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A weekly, millennial-focused news podcast for aspiring fact-knowers! Each week we take you through the news in politics...with plenty of comedic digressions.




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In Which We (and special guest comedian Ramy Youssef!) Discuss: 1. Senate enters a bonus round of healthcare warring with the wildcard edition of some socialism 2. The only thing we know for sure about the Wednesday’s White House Chinese Takeout Bonanza is that Donald Trump is just like us: up all night after a greasy, hard-to-digest meal 3. The Paris Climate Accords, our on again off again beau, might be back 4. We can only assume Trump won’t release the Mar-a-Lago visitor logs even...

Duration: 01:18:45


In Which We Discuss: 1. The weather endtimes cause an excess of stupid newsmen in raincoats standing in 150 mph winds. 2. Has anybody ever wondered if Donald Trump is just the last remaining Dixiecrat? 3. Trump finally hails first legislative victory and great press, and it’s all thanks to Chuck and Nancy 4. Trump was, for the first time, afraid to see the court in court when it came to DACA Looking for information on how to help protect DACA recipients? Check out...

Duration: 01:15:34

BTL #258 - WHAT. A. MESS. - 9/4/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. Having failed at ramming healthcare reform down our throats, Trump sets his eyes on an equally unpopular and cruel repeal - DACA 2. Trump now using the famous divide and piss off our allies strategy in Korea showdown 3. Hurricane Harvey. What. A. Mess. 4. Congress and the Budget. What. A. Mess. 5. Have you heard the one about the enormous floods in Asia that have killed thousands? No? 6. Kamala Harris announces candidacy for president in 2020 via...

Duration: 01:12:57


Mid-Week Special! When we promise you we’ll post something, you can count on us to post it…weeks later! That’s right, we’re putting up a supercut of the audio from our wild weekend at Politicon! Check out some clips from the awesome panels and get our thoughts on Ann Coulter’s sanity, our unending love for the queen of 2017 Symone Sanders, and the bathroom habits of Trump supporters. It’s all here, so enjoy!

Duration: 00:22:18

BTL #257 - IN ID WE TRUST - 8/28/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. Trump plan on Monday: pilfer Obama’s Afghanistan speech, remove all the details 2. Trump plan on Tuesday: pilfer Trump’s id, remove all coherence 3. On Friday, Hurricane Trump hit America with plans to make people suffer before Hurricane Harvey had a chance to 4. Latest White House exit leads to adorable Nazi reunion at Breitbart. We hope there was angel food cake. 5. Mnuchin’s wife learns the hard way that poor people can find a Valentino hashtag too

Duration: 00:59:57


In Which We Discuss: 1. Hapless White Nationalists fail to grasp the irony of carrying tiki torches while marching against people of color. The Tiki torch industry responded with fire. The police did not. 2. Trump does not have the “best words” when it comes to racism, and that may be his biggest problem 3. Trump tries to break up with his CEO exes, but they did it first! What a loser! 4. Beelzebub Bannon is gone, just in time for us to discover that Trump has always been the White...

Duration: 01:14:25

BTL #255 - POLITICON 2017: TOO MANY THOUGHTS - 7/31/17

In Which We Discuss: We’re flying rundown-free because we snuck this recording in after a packed weekend at Politicon, but tune in for our reactions to the comic-con for wonks, plus of course the healthcare vote, Priebus exit, Scaramucci living up to his operatic name, Trump’s VERY on-brand boy scouts speech, and more! Also look out later in this week for a SUPERCUT (woooooo!) of our time at this year’s Politicon! Brain Trust Live is Lila Nordstrom and Brent Thornburg’s look at the week...

Duration: 00:52:41


In Which We Discuss: 1. The new Sean Spicer is a Nickelodeon villain who donated to Barack Obama 2. Russia actually called us thugs this week, which is cute 3. Zombie healthcare will kick a new and exciting figure of 32 million off their healthcare. Way to keep playing, guys! 4. Al Gore is the latest borderline Republican to come out in favor of single payer 5. Democrats new motto urge [...]

Duration: 01:15:03


In Which We Discuss: 1. Trump either wants the house healthcare bill, or the senate bill, or single-payer, or a less mean bill, or a very mean bill, or a total repeal, or a tax bill, or a giraffe. (The Senate agrees.) 2. Barriers shattered: Democrats coming out of the closet as…supporting Medicare for all! 3. It’s an Our Revolution revolution 4. For anybody who wondered if giving Trump a SCOTUS victory would matter: Yes, Gorsuch is already a problem. 5. Donald Trump remembers women...

Duration: 01:18:54

BTL #248 - AUNTIE MAXINE - 6/12/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. Auntie Maxine called for impeachment as Nancy Pelosi looked at her shoes today at LA Pride’s #ResistMarch 2. As usual, Britain has started a new political trend that we hope makes it stateside - not re-electing Conservative asshats 3. The big Comey testimony takeaway: John McCain has some questions about Hillary Clinton’s emails he still can’t clear up 4. Senate hard at work on secret Obamacare repeal they thought you might never find out about because…isn’t...

