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Carol Hibbs Interview 17 March 2018

Talking to Carol Hibbs. Carol is the author of Forever Ends, a Paranormal Romance minus vampires but with 'things that go bump in the night! Carol chats to me about the pro's of self-publishing, where she found the inspiration for writing, why she decided not to target Forever Ends at the Young Adult audience and her upcoming sequels.


Ron Nichols Interview 10 March 2018

Ron is the author of Making Lemonade out of Life's Lemons. In Making Lemonade from Life's Lemons, the author chronicles his life from birth to the present. The author gives a raw account of some traumatic events in his past and how he overcame them. He owes his deliverance to the Lord and his wife of twelve years.


Roger Bray Interview 22 February 2018

Talking with author Roger Bray about his mystery/suspense novel Psychosis: When a dream turns deadly. When Hazel disappears, the police are convinced that her husband, Alex, has killed her. Three years after his conviction for murder, Alex and his sister, Alice, are devastated when their last appeal is rejected by the courts. With nowhere left to turn, Alice must start to put her life back together. Living in limbo herself, Alice has a chance encounter with Steve, an ex-solider turned PI...


Guy Singer Interview 20 February 2018

I’m talking to Guy Singer. Guy is the author of the Cambodian Innocence series all of which are set in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He has also published books in the contemporary and science fiction genres, the most recent being Starboy, a coming of age/science fiction novel. Guy has recently completed a revised and professional edit of his first Cambodian Innocence books.


Cindy Stone Interview 15 February 2018

Talking to Cindy Stone about her award winning fantasy Scorpion: The Myriad Series. The day began as any other for Avery, without even a hint that she was about to tumble into a bizarre and mysterious series of events which would forever change her destiny. Dark powers, ten thousand year old spells, mysterious monks and martial arts, it’s a book to get lost in, that’s for sure and I absolutely loved it!


Susanna Beard Interview 14 Feb 2018

Chatting with Susanna Beard about her debut novel Dare To Remember, a psychological drama. 'I found myself frantically turning the pages, desperate to uncover what happened' --Tracy Buchanan 'Intriguing and gripping' --Rachel Abbott 'Beautifully taut and controlled writing - gripping all the way through' --Shelley Weiner


Ferishta Ganga Interview 12 February 2018

Listen to author Ferishta Ganga chatting about The Rebels. The Rebels is Ferishta’s debut novel and is a gripping story about a group of rebels that fight and strategize to take down an oppressor of their country.


Erin Thornton Interview

I’m talking to author Erin Thornton. Erin has just published her third book Disaster in Love, a Romantic Comedy. Sam, is just a girl like everyone else. She wants to make it through life with minimum hiccups, but her mother is desperate for grandchildren. She understands, but unfortunately just hasn't met "Mr. Right" yet. In an effort to please her mother, she decides to amp up her dating life. Unfortunately, Sam suffers from a dating curse. No matter who she chooses to date there is...


Interview with Barbara James

I’m talking to author Barbara James about her new book Going Home: Roger. This is the second book in her sweet and sensuous romance series. Roger M. Young turned his back on his conservative upbringing when he left home at eighteen and joined the Coast Guard. He was quite happy with his life. When he served as a groomsman at his best friend Rick Santelli's wedding, dating Denise Perigault, Rick's teenaged sister-in-law, was the last thing on his mind. And she felt the same way too. Having...


Interview with Erin Thornton

Erin is the author of Dangerous Calculations, a romantic suspense and the second of her ‘Dangerous’ series. Trish is a financial advisor working on the biggest project of her career. Little does she know her world is about to be ripped out of control. Between her health issues and life plan, she may not be able to handle what is to come. Brian is a detective who has always been a player in his personal life. After missing out on his chance with Trish he has regretted his life decisions....


Andy Klein Interview

Andy Klein is the author of three books, two being children's books and the other a journal (Footrints from Anwhere) of his fifteen years of travel wanderings. The children's books are about a little boy by the name of Oliver Phenomena and there is something very special about Oliver Phenomena...


