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Have you harnessed the true power of online branding and marketing? Join Duke Sayer as he cuts through the crap of what works online and how to get yourself seen as a thought leader in your niche. Develop a social brand that is visible and engaging to your target audience by learning from the best and brightest online and brand marketers in the world each and every week.








Ep54 Jessica Morrod Find Your Genious

Jessica is a phenomenal coach and The Genius Equation is a spark of genius! She has co-founded The Academy of Portfolio Practices (TAPP) with Ian McDermott in 2011. Do you want to find the solution to your Genius Equation? Believe me when I found what works from me it changed not only what I did but how I approached what I chose to have in my life. She created the Genius Equation… so I could work with Inspiring Leaders like you to bring your unique Genius to the world, for you to make a...

Ep53 4 Chambers Of Your Heart

Four Chambers of the Heart Healing, you will experience a guided meditation of energy. This energy will promote the healing of trauma, the inner peace of being loved, the ability to forgive and let go, and the soothing of personal grief. Deirdre guides us on a path explaining what each of the Four Chambers of the Heart represents, what their purpose is and what memories they hold. By merging with the Radiance purifying energies, you will experience a profound shift and your heart will be set...

Ep52 Trudy Simmons Procrastination Productivity and Clarity

Trudy Simmons explains how when you get stuck in the how, you can hold yourself back and how to get out of it. When you don't know the outcome VS you only the next step and what to do about it depending which type of person you are. The No1 question most people don't ask themselves What are you not allowing? 2 recommended books Trudy mentions are: The BIG Leap and Life's Golden Ticket

Ep51 Soul Mate Linking Meditation

Soul Linking is designed to awaken your heart centers as you connect with and express love to another soul. With this meditation, you can connect with and send love to someone new or from your past. You can also use this process to heal and improve existining relationships.

Ep50 Sofia Hayat-Bollywood Actress to Quantum Being Her Journey

Sofia Hayat is our guest for this week's episode who is an actress, model,singer and a former nun who worked in British and Indian projects. She is a British national of Indian descent. In this episode Sofia Hayat shares how she changed her direction in life from famous celebrity and Bollywood actress to self professed quantum being and holding sacred ceremonies. In this episode Sofia shares how: Negative situations are beautiful signs to change? You should question what you believe and...

Ep49 Focused Life Force Energy

Jeffery Stegman and Clayten Stedmann met through a mutual friend. They were both working on accessing and utilizing high consciousness fields. Jeffery was creating high consciousness fields and cultures in business and Clayten, as a coach in business as a spiritual path, was creating high consciousness fields for healing the human mind, body and spirit. After doing research and testing they were able to increase the power available and the ability to positively affect a property, they...

Ep48 Venus Robertson : How to Talk to Animals Psychically

Venus Robertson is entertainment hustler turned self-help vixen who is Intuitive and transformation catalyst. She’s the Creatress of (Man)ifesto & The Moon Goddess spiritual workshops in South East Asia and the world. According to Venus, she can speak to dead. She doesn’t follow a “religion” – She is lead directly by spirit. She has brought communicating with animals to a new level that opens up a whole new world of connection with yourself, nature...and other human beings. Her books: Dear...

Ep47 Tom Kelly Open Deep and True

Tom is a coach, guide, compassionate mentor and pioneer in the field of what’s possible for men today. Since 2004 he has trained with healing arts pioneer Tom Monte, completing 4 Levels of certification as a Compassionate Integration Counselor. He leads Men’s Awareness and Alternatives to Violence Project workshops for prison inmates and has facilitated transformational men’s groups for years in the New York metro area. In this episodes tom will share his story and how everything began and...

Ep46 Colette Mason Getting Your Book Out To The World

Colette Mason is specialized in coaching people to write their first book and turn their dreams of being an author into a reality. She publishes and promotes nonfiction books through her own publishing house, "Let's Tell Your Story" Publishing. Since 2010 she has written and published printed 6 books of mine as well as helped others publish over 25 books. She has created a complete one-to-one and online coaching system based on her own successful methods that you can follow to replicate my...

Ep45 Dominic Knight Personal Breakthroughs

Dominic Knight is UK's most recognised and highly credited Clinical Hypnotherapists and NLP Master Practitioners. He is providing relief to those suffering from life-altering conditions and his clinic Knight's Harley Street clinic has treated a vast number of extreme phobias to crippling addiction. Dominic's achievements have earned him coveted appearances on various television shows airing on CBS, ABC, FOX and NBC. He has also got show on National press coverage such as USA Today, The Times...

