombad #28 we cover the story, controversy, and of course fallout and impact of Star Wars Battlefront 2. We also cover reactions of fans and critics and our hopes for Star Wars games in the future! Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 01:03:08

Episode 293 - Looks Who’s Back, the Lovely Ms. Nathalie Cox!

Episode 293 Ms. Nathalie Cox returns to the show for the 3rd time to discuss her acting career, voicing characters, updates in mo-cap in video games, and what she is doing right now including her Science Fiction Drama “The Good Neighbour” which you can support below! The Good Neighbour - Support the IndieGoGo Campaign Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 00:55:44

Essential Bombad Radio #27 - Fox to Disney Sale? A New Star Wars Trilogy and Justice League Reactions!

Essential Bombad #27 we cover the potential Fox deal to Disney, a new Star Wars Trilogy, Live Action TV Show, Justice League reactions, new heroes for Injustice 2, and so much more!. Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 00:41:03

Episode 292 - Thor Ragnarok

Episode 292 The entire team, Kaela, Jeremiah and Travis, get together to review and discuss the new Marvel film Thor Ragnarok and what is to come in the future of Marvel! If you’ve seen the film, join us and bring your fond memories as we discuss this fantastic film! Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 01:08:02

The Stuff that Dreams are Made of Episode 6: Goodfellas and Sophie’s Choice

Stephen and Jessica discuss the gangster film Goodfellas and Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice. Tune in next month for Swing Time and The Sixth Sense! Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 00:47:21

Essential Bombad Radio #26 - Visceral’s Fall but Star Wars Lives On!

In this week’s Essential Bombad we go over the fall of Visceral Games, Zachary Levi becoming Shazam, and much more! Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 00:41:28

Episode 291: The Ian of Doescher Doth Return

Bombad Radio - Geeks and Legends Episode 291 Guest: Ian Doescher Summary: Ian Doescher, author of Star Wars Shakespeare returns to discuss his work in theater, his new additions to Star Wars Shakespeare and more! Then we combine to discuss Marvel and DC News, trailers, the Han Solo film getting a title (Solo: A Star Wars Story) and other Star Wars News from Star Tours and beyond! Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 00:57:20

Steven and Stephen on Steven: Arachnophobia

Steven and Stephen are joined by Jessica, Stephen Sparky Parker’s wife and co-host of The Stuff That Dreams are Made of, come together for a discussion of Blade Runner 2049, fun horror movie traditions, and the Spielberg produced horror comedy Arachnophobia! Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 00:54:44

Essential Bombad Radio #26 - Marvel Struggles at NYCC, X-Men, Runaways, and Justice League Trailers oh and Star Wars

Essential Bombad Radio #26 where we tackle Marvel’s NYCC woes but their premiere of their Runaways trailer (with Hulu) as well as the X-Men: New Mutant’s Trailer. Then we dive into Justice League, our hopes and fears and then oh yeah, Star Wars: The Last Jedi had an itty bitty trailer, so we talked about it… a lot… and porgs, clearly, are important. Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 00:38:01

Episode 290: Jeff Grubb on Writing Games, Comics, Books, and More!

Bombad Radio Episode 290 - Jeff Grubb Fantasy author Jeff Grubb returns to the show to discuss writing video games, tabletop games, comics, novels and more! Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 01:01:13

Episode 289 - The Best of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Today we dive deep into our past as we collect interviews from voice actors and writers of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Interviews from 2011 to 2017 hear tales of how the show was written, characters formed, and more from almost a dozen different guests! If you have questions or comments you can email us at Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 02:31:27

Essential Bombad Radio #25 - Voice Actors Strike Ends, We review House Monsters, and DC Pivots

Bombad Radio - Geeks and Legends Presents Essential Bombad Radio #25 Voice Actors Strike Ends and We Review House Monsters The Voice Actors Strike which started in February 2016 has finally come to a tentative close. We cover the details, the pluses and minuses as this 1.5 year strike comes to a close. Then we cover a kickstarted card game called House Monsters by Branom Games. We cover its ups and downs and give our thoughts if it is worth your time. Lastly we cover details of DC...

Duration: 00:29:54

Episode 288: Porgs Recommending For Your Streaming Needs

Bombad Radio: Geeks and Legends Episode 288 - Porgs Recommending For Your Streaming Needs Hosts Jeremiah and Kaela discuss recent books they have received to review, one the Ultimate Marvel Guide and the other Star Wars Made Easy. Of course Porgs are discussed and then we dive into recommendations for streaming (Geek wise) via Prime and Netflix! Perhaps some of the off the cuff choices will inspire some viewing in the coming weeks as we wait for shows to return. Lastly we introduce a new...

Duration: 01:29:04

The Stuff that Dreams are Made of Episode 5: Pulp Fiction and The French Connection

Bombad Radio: Geeks and Legends Presents The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of Episode 5: Pulp Fiction and The French Connection The Parkers explore the cops and criminals genres with Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and The French Connection. Continue tuning in each month as the Parkers continue through what AMC says are the top 100 films of all time! Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 00:54:46

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