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**Thank you to all who voted us Peoples Choice - #1 New Comedy Podcast 2016!** Just three friends who happen to be boys. We'll be hanging out and talking about life, current events, and anything that interests us. This podcast is perfect for people on road trips, people on plane rides or anyone who is lonely.

**Thank you to all who voted us Peoples Choice - #1 New Comedy Podcast 2016!** Just three friends who happen to be boys. We'll be hanging out and talking about life, current events, and anything that interests us. This podcast is perfect for people on road trips, people on plane rides or anyone who is lonely.
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**Thank you to all who voted us Peoples Choice - #1 New Comedy Podcast 2016!** Just three friends who happen to be boys. We'll be hanging out and talking about life, current events, and anything that interests us. This podcast is perfect for people on road trips, people on plane rides or anyone who is lonely.






Episode 45 - Limitless

Andy thinks the limitless drug is real and tries to get the guys to buy some. Austin needs help with settling a debate about whether music is better now than 20 years ago. We end up making a Spotify playlist of our favorite songs instead of helping Austin. In Solomon’s Corner the guys try to tackle the question “Is being an adult as scary as it seems?” Coach Austin gives a No Risk No Reward speech and Andy says something about not owning a robe. We wrap up with some cool updates about the...

Duration: 00:45:27

Episode 44 - Hoof Hands

The Boys come up with a new product they call Hoof Hands.

Duration: 00:58:48

Episode 43 - Grandpa Butters

None of us can get Mark Wahlberg’s name right during our review of the newest Transformers movie. Andy tries to “host” the show and we somehow end up pretending to be grandpas from The Buttercream Gang. The episode wraps up with a couple of great questions from listeners in Solomon’s Corner.

Duration: 00:55:06

Episode 42 - Pet Peeves

Before we get to a packed full Solomons Corner, the boys rant about some Pet Peeves including public bathrooms, loud nose blowing and some of Andy’s bad habits. Questions get answered in the second half of the show like “Why do girls stare at me?” “When is a chip a crumb?” and “Can I help my son be funny?”

Duration: 00:59:16

Episode 41 - Middle-Aged Deformed Fighting Lizards

In this episode we start off by picking Panda nick names and then stumble into some weird topics including Andy’s Kabob arrows and a complete reinvention of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Austin and Daniel give some solid advice to a Homecoming question in Solomon’s Corner while Andy just wants to change the tradition all together.

Duration: 01:02:17

Episode 40 - Papa's Blessing with special guest Michael Tenango

A wonderfully funny guest from Los Angeles and YouTube sketch comedy writer, Mike Tenango, joins us on the show we’re we find out important things like who likes to hug and who doesn’t and who’s paying the most for housing these days. Mike helps us answer some interesting questions about moms and dads on Solomon’s Corner, then we wrap things up with our favorite dumb injury stories.

Duration: 00:58:40

Episode 39 - No Thanks

We kick things off discussing the many joys of the salad bar before Austin gets "judgy" about buffet line etiquette. Solomons corner becomes personal when we try to help a fan who doesn't like the gift they received from a loved one. It's Thank You or No Thanks in this episode of Boy Friends.

Duration: 01:05:37

Episode 38 - Broncos Are Going All the Way

Austin wonders "Why?" after Andy and Daniel show off a dance song they made together back in 2010. Solomons Corner helps you decide whether to throw away the past or keep it safe while Andy learns how to properly defend a loved one when the boys role play.

Duration: 01:02:14

Episode 37 - I'll Eat in Uganda

Austin overhears a mysterious conversation in the bathroom at work. The Boys chime in on tips for getting the best tan of your life after Daniel and Austin have to help Andy understand how to use a tanning bed correctly.

Duration: 00:51:03

Episode 36 - Juice Pooch

Officers Andy and Daniel pull over Austin for allegedly breaking the hands-free law. We try to find how many places we can store Capri Suns in our cars. Solomon's corner tries to talk to brother start a prank war after we help a fan build the perfect video game character.

