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#BookendBaldies - Episode 32

The #BookendBaldies are podcasting for the last time from Buddy's beach house because he is moving...across the street! This is podcast is by the books, touching on all your favorites, #BaldieBuzz, Obsessions, Whatcha Listening To?, BaldieBabe and Favorite Instagram Feeds. It's short and sweet with all the fun and nonsense you've come to expect from the #BookendBaldies! Enjoy Episode 32!


#BookendBaldies - Episode 31

The #BookendBaldies are hanging at Buddy's house this time around and wine is involved. They are hosting a fundraiser called "Have A Heart For Hydrocephalus!" DONATE TODAY! All your favorites are back! The "Baldie Buzz", "Obsessions", "Watcha Listening To?", and the "Baldie Babe" are all included! Plus, there is an update on Buddy's catfish that you DO NOT want to miss! Turn up the sound, relax and get ready to laugh... this is "Episode 31"!


#BookendBaldies - Episode 30

Happy New Year! The #BookendBaldies are back and better than ever in 2018! Buddy and Eddie are in Merrick, Long Island in an office building somewhere downtown. How did they end up there? Who knows! Buddy's friend Kat joins the boys for a hilarious podcast discussing the New Year, the nightmare that is Valentine's Day and Buddy's latest and fleeting romance! They all get dropped in on by Rob, the owner of the office and the nonsense of this podcast goes OFF THE CHART! Buckle up,...


#BookendBaldies - Episode 29

The #BookendBaldies are broadcasting from picturesque Newton, Ma for "Episode 29"! The boys are talking about the AMA performances, the DWTS finale, and the problems with not verifying social media gossip! All your favorites are included... "What Cha Listening To?", "Obsessions", "#BaldieBuzz", "#BaldieBabe", "Quotes" and "Favorite Instagrams". Get "All In", with "All Fun" and "All Nonsense" as the your favorite bald men sit down for a morning chat. P.S. their commercial break is an...


#BookendBaldies - Episode 28-ish

Buddy and Eddie are coming to you from Foxwoods Casino for Episode 28 1/2. They are calling this one "Episode 28-ish" because it's the mess of their Pittsburgh episode with special guest, Broadway Star and Rockette, Melissa Fagan and their Foxwoods episode. It all gets thrown together in one of the funniest episodes yet! All your favorites are there including: TWO "Baldie Babe" segments, "Favorite Instagram" and "What Cha Listening To?". Get ALL IN to this ridiculous episode full of...


#BookendBaldies - Episode 27

Did the "Dancing With The Stars" elimination get you down? Are you upset, sad, or mad? Well, let the #BookendBaldies - Episode 27 turn that frown upside down. Recorded in Wenatchee, WA...the boys are having a glass of wine before their flights home. They are talking about hanging with Tiffany and her band at a local reservation bar, how they formed a metal group with Debbie Gibson, and Buddy's Food Network appearance on "Seaside Snacks And Shacks"! Don't miss out on this week's "What...


#BookendBaldies - Episode 26

The #BookendBaldies are flaming the fires of laughter in Yakima, WA! They are there for back to back concerts and to discuss this very busy past week including the announcement of Debbie Gibson on Season 25 of "Dancing With The Stars"! Eddie explains how you can get your hands on the original "Sir Godiva" image of him riding his magical unicorn! The #BaldieBuzz, #BaldieBabes, Obsessions and "What Cha Listening To?" are very Debbie Gibson inspired and influenced! Get ALL IN on "Episode...


#BookendBaldies - Episode 25

The Bookends are in Westford, Massachusetts this week for an early morning edition of #BookendBaldies. They have new a new hashtag (#NAHSURE), a new segment ("The Baldini Questini") and a new platform to listen from...TuneIn Radio! Your favorites are all there plus a very special 80's inspired "What Cha Listening To?". Grab a cup of coffee, spike it with whatever you like and get ready to laugh with "Episode 25" of #BookendBaldies!


#BookendBaldies - Episode 24

The #BookendBaldies are podcasting from the Best Western Plus in Sharon, Mass. Buddy and Eddie are recapping their summer fun which includes meeting Hoda Kotb and flying a plane...ya know, just everyday kind of stuff. Don't miss the naked yoga segment and a brand new hashtag! Your favorites are all there including "BaldieBuzz", "Obsessions", "BaldieBabe" and more... Get ready to laugh out loud to "Episode 24" of #BookendBaldies!


#BookendBaldies - Episode 23

The #BookendBaldies are in Orlando...again...but this time from Buddy's room and for a coffee talk. This episode they kiki over Buddy's catfish, "Baldie Babes", "Obsessions", "Favorite Instagrams", and "Whatcha Listening To?". The #BookendBaldies segment from The Lounge has aired. Make sure you check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnNwSBDyzbY Eddie finds out he's African. The "Baldie Buzz" is a MUST this week as they tackle: "The Floor Is Hot Lava!" game, the new...