Cathy Lynn Brooks Interview

Cathy is the author of Not My Story To Tell, My journey through grief: Loving and losing a daughter with bi-polar disorder. Cathy Lynn Brooks spent her career working with children with special needs, but despite her professional experience, it was still heart breaking for her to witness the challenges faced by her daughter, Justine. Justine always reminded Cathy of Annie Oakley. She was fierce and protective of the vulnerable, but she was also plagued by her own troubles. At a young age,...


Catina Willis Interview Author of Next Level Coaching

Catina is the author of Next Level Coaching For Real Estate Professionals: How to Make $100,000+ In 12 Months. How do some real estate professionals stay in business no matter how the market shifts? Next Level Coaching for Real Estate Professionals gives proven strategies to help real estate agents and investors build a 6 figure business. Specifically: How to study for the real estate exam the easy way. How to jump start your real estate career and get new clients daily. How to work less...


Interview with David Kurtz author of Retribution

Interview with author David Kurtz talking about his debut novel Retribution, a sword and stone Fantasy, the first in the Redemptive Chronicles an epic fantasy series. 'It's been well over a hundred years since the last war ended and the King was slain, leaving the people bereft of leadership for the first time in ages. Gradually the knowledge of strange magic, fire-breathing dragons and other powerful creatures has faded, along with much of what was once known of the days when all were...


Toni Dowrey Interview about her book Finding You & Your Direction

Toni Dowrey is the author of Finding You & Your Direction. Life can get so busy and chaotic that we sometimes feel like it has taken over and we are losing control of where we were going. There can be too many outside influences that keep us from focusing on ourselves as a person. "Finding You and Your Direction" will help guide you with getting back on track. There are eleven ways that have been broken down to help you get back on the path you need to be on. From values to heartache. Life...


Annette Swann interview - Author of Burnt Face

Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Annette tells the struggle of surviving severe third degree burn injuries at the tender age of 9, as the result of one irresponsible adult’s actions at a Christmas BBQ. Annette shares the last days of her ‘normal’ childhood before her life changed; it tells her story in great detail of the day she was scarred for life. Burnt Face is an emotionally moving story about the profound impact the horrific scars made to her childhood and follows her struggle...


Interview with author Lisa Ashlock.

Interview with author Lisa Ashlock. Lisa's book is titled Am I Awake, Yet?: Living With a Loved One That Has Bipolar, And How To Cope. Imagine what it is like to live with a loved one that has bipolar and helping them cope along with yourself. It's not an easy position to be in and to handle it on your own. I know, I have been there. Inside is information on not only helping the loved one to cope but also the advocate to cope. Remember, you are not alone!


Jill Amy Rosenblatt Interview

Jill is the author of The Fixer series, books in the Crime Fiction genre and have been called "Fun, fast-paced and packed with thrills." NYC college student is an a desperate situation....After ditching her cheating lover (and boss), she’s stuck in dead end temp jobs. Her dad just ditched her mom and his promise to pay Kat's college tuition bill.She has two weeks to come up with $14,000 or she's out of her apartment, out of school, and out of luck. A dangerous world....


Christine Roney Interview talking about Fading Grace her new novella

Grace Tyler led a comfortable, unremarkable life. In her twenties, she had been an up-and-coming artist with shows in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, London, and Prague. But those years were long past. A year ago, her husband suffered a fatal heart attack and she’s having difficulty adjusting to her new life. She begins to feel invisible. But she’s coping. Or is she? One morning, Grace looks in the mirror and watches in horror as her reflection fades. She doesn’t just feel invisible...


Lynda Filler talking about Lie To Me - her latest novel

Talking to award winning author Lynda Filler author of Lie To Me, an expose on sex for money...Forty-something Layla Duncan, a women’s magazine writer, has a dangerous obsession with men who sell steamy sexual encounters to vacationing women in Puerto Vallarta. She infiltrates the underworld of male prostitution, interviews several men and begins to write a mesmerizing exposé of their lives.


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