Duration: 01:28:11

BTL #247 - BILATERAL TALKS - 6/6/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. Say Goodbye to breathing air! We’re divorcing the Paris Accords to pursue a more meaningful relationship with oil and gas. 2. When it comes to the Paris Accords, Michael Bloomberg is now the government, which is concerning it its own way. 3. Anthem is the most evil insurance company for yet another year. Congratulations, guys! The hard work at being absolutely awful is paying off. 4. California’s state senate passes a single payer bill and the LA Times is none...

Duration: 00:53:48

BTL #246 - VERY GOOD PEOPLE - 5/30/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. Add Jared Kushner to the list of “very good people” who may or may not be committing treason 2. Trump, Pope, and the twins from “The Shining” meet at the Vatican 3. Presidents, they’re just like us! Trump doesn’t understand how NATO works either 4. At the G7, Trump trails world leaders in golf cart and…in actual leadership 5. Inspired by the luv gov, Alabama GOP is out early to get some Strange…and keep it 6. If you’re an unqualified aspiring federal judge...

Duration: 01:03:02

BTL #245 - AMERICAN NUTJOB - 5/24/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. The triumphant, full-circle, irony-forward return of Sinkhole Radio 2. Trump makes diplomatic visit to his autocratic dreamland where men can be men and women can…walk a few steps behind said men 3. Jim Comey: American “NutJob” 4. Does Mike Pence know anything? Or everything? In Trump’s White House, is there a difference anymore? 5. Trump’s budget cuts everything you use so a shadowy cabal of rich people can finally get a leg up 6. In the words of Matt Taibi,...

Duration: 01:12:55

BTL #244 - TO STATE THE OBVIOUS - 5/15/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. Comey firing was not, as it turns out, an elaborate prank on him, but it was certainly an elaborate prank on America 2. Sally Yates “states the obvious’ in her Senate hearings because she’s the only one who will admit the obvious 3. After seeing how much America loved having their healthcare taken away, GOP is moving to cut even more programs Americans depend on 4. Trump plans first trip as president to the only vacation destination tackier than Mar-A Lago,...

Duration: 01:04:00


In Which We Discuss: 1. French presidential elections are three parts funny farm, two parts nonsense, one part unpredictable margin of error 2. Trump’s first 100 days were so annoying we might be willing to settle for a wall-related government shutdown 3. DNC “Unity Tour” kicks off with protests and pro-lifers 4. Joel Osteen doppleganger Jon Ossoff might have more fun being “radically boring” on the pulpit than the soap box 5. Hollywood Friends: Exciting opportunty! Jason Chaffetz is...

Duration: 00:59:51

BTL #240 - PASSOVER PURGE - 4/11/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. Senate Gorsuch showdown leads us to wonder: To what degree has civilization always been just hanging on by a tiny thread? 2. Even experts don’t seem to know if we’re at war with Syria. 3. Trailer for White House Purge: Part 1 is finally released 4. It’s round 2 and Republicans are still not eager to replace Obamacare with their now-revised shamy plan. 5. Very little intelligence is available on the House Intelligence Committee, even in Nunes [...]

Duration: 01:42:09

BTL #238 - THINGS NOBODY WANTS - 3/27/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. AHCA is revised to address the real problems: obscure upstate New York tax issues 2. Trump surrogates decry that “Washington Won” in the AHCA battle. Still don’t seem to understand they’re in it. 3. Sanders and friends hope that if we can say “Single Payer,” we can dream it 4. Next up in “things nobody wants the Republicans to do”: large corporate tax cuts 5. Congressman Nunes is the most confusing person in Washington this week 6. Internet privacy: A thing...

Duration: 01:18:46


In Which We Discuss: 1. Everyone suffers under Trump’s first budget proposal, even Budget Director John Mulvaney, who is now living in a horrifying world without business cards 2. As they say in Trump’s favorite Irish proverb, freedom’s just another word for tragically dying of a preventable disease 3. Germany is no longer fascist enough for a handshake from Donald Trump 4. We might be going to war with North Korea, but Rex Tillerson isn’t losing sleep over it

Duration: 01:02:52

BTL #236 - SAY TRUMPCARE - 3/13/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. Enjoy your Trumpcare America, assuming you don’t die swiftly and in debt 2. Heartless Republicans declare: “Let them eat iPhones!” 3. GOP seems to think they’ve released the first accurate jobs report in eight years. If true, it would also be the first accurate jobs report in the history of America. 4. Donald Trump’s Twitter dreams are answered: He will get to see the court in court! 5. The Terminator claims he’s not running for a California senate seat, so...

Duration: 01:12:40

BTL #235 - OH, THOSE RUSSIANS! - 3/6/17

In Which We Discuss: 1. Trump spends one hour speaking unhinged words in a regular tone, is celebrated near and far for just sounding human 2. Overheard in Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III’s office: “Oh, THOSE Russians!” 3. Donald Trump resumes his shabbat twitter meltdowns, daring America to choose between trusting Breitbart and Barack Obama 4. Trump complains that healthcare is hard. Crybaby! (Sad.) 5. Donald Trump’s literal tens of…well, just tens of supporters show up to the...

Duration: 01:20:29

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