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A weekly, millennial-focused news podcast for aspiring fact-knowers! Each week we take you through the news in politics...with plenty of comedic digressions.

A weekly, millennial-focused news podcast for aspiring fact-knowers! Each week we take you through the news in politics...with plenty of comedic digressions.
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A weekly, millennial-focused news podcast for aspiring fact-knowers! Each week we take you through the news in politics...with plenty of comedic digressions.




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BTL #274 - SENATE FELONS - 1/15/18

In Which We Discuss: 1. Is it better to be a shithole or an asshole or is it, in fact, the same? An in depth discussion. 2. Hawaii experienced WWIII alone this week thanks to men with buttons 3. Kentucky’s newest money-saving endeavor is literally just to kill poor people 4. Two convicted felons announced runs for US senate this week! 5. Even with his cool sunglasses, Joe Biden still wants you to get off his lawn 6. Some legal advice for the next Stormy Daniels. Because there will be...

Duration: 00:52:17

BTL 273 - LIZARD BLIZZARD - 1/10/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. Fire and Fury paints Donald Trump as exactly the kind of lazy, incompetent federal employee he most fears 2. 45 definitely isn’t a “stable genius,” but he sure tried to play one on TV today 3. Fire up your iPod and blast some “Gangnam Style” because the 2012 presidential candidates are BACK and coming to a senate race near you! 4. Why do so many men brag about having destructive buttons on their desks? 5. There is something called a lizard blizzard happening in...

Duration: 01:14:12

BTL #272 - CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP - 12/17/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. Alabamians proved they are only 50% outright monsters 2. Net Neutrality is dead, much like the free flow of information is about to be 3. The tax bill is finally solving some vital problems for the oft-ignored zillionaire set 4. In Paul Ryan’s dystopia, corporations are people and people are cattle and cattle should start having more children to feed the corporations 5. Donald Trump thinks we believe he could ever land Kirsten Gillibrand in a million...

Duration: 01:05:32

BTL #271 - RAINS OF FIRE - 12/11/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. The 64th and 1,052nd person have died in Puerto Rico due to the hurricane. Ask us about our math! 2. This week’s rundown of who grabbed who and who lost their job over it 3. This week’s rundown of who is still the president and future senator from Alabama 4. Sheldon Adelson’s fever dream has finally come true 5. In California, even the rain causes fires 6. The mysterious case of the man and the firebunny Brai [...]

Duration: 01:13:13


In Which We Discuss: 1. Puerto Rico is now both without power and…a foreign nation? 2. GOP Tax Reform: It’s as narcissistic and self-absorbed as Donald Trump himself 3. Set your watches: the #TrumpRussia countdown to zero begins NOW 4. Sexual Assault allegations…ahem, sorry, dumb idiot men who can’t keep it in their pants…continue to ruin the things we once loved 5. North Korea. Yup. 6. Take a mental vacation in the alternate reality of

Duration: 00:48:14

BTL #269 - JUST AS PREDICTED - 11/20/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. For once the House passed bill moderately more tolerable than the Senate version 2. Senate tax bill FINALLY does something for the private jet owning community 3. Despite new entries, Roy Moore holds on to number one spot as grossest harasser in the Senate pool 4. Kirsten Gillibrand literally thinks she’s God right now. Let’s hope she’s right. 5. Alabama: Playing out just as predicted. 6. Trump nominates amateur ghost hunter to protect constitution...

Duration: 01:07:35


In Which We Discuss: 1. You know shit is bad when local election results in Virginia can make California progressives this happy 2. Roy Moore is a pederast. Because, of course. 3. Trump and Putin don’t know what they know about what they don’t know about Russia’s election hacking 4. McConnell to America: I can’t promise this tax cut is for you 5. Shocking update: there are issues with our background check system for guns 6. Carla Nordstrom joins us on the podcast to report on upstate...

Duration: 01:08:56

BTL #267 - THE REAL BOWLING GREEN MASSACRE - 11/6/17 [Election Day 2017 is Tuesday!]

In Which We Discuss: 1. TOMORROW IS ELECTION DAY. Elections! 2. Donna Brazile’s explosive new book details shocking revelations literally every Sanders supporter knew from just being alive 3. GOP tax bill proves that the only group more important to the GOP than the top 1% is the unborn 4. Climate change is real! Donald Trump says so 5. New attacks between Bush and Trump in the ongoing race to be 2nd worst president 6. Rand Paul thwarts first real Bowling Green Massacre with his ribs

Duration: 00:48:40

BTL #266 - UN-FAT MEDIA CHILDREN - 10/31/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. Puerto Rico - they still have no power 2. Indictments are coming down in the Russia probe, so a nuclear war is probably starting this week 3. The GOP will champion an unbalanced budget if and only if their desperate need for a win overrides their deepest help principles. So…anytime. 4. Too many GOP lawmakers are scared of the political process right now 5. Sexual harassment: Everybody’s doing it. Literally…it’s too many people. 6. Trump delighted by...

Duration: 00:57:34

BTL #265 - BREAKOUT HATS - 10/23/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. Alexander-Murray healthcare bill is the will they/wont they breakout hit of the congressional season 2. There is a chance you understand Trump’s tax reform proposal better than he does 3. Trump is one person who doesn’t know what Sgt. Johnson signed up since he never signed up for it himself 4. John Kelly hates that Rep. Wilson is hiding all of her secrets under her elaborate hats 5. DNC is either fully funded and ready for action, or broke and confused. As...