Duration: 01:01:53

Episode 35 - Kylee's Show

Austin and Kylee talk about their love story, wedding and honeymoon. Andy's pants almost ruined the ceremony. Solomons Corner helps with a career path choice and helps a girl find out if her boyfriend is a mummy or a man.

Duration: 01:01:17

Episode 34 - Sweep n' Chewy Ropes Now Soften Tarts

The Boys overcome an awkward recording situation in Austin's apartment. Joe drops off some soda, and Andy shares about his weird but innocent fetish. We field a few questions for people who hate to be touched and the Wonderboys challenge the Phobytes.

Duration: 01:11:00

Episode 33 - So You Think You Can Glance

The Boys are back from Summer break! It's been a long time coming. This episode is advice on what to do when another guy is eyeballing your wife at the pool... or worse... your daughter. Andy and Austin play a speed round of clever "who would win in a fight" questions. Vikings vs Samurai, Star Destroyer vs Star Ship Enterprise, etc. Then the Boys take some time and answer a couple of very important questions about Bears and Relationships.

Duration: 01:01:23

Episode 32 - Pirate's Drive

The Boys make a plan to take the world by storm with professional metal detecting. They will employ the success drive of treasure-hunting pirates with metal detectors, and local high school cross country runners into an unbeatable combination. Austin gets fired up about this new business venture and Andy gets called out by one of his co-workers. Listen as the Boys settle an argument between Andy and the people he works with. Andy gets blind-sided by the question and tries to explain his...

Duration: 01:00:58

Episode 31 - Bruce Takes on Tim

Daniel, Austin and Andy talk about their upcoming fishing trip and fireside chat in the motor home. Andy defends his style of fishing which he calls Dockside Little Babies. Austin confesses he likes Drop Jazz and Tindr for Farmers. Then the boys answer a couple of powerhouse questions about Facebook etiquette and bullying. Not necessarily in that order. Andy and Austin role-play out a bullying scenario and the Boys take a stance on Facebook announcements and Happy Birthday messages.

Duration: 01:13:52

Episode 30 - No Tea, No Shade, No Pink Lemonade

A heartwarming Father's Day episode where the Boys discuss who's dad could beat up whom. The "my Dad can beat up your Dad" question is one of the most important controversies faced by every adolescent, because as we all know our Dad's can beat up the world. The episode rounds out with some important questions about marriage and asking a girl's dad for her hand, and Andy and Daniel learn a cool new phrase from Austin about pink lemonade.

Duration: 01:11:48

Episode 30 - Let's Get Diesel

On this episode of Boy_Friends we settle the question, once and for all, is Fast and Furious the greatest movie series of all time. Austin shares a story about wrecking a Tesla on the first drive, and Andy talks about neon lights under his Saturn. The Boys teach you what to do if you have a co-worker who mopes a lot, and Dean gets his question rejected… sorry Dean. The show rounds off with the Andy explaining the plot of Fast and Furious.

Duration: 01:07:19

Episode 29 - How is Buttercream Ganging?

The Boys are back in town after a two-week break! Between Easter and wedding preparations we've all been crazy busy, but we found time to release an awesome episode. In this episode, Andy shares stories about a crazy mouse hunt, how he got his driver;s license and his inability to motorcycle. Austin gets really confused about how is the Buttercream Ganging. This episode is an hour packed with stories and laughs... man it's good to be back.

Duration: 01:11:50

Episode 27 - BroHammer 20k - with special guest Andrew Lavier

The Boys are missing Andy this week, so we reached out to Andrew Lavier, Austin's and Daniel's brother, for an interview. Join us as we chat with Andrew about life, growing up with Austin, Warhammer 40k, and what age is too young to having babies. This episode needs a major NERD ALERT because it's awful nerdy :) It's one of our first Interview style episodes, so we hope you like it. You can check out Andrews podcast called "Heroic Intervention" and it's all about Warhammer.

Duration: 01:00:56

Episode 26 - Dr. Thunder

In this episode of Boy Friends things go from a lazy river to a waterfall when Daniel finds out Andy has a hidden past and used to go by a different name. Join us for an easy-going episode of three buddies hanging out, until someone gets their feelings hurt.

Duration: 00:59:44

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