#BookendBaldies - Episode 22

Buddy and Eddie are back! The #BookendBaldies are in rainy Orlando this week. Buddy tells a his hilarious travel story that is not to be missed! The boys are calling this the "DANCE EPISODE" because they are talking all things dance and Broadway. Your favorites are included such as "Baldie Babe", "Obsessions", "Favorite Instagram", and the "Baldie Buzz". This week's podcast is brought to you by: www.meghanruffini.mymonat.com ENJOY!


#BookendBaldies - Episode 21

Buddy and Eddie are in rustic Waterbury, CT for Episode 21 with tons of laughs and hilarity. Find out the meaning of #BuddyBeluga, #CocktailMoods and their brand new single #BaseFace! The #BookendBaldies are obsessing, buzzing and calling "Safe Rooms" OUT! Find out what the boys are listening to this week and who they are crushing on with their picks for "Baldie Babes" and "What Cha Listening To?". They've got "Quotes" for days and are bringing the NONSENSE, FUN in an ALL IN-all new...


#BookendBaldies - Episode 20

The #BookendBaldies are in Manchester, CT! The are dining at Eddie's now favorite restaurant in the New England area: https://artisanalburgercompany.com The boys are talking about the upcoming live filming of The Lounge at: https://thatmeetballplaceli.com/locations/farmingdale-ny/ March 20th at 12:30 PM They get heated during the #BaldieBuzz, gush over their FX "Obsessions", and introduce a brand new segment called #BaldieBang! Eddie is fishing for new details on Buddy's...


#BookendBaldies - Episode 19

This week the #BookendBaldies are in Providence, RI! They start off with a Benda Vaccaro VS. Baccara segment that is not to be missed. Buddy & Eddie say goodby to Pop Superstar, Tommy Page. In this episode find out what the following hashtags mean: #BrendaEggroll #SkylaStrong #ToupeeFall #KellySuckItLogoCallUs and #TheseAlgorithmsAreHot! The boys are talking about what happens when things go wrong onstage, "The Lounge: Episode 2" and knowing your gay history. Plus ALL your favorites...


# BookendBaldies - Episode 18

The #BookendBaldies are coming to you from Poughkeepsie, NY... that's right Poughkeepsie! They are talking about the Oscars, the lack of acknowledgement of choreographers at awards shows, Eddie's sister's fourth (or third, depending on how you're counting) wedding and Debbie Gibson's ELECTRIC YOUTH WORKSHOP. Their #BaldieBabe for the week comes straight from the Texas Roadhouse in Poughkeepsie and his name is Joshua! Buddy and Eddie include all your favorites: "#BaldieBuzz", "Favorite...


#BookendBaldies - Episode 17

The #BookendBaldies are coming to you from Westford, MA for "Episode 17" and they are RECAPPING THE ENTIRE 80'S CRUISE! After a wonderful dinner at Evviva Cucina, the boys sit down to talk about living the high life at Half Moon Bay, Eddie having to urinate in front of a bus full of 80's rock legends, and what is "Snatchola Diggatola"! The Baldies find their "BaldieBabes" aboard the ship...two words...HELLO AMERICA! Eddie saves a perverted woman from a shark attack, Buddy and Eddie join...


#BookendBaldies - Episode 16

The #BookendBaldies are BACK! It's the Season 2 Premiere and the boys are in Merrick, Long Island. They have a lot of BIG NEWS in this episode including: "Is Buddy in a relationship?" and "Eddie is finally selling his art!". The Baldies are talking about the upcoming 80's cruise and Eddie's tips on keeping that bar bill low. Buddy gets insulted on FB and it's a doozy! Your favorites are all there including, "Obsessions", "Baldie Buzz", "Baldie Babe", and "What Cha Listening To?". Get...


#BookendBaldies - Episode 15

This week the #BookendBaldies are in Danvers, Mass. for a morning podcast over coffee. They are talking all about the AMA's and their first FB live awards show. Hear them dish about Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Sting. Find out what the boys have been up to this week and what "Obsessions" they can't stop talking about. The "Baldie Buzz" brings up the dangers of acidic pools, a rapper named "Buddy" and how Barrow, Alaska has just plunged into darkness. They visit their...


#BookendBaldies - Episode 14

Buddy & Eddie are back and coming at you from Foxwoods Casino! The #BookendBaldies are talking (for the last time) about the Debbie Gibson debacle on the OWN Network. They are taking you into Thanksgiving with hilarious stories from their experiences with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Including, Elmo impressions, turkey legs and freezing sidewalks that will have you in stitches. "Whatcha Listening To?", "Baldie Buzz", "Obsessions" and the "Baldie Babe" are all included. The...


#BookendBaldies - Episode 13

Buddy and Eddie are in Patchogue, Long Island this week and their special guests are Buddy's co-hosts of "The Lounge", Christine Gerani, Leeana Costa and Kellyann Perdie. They are bringing up their brand new viral video seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nx8JB6Y8PD8 All your favorites are BACK! Including "iTunes Reviews Review", "Obsessions", "Baldie Babes", "The Baldie Buzz", "What Cha Listening To?" and "Favorite Instagrams"! Buddy and Eddie try their hand at impressions,...


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