Duration: 00:35:48

BTL #264 - AGENT ORANGE [w/ ESTEBAN GAST] - 10/15/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. Trump is furious that his gifted roll of paper towels wasn’t enough to clean up all of Puerto Rico 2. You can now thank Trump directly for your rising healthcare costs. Thanks, Agent Orange! 3. Trump’s Iran policy mostly dictated by a fictitious palate of cash. 4. The whole world is just all sexual predators 5. Steve Bannon promotes Shakespearean murder platform at Value Voters Summit. Adorable thinks the reference will land. 6. Mike Pence hates America. We...

Duration: 01:11:48


In Which We Discuss: 1. Coastal liberal elites everywhere furious about this week’s education in horrifying and bizarre gun accessories 2. Trump, clearly studying the elements of story, now focused heavily on the art of tragic foreshadowing 3. Donald Trump: grabber of pussies and pussy healthcare 4. West Hollywood mayor John Heilman stops by because WeHo is just that kind of friendly and adorable small town 5. Old timey sounding geopolitical battles are playing out in real time in...

Duration: 01:05:48


In Which We Discuss: 1. Trump will save the middle class by lowering his own taxes. For America! 2. Trump finally settles on a response strategy for the Puerto Rico crisis: Twitter warfare with a struggling local politician. 3. Old chartering habits die hard for the rich former executives helping “drain the swamp” 4. Alabama decides it’s finally time to go full-crazy. That’s right - they’ve got crazy they haven’t even shown us yet. 5. Twitter has now done more to counteract Russian...

Duration: 01:17:37

BTL #261 - A DOTARD IN NAMBIA [w/ THOMAS DALE] - 9/25/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. Trump uses the UN gathering to threaten nuclear war and thank the great nation of Nambia for making his friends so rich! Isn’t diplomacy grand? 2. Kim Jong-Un brought back the word “dotard” and now we all sound Shakespearian 3. OMG did John and Lindsey just break up over Lindsey’s secret affair with healthcare reform? What a bitch! 4. First Amendment expert Donald Trump describe specific administration-approved maneuvers for football protesting. Kneeling =...

Duration: 01:13:32


In Which We (and special guest comedian Ramy Youssef!) Discuss: 1. Senate enters a bonus round of healthcare warring with the wildcard edition of some socialism 2. The only thing we know for sure about the Wednesday’s White House Chinese Takeout Bonanza is that Donald Trump is just like us: up all night after a greasy, hard-to-digest meal 3. The Paris Climate Accords, our on again off again beau, might be back 4. We can only assume Trump won’t release the Mar-a-Lago visitor logs even...

Duration: 01:18:45

BTL #258 - WHAT. A. MESS. - 9/4/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. Having failed at ramming healthcare reform down our throats, Trump sets his eyes on an equally unpopular and cruel repeal - DACA 2. Trump now using the famous divide and piss off our allies strategy in Korea showdown 3. Hurricane Harvey. What. A. Mess. 4. Congress and the Budget. What. A. Mess. 5. Have you heard the one about the enormous floods in Asia that have killed thousands? No? 6. Kamala Harris announces candidacy for president in 2020 via...

Duration: 01:12:57


Mid-Week Special! When we promise you we’ll post something, you can count on us to post it…weeks later! That’s right, we’re putting up a supercut of the audio from our wild weekend at Politicon! Check out some clips from the awesome panels and get our thoughts on Ann Coulter’s sanity, our unending love for the queen of 2017 Symone Sanders, and the bathroom habits of Trump supporters. It’s all here, so enjoy!

Duration: 00:22:18

BTL #257 - IN ID WE TRUST - 8/28/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. Trump plan on Monday: pilfer Obama’s Afghanistan speech, remove all the details 2. Trump plan on Tuesday: pilfer Trump’s id, remove all coherence 3. On Friday, Hurricane Trump hit America with plans to make people suffer before Hurricane Harvey had a chance to 4. Latest White House exit leads to adorable Nazi reunion at Breitbart. We hope there was angel food cake. 5. Mnuchin’s wife learns the hard way that poor people can find a Valentino hashtag too

Duration: 00:59:57


In Which We Discuss: 1. Hapless White Nationalists fail to grasp the irony of carrying tiki torches while marching against people of color. The Tiki torch industry responded with fire. The police did not. 2. Trump does not have the “best words” when it comes to racism, and that may be his biggest problem 3. Trump tries to break up with his CEO exes, but they did it first! What a loser! 4. Beelzebub Bannon is gone, just in time for us to discover that Trump has always been the White...

Duration: 01:14:25

BTL #255 - POLITICON 2017: TOO MANY THOUGHTS - 7/31/17

In Which We Discuss: We’re flying rundown-free because we snuck this recording in after a packed weekend at Politicon, but tune in for our reactions to the comic-con for wonks, plus of course the healthcare vote, Priebus exit, Scaramucci living up to his operatic name, Trump’s VERY on-brand boy scouts speech, and more! Also look out later in this week for a SUPERCUT (woooooo!) of our time at this year’s Politicon! Brain Trust Live is Lila Nordstrom and Brent Thornburg’s look at the week...

Duration: 00:52:41

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