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Boundless: Making Sense of The Future of Work

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5: Janet Matta - Rock Star Career Coach On The Alternative Paths We Fail To See

Janet is one of my favorite people. We have a similar belief that people are capable of more than they believe and that alternative paths are more realistic and the reality than people realize. Not a fan of default paths from an early age, one quote stood out from Janet that she has continuously asked herself throughout her life: “The conventional path is not going to work for me, what can I do instead?” Janet first started “hacking” life in high school when she decided that the standard...


Super Bowl Minisode - Cody Royle on The Patriots and what business can learn from sports

In this episode Cody Royle and I discuss what sets high performing NFL organizations like the Patriots and the Giants (and others apart from the rest). Cody is the author of Where Other’s Wont: Taking People Innovation from the Locker Room into the Boardroom. His book is available here: CONTEST DETAILS: I am giving away two of Cody's books for free. Just retweet this episode with the hashtag #boundlesspod or send a screenshot of you subscribed to the podcast to...


Episode 4 - Chris Donohoe on "uncommon" leadership and "limitless creation"

Chris is the founder of uncommonly and an avid fan of the long-running CBS television show Survivor. A former teacher, marketer, and management consultant, Chris has an eclectic mix of skills and professional experience. Chris has worked with over a dozen Fortune 500 clients spanning multiple industries including Media & Entertainment, Publishing, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, and Corporate Social Responsibility. He is obsessed with inspiring great leadership and creating incredible learning...


Episode 3: David Vaucher on Ending His Career to Start His Life

David was born abroad then moved to the US at a young age, all while being raised to believe that the path to success rests solely on going to school and getting a “safe” job with a big company. For the last 11 years he did just that, and by traditional measures of success, it looked like things were going well. Unfortunately, starting on Day 1 of his first job, he could never shake one, recurring feeling: “I really, really, really don’t like this”. In December 2017, after a lot of saving...


Episode 2: Noel Boyland on “doing the things you want to do” in your career

Although Noel claims he lacks wisdom, he has a lot of it. He describes his career as “eclectic.” Starting his career in the 1980’s the environment around him (greed, money) influenced him to question what he was really trying to accomplish. He took a long term perspective and tried to focus on what he did not want his career to be at sixty — which he put simply as “the things he wanted to do”. Although he was on a more or less default path, he tried to continuously reflect on what mattered...


Episode 1 - Why do i care about the future of work?

In Episode 1, the host Paul explores how he became passionate about the future of work and discusses his motivation for making sense of this space as well as a broad vision for the podcast