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Bookin' Around Town with Stacey Marie Brown

Surprise early episode to celebrate the release of Buried Alive by Stacey Marie Brown. Listen as we book around the town of Seattle as I chat with my favorite author!

Duration: 00:50:50

Bookin' Around Town with Sara Dobie Bauer

Happy New Year. Bookin' Around Town is back with all new episodes. Today we are Bookin' Around the town of Chadrin with the lovely Sara Dobey Bauer, chatting about the Bite Somebody series and her upcoming release Destiny's Dark Light available January 9th.

Duration: 00:59:17

Love Inspired Ep 4 Jaime Lynn Boothe

Get Inspired with the Season Finale of Love Inspired with our guest Jamie Lynn Boothe. He has an amazing story to share and I can't wait for you to hear about his journey.

Duration: 00:42:35

Love Inspired Ep 3 Deborah Malone

Love Inspired is one of my favorite series and this week we chat with Author Deborah Malone about her upcoming release Blooming in Broken Places. We also learn about her journey and through faith, how God transformed her broken state into a gift to share and heal others.

Duration: 00:30:26

Bookin' Around Town with Lili Valente

Our final Bookin' Around Town episode of the year goes out with a BANG and the loss of a V Card. Join me as I chat with USA Today Bestselling Author Lili Valente as we discuss the release of Snowbound, her transition from super smexy to Rom-Coms, and her collaboration with her good friend New York Times Bestselling Author, Lauren Blakely in The V Card!

Duration: 00:38:32

Bookin' Around Town with Lexi Blake, Suzanne Johnson, Jillian Stein, Liz Berry

What better way to celebrate our 100th episode than with these four women. On Today's episode, we are Bookin' Around Town with Bestselling Authors Lexi Blake and Suzanne Johnson along with Liz Berry and Jillian Stein the power team behind 1001 Dark Nights. Together, they've created a great spin-off series and marketing platform for the Master and Mercenaries Series and you'll get the inside scoop on how Girl's Night came to be!

Duration: 00:40:45

Love Inspired Ep 2 Melinda Michelle

This week we #GetInspired by Melinda Michelle. She's got an inspirational story on how she began her career as an author. I hope you enjoy!

Duration: 00:44:00

Bookin' Around Town with Desni Dantone-D.Laine

Today we chat with the Bestselling author of The Ignited Series, Desni Dantone. Not only has she been successful at paranormal, but also her YA Contemporary Romance and her latest series The Apocalypse Assassins. Get the inside scoop on my love of Alec and what's next for Dylan!

Duration: 00:36:04

Bookin' Around Town with CD Reiss

She's a NYT and USAT Bestselling author who also snagged an Audie Award for Best Erotica this year. She is a master of storytelling, has a very unique sense of humor lol. You can't help but love her. Listen to our ramblings just in time for Bodyguard's release!

Duration: 00:32:32

Love Inspired Ep 1 Barbara Goss

Welcome to Love Inspired. Meet Author Barbara Goss and learn about her journey - from writing, to how she got her big break and her favorite pass time. #GetInspired

Duration: 00:36:47

Bookin' Around Town with Meghan March

Today, we're Bookin' Around the Town of Austin with Meghan March. I know I said Dallas, but hey Texas is huge, and Dallas is close right? LOL. Meghan is super fun and I get the inside scoop on her giant "Cock", her job before blowing up as an author, my favorite characters and more info on The Mount Trilogy.

Duration: 00:41:06

Bookin' Around Town Special Edition with Kimberly Ballou

Every so often, I run into a person I think writes something life changing. On today's episode, I chat with Author Kim Ballou about good food, holiday traditions and her debut book, When Davonte's Father Goes to Jail. This is a is one episode. You don't want to miss!!

Duration: 00:34:27

Bookin' Around Town with Kennedy Ryan

This week, we're Bookin' Around Town in San Diego with Kennedy Ryan! And what happens when a book lover from Indiana hooks up with an author from Georgia? You get a chat about collard greens and books! Hear all about the Grip Series, upcoming releases, and family values.

Duration: 01:09:04

Bookin' Around Town Special Edition with Alison Mello and BT Urruela

Join me for a special edition of Bookin' Around Town as I chat with Authors Alison Mello and BT Urruela about Supporting Veterans One Book at a Time Auction benefiting VETSports.

Duration: 00:17:16

Bookin' Around Town with Heather Hildenbrand

Me and my ACE Heather Hildenbrand catch up at Shameless to chat about author life and what's next on her plate!

Duration: 00:40:30

Bookin' Around Town with Charlotte Roth

This week, we’re Bookin' Around Town in Seattle with author Charlotte Roth! Hear all about Charlotte’s upcoming book release during this emotional podcast.

Duration: 00:42:30

Bookin' Around Town with Mia Silverton Special Edition

Join me for a chat with author Mia Silverton about the upcoming release of her latest book The Island.

Duration: 00:29:58

Bookin' Around Town with Candace Carrabus - Penned Edition

Join me for a chat with author Candace Carrabus at the close of Penned Con. We chat about her latest releases, the love and life of fur babies, and how her love for horses and a combo of two authors inspired her writing.

Duration: 00:33:11

Shameless Spotlight

Are you ready to get Shameless? Meet us in Orlando on October 20th through 22nd. Find out more about what is happening that weekend from the one and only – Angie Lynch aka the one who writes the checks to make this amazing event happen!

Duration: 00:25:18

Bookin' Around Town with Cynthia Reeg

This week, we are Bookin Around Town in St. Louis with children’s book author Cynthia Reeg! Join us to celebrate Cynthia’s book release for ‘Into the Shadowlands’ - Just in time for Halloween. And just wait until you hear the names of Cynthia’s Monsters. I don’t think you can get more creative than that!

Duration: 00:35:30

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