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Brattlecast #8 - Is That Gold in the Attic?

What do you do with all those books your family has accumulated? Ken discusses how to start the process of letting go. Hear how he goes out to houses everyday, but never knows what he'll find. And that includes anything from trained raccoons to live WWII ammo.

Duration: 00:19:34

Brattlecast #7 - The Internet Is Such a Tool

Ken discusses the good, bad and surprising impact of the internet and the used book trade. Not all is lost to technology as he shares his ideas of browsing vs. surfing and why old isn't necessarily always gold. Like us? Listen and subscribe via:

Duration: 00:17:52

Brattlecast #6 - A Day In The Life

The proprietor of the historic Brattle Book Shop takes Jordan Rich through a typical workday. It's not all stocking shelves as Ken Gloss rubs shoulders with titans of industry and meets interesting characters from all walks of life. Listen to some of Ken's favorite buys and some of the storied history of the shop, which sees everything from an original copy of the Declaration of Independence to a casual visit from actor Johnny Depp. Like us? Listen and subscribe via:

Duration: 00:20:04

Brattlecast #5 - Cooking With Books

Order up! Ken Gloss shares his favorite recipes, ranging from the 1600's to the invention of Jell-O. Also on the menu are meals prepared on lead cookware, murder cookbooks, and a grateful collector combing the stacks for a copy of "Coconuts and Constipation". Boston's own rich culinary history is also on display as Ken and Jordan Rich bond over Gus Saunders' Yankee Kitchen. Like us? Listen and subscribe via:

Duration: 00:18:02

Brattlecast #4 - Audubons and Almanacs

The excitement never stops at the Brattle Book Shop as Ken describes some of his more fun and unique finds. Listen to the story of John Audubon's beautiful naturalist texts that sell for more than a mansion, or of the concert program detailing Bob Dylan's infamous electric performance at Newport. What will tomorrow bring? Like us? Listen and subscribe via:

Duration: 00:21:02

Brattlecast #3 - On Collecting

Kenneth Gloss talks about "the hunt", expanding on how collections of all kinds get started, from stamps to maps to, of course, books. Learn about the most important considerations of collecting. Hitting the pavement, building relationships with a community of collectors, and about the secret collection in the Gloss bathroom. Like us? Listen and subscribe via:

Duration: 00:18:51

Brattlecast #1 - The History of The Brattle Book Shop (Pilot)

In the pilot episode of Brattlecast, proprietor Kenneth Gloss discusses the history of one of America's oldest rare and antiquarian bookshops. Learn the story of George Gloss and his son Kenneth: the Brattle's journey from historic Brattle Street through urban renewal, a disastrous fire, and the business of secondhand bookselling today.

Duration: 00:26:20