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So...Patriots and Eagles.

What a weekend! I didn't think Foles had it in him. Looks like it's him and Brady. Of course we're going to talk some NFL. We will touch a little bit on the fact that the Diamondbacks haven't done anything during the offseason. Make sure to stay tuned for our controversial take of the week. See you in the Crypt!

Duration: 00:13:36

Did You See That Play!

Did you see Marcus Mariota! That was definitely the play of the podcast! We don't have a name for our play of the podcast yet. Send me your ideas to or shoot me a tweet @bonesonsports! We also catch up on some NHL, and we talk about why you should always have your assistant keep your girlfriend and wife separate! See you in the Crypt!

Duration: 00:11:54

PreSeason Ep. 1: Can Arizona Keep The Coyotes!

From the Crypt In Phoenix it's Jimmy CC Bones. What's the extra c stand for...extra Cool! It's almost game time. Our podcast launches on January 8th 2018. Make sure you subscribe on Apple Podcasts. Let's talk what's wrong with the Coyotes, and what will it take to keep them in Arizona. The Vikings at 11 and 3! And is Shohei Otani worth the hype! See you in the Crypt!

Duration: 00:11:05

Goodbye Bruce Arians!

Hey Everyone! It's Jimmy CC Bones here. The extra C stands for extra Cold! Is Dylan Stome a bust, and can we use him for trade bait! I don't know let's talk about it. Also, it's time to say Goodbye to Bruce Arians! Come and join me in the Crypt!

Duration: 00:11:34

Coming January 8th, 2018

Hello Everyone! This is Jimmy SS Bones where the extra S stands for Extra Sports! I will be coming to you every Monday to talk about sports. I will be talking about Hockey, Football, Baseball, and whatever else I think you should know about sports. Make sure to listen wherever you get your podcasts!

Duration: 00:00:48