Ep44 Manny Wolfe Charishma and Speaking

Emmanuel Wolfe is A Speaker, Speaking and Charisma Coach and Communication Consultant. He is also the author of the Best selling memoirs, titled, “The Tao of the Unbreakable Man”, He teaches entrepreneurs and high performers how deliver their unique message to the world with power, passion, precision, and persuasion. He is a sought after communication and presentation coach, because his coaching goes much deeper than simple technique. He actually teaches you how to rewire yourself to embrace...

Ep43 Harold Tackie-Boxing and DNA Testing Body Transformation Coa...

Harold Tackie has been working in the health and fitness industry for more than six years, and have been mentored by some of the worlds leading body transformation specialists. He has spent more than 17 years competing in combat sports at national level, he understand the importance of working towards an end goal, date or target better than most. His methodology has been consistently successful in helping my clients achieve outstanding levels of fat loss, muscle building, and fitness....

Ep42 Felix Price - Urban Avatar Living

Felix Price is an inspirational yoga teacher who has designed classes to uplift and inspire strudents to develop health, vitality and self-awareness. He has his unique style of teaching and also hold a 200hr Yoga alliance certification under David Swenson. Felix normally teaches across london where he offers classes, private tution or workshop and also some times Message therapy. Beside this he is a passionate artist, has education background in UCL. Also he run a restaurant named Wild Food...

Ep41 Cristo D'Arcy - Energetic Medicine

Cristo D'Arcy is a family man and have been a professional Energetic Practitioner and "healer" for 10 years. His "spiritual gifts" were realized at a young age and have been developed over the course of his life. His main thing is his connection and ability to communicate with the non-physical and use that to help others expand their awareness, reduce their pain, eliminate dis-ease and resolve relationship issues. Basically, he is a full spectrum energetic practitioner that gets results on...

Ep40 Darren Scherbain The Dawg Whisperer

Darren Scherbain is a 5 time Ironman triathlon competitor. He was a cocain addict and alcoholic then he turned his life around and now helps men and women from all walks of life connect with themselves. Codependency fuels most people's lives without them even realizing. According to him awareness is key. He will also discuss about how to get more of what you want in life and steps to overcoming fear. He will also share some of the books he likes.

Ep39 Pad Pax Team Me and Architypes

Pad is a trusted adviser to business leaders, actors and investors across the globe and the Author of TEAM ME - a unique approach to personal development and performance improvement based on Archetypes. He is a dynamic speaker, Master Practitioner & Trainer of NLP and Certified Life Coach. He has appeared on ITV, BBC World Service, and Radio5 Live as well as quoted in The Guardian, The Independent and The Telegraph.

Ep38 Jackie Winters The Power Of Crystals

Jackie is the author of the highly successful divination cards “Messages from Mother Earth” and has written many articles for spiritual magazines and daily blogs. First, she became interested in crystals back in 1990 when she developed an acute case of nervous asthma and was prescribed heavy medication to control the condition. Recently, Jackie has received requests to write a book and Messages from Mother Earth volume 2. She is a pioneer in the holistic world of crystals and is constantly...

Ep37 Richard Alexander Arsic - Awareness is Freedom

Richard Alexander Arsic has been on a quest for knowledge, spirituality and the deeper meaning behind life. His deeper spiritual journey started consciously in the late 90’s when he was introduced to the Celestine Prophecy books. Richard co-creates a world of emotionally healthy children by healing and nurturing the adults.

Ep36 Sue Cook Child Brain Whisperer

Sue Cook is a BWN business woman. She is specialist in her field. She works with spectrum disorders treating dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, dyscalculia, Aspergers and some autism and mutism.I am pretty much the only person in the uk using these brain rewiring techniques, though there are a handful of neurodevelopmentalists in the country. Sue is also a degreed classical homoeopath with 15 years in practice; my friends call me the number one people fixer.

Ep35 Lynn Avis Angel Energy Expert

Lynn Is based in the UK and is a gifted intuitive/ psychic, with strong clairaudient & clairsentient abilities.Her passion in life is coaching people and helping them to re-establish and strengthen their own connection to the angelic realm. She enjoys gently guiding others to self-love, getting them to once again recognise and fall in love with their own angelic, divine self.
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