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Episode 6: All Rats Are Infidels

Boy Friends is back and I promise you, baby, we'll never leave you hanging like that again. More of the same this week as we discuss: 1) unspeakable horror; 2) the future of humanity; and 3) the Good Dinosaur. Links to materials mentioned during the show: Xenu: Dr. Sloth: That awful video: Finally, please, please, PLEASE run from the cube! I beg of you, please run! Don't even think about looking back, just run! Made possible by:...


Episode 5: That's Your Notebook

Joseph: Let me just clarify this again, is this episode going to come out before or after the election? Machrus: [WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG] Sorry we missed a week, I (Machrus) was out of town for work. This episode was recorded over a week ago from the time of publishing, a fact that will be very much apparent to people listening in a post-11/9 world. In addition to being late, this episode was recorded in two parts, one of which was fifteen minutes long and tragically cut short,...


Episode 4: Cheeky Bottling

Another day, another sponsor, Joseph introduces a new segment, Machrus retires aforementioned segment, and finally, 10 SEO insider tips for the budding entrepreneur. Made possible by:; or https://www.fracturemefracture ...and a big up yours to:


Episode 3: An Indescribable Culinary Experience

SETTING: A dark and stormy night in an abandoned Pyongyang warehouse. RECEPTIONIST: Mr. Reznor, the Chairman will see you now. CHAIRMAN OF THE WORKERS’ PARTY OF KOREA, KIM JONG UN: Very good, TRENT. I see you have succeeded in your mission. (TRENT pulls a large sarcophagus from offstage) TRENT: Everything I do, I do for the revolution, comrade. CHAIRMAN OF THE WORKERS’ PARTY OF KOREA, KIM JONG UN: Is he in there? (TRENT REZNOR dusts off the large coffin, revealing the letters “Ленин”) . ....


Episode 2: Sorry, I didn’t get that.

PREVIOUSLY, ON BOY FRIENDS: Joseph was too enthusiastic and sustained an injury. Machrus was too patriotic and exposed his national pedigree. What metric do you use to measure your social lubricants? Who pockets the wealth from this project? When will your receptionist finally understand you? Made possible by:


Episode 1: An Invitation to Treat

10/09/2016 Dear [APPLICANT], Congratulations on securing placement in BF University’s highly prestigious Masters in Farrier Science program. Please find attached your schedule for the semester. MONDAY WEEK 1 - 10/09/2016 10:00 - 10:05 | LAWS 202: Intermediate Legalese with M. Siregar, Esq. 13:00 - 15:00 | BUSINESS 310: Fundamentals of Gay Cruising Pre-Business Negotiations with Professor Emeritus Joseph Quested 17:30 - 18:30 | Faculty Orientation