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Since ages we have talked just “ok” or “click” “click” or “remind me later” with our systems. Now, the time has come to upgrade the talking! Our ‘Future’ is sure about one thing - we need machines and that too intelligent ones, which can do much more than yes/no or other scripted actions for people in various fields to let us have more time as “Humans”. Apps helped and now they are handing it over to the next revolutionary breakthrough-”Chatbots” Are we good to adopt this new conversational interfaces in our professional and personal life? Be it in America or Europe, Asia or Africa,Australia or Antarctica,are the conversational interfaces with personalities on our systems are all set to redefine the man-machine communications? have they progressed well to mark new beginnings? Now is the time to solve the equation and now is the time to give feedback to the baby bots and decide what their future be like with our babies. Introducing a Podcast series on Chatbots - BotCast1.0,Where experts, bot makers & designers answer on behalf of their bots and themselves some important questions about the application, performance and requirements of this evolutionary revolutionary technology for a greener planet!







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