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Remember those books for dummies? The yellow ones? Well we're putting that in podcast form, and we're the dummies..




Bromance Philosophies - Ep. 019

From reunions to bachelor parties, Borson and D have been enjoying some quality time with the boys the last few weekends. They share their bromantic weekends and how hanging out with the boys has evolved over the years. Plus, we have some exciting news about the future of the podcast empire we are creating. You'll definitely want to hear what we have in store! Enjoy another "Most Positive F-in News", and stay subscribed. Go check out our new website at Patreon!...

Duration: 00:35:03

Comic-Con Pride

Too many awesome things going on in the world for us not to do an episode! Borson and D have been experiencing Pride and Comic Con the past two weekends and would love to share some amazing moments with you. Borson discusses his experience at Pride and the duo roll down to Comic Con to get to know the culture and the Cosplayers that make the event one of a kind. The glitter beard game was strong and so were the Overwatch outfits. Enjoy another "Most Positive F-in News", and stay subscribed...

Duration: 00:33:06

Making of Season 2 - Podcast Retreat

We're getting the boys back together! After recharging their mind, body, and souls, and drinking massive amounts of protein shakes with endless amounts of bicep curls, Borson and D go on a Podcast Retreat to plot and scheme the next season for the universe to enjoy. Plus Borson is about to experience Pride weekend in San Diego, and glitter will be involved, lots of it... Exciting, and intriguing podcasts are coming your way, so tune in and listen for yourself! Go check out our new website...

Duration: 00:26:08

Ep. 014 - Postpartum Coachella with Borson and D-Abel

After D-Abel cooks a lovely bromantic dinner for Borson to redeem himself for not buying him a birthday gift and being a bad friend, the duo enjoyed a night cap back in there Abnormal Heights Studio. Borson shares his Coachella experience, his plan to cleanse, and the most Positive F-in news ever! Go check out our new website at Patreon! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @BorsonAndDAbel Subscribe, rate and review us on your podcast app of choice for a...

Duration: 01:01:44

Ep. 013 - About Urban Yogi with Susana Wolds

You will feel the aura flowing into your headphones in this week's episode. Borson and D-Abel go on an enlightening journey with Susana Wolds, Founder of Urban Yogi in San Diego. She guides us through multiple aspects of her yoga practice-from her path to become a Yogi to its medical benefits to the positions anyone can do. She is an amazing spirit that will put you in the best mood for the rest of your day, or life. You can find her at for classes and videos, or IG her...

Duration: 01:22:05

Ep. 006 - About Animation with Kris Baldwin

We knew our podcast was going to be awesome, and only the finest logo will do it justice. So we brought former Dreamworks animator Kris Baldwin (Captain America, Shrek, Titanic) into Abnormal Heights Studios to bring our vision to life. We chat about Kris' life over at Dreamworks, the journey to his newest passion, and how he made Borson and D-Abel look so fine as cartoons. Guaranteed you'll be a member of the Kris Baldwin Fan Club after this episode, maybe even President of it. Follow us...

Duration: 01:01:27

Ep. 005 - About Crafting Cocktails with Tim Nau

Check out the full video of this episode on YouTube on the Borson and D-Abel channel and watch how it all went down. Borson and D-Abel have been working very hard to create your new favorite podcast history...on earth. We earned a drink or three, so we brought in Tim Nau, founder of Crafting Cocktails, to show us how to do it right. Tim guides us on how to make the perfect cocktail, secrets of the trade, and how terrible Borson is at crafting cocktails. Follow us on IG, Twitter...

Duration: 01:11:56

Ep. 004 - About Pro Hockey with Derek Dawson from The San Diego Gulls

Derek Dawson, Manager of Season Ticket Services and Retention for the San Diego Gulls, comes to Abnormal Heights Studios to discuss life within the Anaheim Ducks organization, D-Abel's behind-the-scenes experience, and Kalle Kossila's ridiculous lacrosse-style goal that made Sportcenter's Top Ten. Follow us on IG, Twitter, and FB @BorsonAndDAbel. You can also rate and review our podcast on iTunes or you favorite podcast app for a chance to have a handcrafted, custom song made by us for...

Duration: 01:07:55

Ep. 003 - About Stand Up with Sandy Danto

Borson and D-Abel divide and conquered the sports world this weekend. D-Abel met with the San Diego Gulls and witnessed one of the craziest goals you'll ever see! Up in LA, Borson checks out a Glory Kickboxing fight and hangs out with Glory commentators Todd Grisham and Joe Valtellini. Then we have comedian, actor, and most importantly, Borson's cousin, Sandy Danto in the studio to talk about growing up back in West Bloomfield, the art of the stand up, and Borson's attempt at comedy.

Duration: 01:24:37

Ep. 002 - Election Night Time Capsule

With the upcoming inauguration this Friday, we cracked open a time capsule we created on election night at Abnormal Heights Studio. That night was too weird for us not to record something in attempt to explain what the hell just happened! Join us as we crack open that time capsule and go down the rabbit hole on the presidential election and other important votes, like weed and porn. Apparently, we were not the only ones that didn't know sh!t that night.

Duration: 01:23:09

Ep. 001 - About Beats With The Record Clerks

In order to have the next big podcast, you need to have a sweet theme song to go along with it...fact. In our series premiere of Borson and D-Abel Don't Know Sh!t, we discuss the making of our theme song, how the hell we even ended up here in the first place, and introduce it to the world. Enjoy the ride...

Duration: 00:50:33