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Brad Farris & Jill Salzman tackle the most complex small business questions of our day. "Why can't I hire competent employees?" "How do I make more money without driving myself nuts?" "How can I take over the world". They’ll get to the bottom of these mysteries with help from entrepreneurial geniuses, product pushers, brilliant branders and a ragtag team of moguls intent on magnifying profit.






Top 5 Reasons We Don't Know Our Numbers w/ Karen M Carlson

What’s In This Episode: In this episode (the first in a series about that cash money), Jill and Brad talk about the things they don't know but everyone else seems to: For Jill, it's accounting. For Brad, it's fashion (thank God we just have to hear him, then, right?). They talk with Karen M. Carlson, the "absolute best, therapeutic relaxation expert east of the Mississippi" who calls in to discuss whether some of the products she's offering should be on a separate website other than the...

Duration: 00:25:05

Top 5 Reasons To Slow Down w/ Karen Friedman

What’s In This Episode: We all hear about the speed of business and how we need to be faster, but is that speed good in itself? Jill gets a bit math-y and talks sine curves and parabolas, but eventually shares that we fall into the same pattern. You start off in a big rush trying to get everything done and figure it all out, but then something changes. Maybe it's burn out, tons of success, or simply age and experience -- whatever it is, you eventually realize you can slow down. We should...

Duration: 00:24:17

Top 5 Ways To Get Your Team GOING w/ Matthew Olivieri

What’s In This Episode: What was the best team you were ever a part of? Jill was part of a powerhouse team at Elektra Records; they pushed each other to be better, could make fun of each other, but most importantly, were respectful of one another. For Brad, each person on his team thought they were the worst performer so they worked hard to not let the group down. That kind of respect for each other is a big part in making a team successful. Do you already have a strong team but want to...

Duration: 00:19:09

Top 5 Ways To Know That It's "GO TIME" + Tool Time

What’s In This Episode: Do you ever get that feeling that your business is about to take off? Jill definitely knows that feeling - it's exciting and re-energizing! It infuses life into the business and even though it may not pan out, it's a sign that good things are happening. Brad used to chase that feeling but has come to realize he'd rather have steady progress instead. They also talk about the Top 5 Ways To Know That It's "GO TIME" in this episode and they share which apps they've...

Duration: 00:15:36

Breaking Down Your Business EP 220

What’s In This Episode: Do you talk to yourself? Jill does all the time! What, you don't? She thinks there are two types of people in this world, those who talk to themselves in their head and those who do it out loud. And sometimes, Jill even gets answers from herself! Brad thinks that's just called thinking.. and you're not really getting answers (which is why you should call us at 708-872-7878 with your questions!). They also talk to each other about the Top 5 Questions To Ask Yourself...

Duration: 00:25:57

Top 5 Ways To Feel Less Overwhelmed (And Make More Progress) w/ Mark Fromson

What’s In This Episode: How's your to-do list looking? Brad noticed that no matter how many things he crosses off, he's left with more than he started with. How does a to-do list become a three-do list? (Groan). But really, can he declare bankruptcy on his list and make it go away? Jill teaches Brad the trick of just tearing off a new sheet of paper and starting a brand new list the following day. Yes, actual paper. They also talk about the Top 5 Ways To Feel Less Overwhelmed (And Make...

Duration: 00:22:57

Top 5 Ways To Have A Happier Team w/ Josh Haynam

What’s In This Episode: What was the happiest team you were ever a part of? The first thing that popped into Jill's mind was a dance troupe her and her sisters were a part of. #Adorable. Brad recalls being part of a small team that led an organization for 1.5 years. It was a high pressure position but the group still remains in touch. They discovered that each person thought they were the weakest link of the bunch and continually worked hard in order to not let the group down. Everybody...

Duration: 00:21:03

Top 5 Ways To Build Your Business When Things Are Slow

What’s In This Episode: Why is Jill soaked? Well, she followed her own advice. She woke up this morning, did not look at her phone, then hopped on her Vespa to head to the studio. 20 minutes into her ride, it started raining. And then it started hailing. If only she had looked at her weather app! New rule: Don't look at your phone when you wake up, unless you're going outside and traveling in an open air vehicle. They also address the summer lull you may be feeling in the Top 5 Ways To...

Duration: 00:17:58

Top 5 Business Problems You’ll Never Fix

What’s In This Episode: Are there problems you have outside of work that you've had forever? (Um, yes, how about all of them?!) The older he gets, the more Brad figures out what are problems, and what are just tensions to manage. For example, he wanted more fresh veggies in his life so he planted a garden. But now he has too much zucchini and doesn't know what to do with it all! That's just something he has to manage while enjoying his fresh food. Also, don't be surprised if you receive a...

Duration: 00:19:26

Top 5 Ways To Stop Working All The Time

What’s In This Episode: Why is Brad yawning? Well, yesterday was pretty eventful. He came home to find maintenance folks outside his house inspecting a suspected gas leak. That somehow turned into a broken gas line, and then a broken water line. Which have to be fixed with very loud tools. What?! Brad #canteven. So, he didn't sleep at all. He wonders about the crew outside his house though; have they been working for 14 hours straight? When do they go home? Speaking of which, Jill and...

Duration: 00:26:29

Top 5 Ways To Be With Your Family, When You Are With Your Family

What’s In This Episode: When you take a vacation with your family, does it really count as a vacation? Probably not. You don't get any rest, constantly have to be "on," and likely have a lot of anxiety around past issues. At the same time, it is nice to spend time with people you don't get to see very often. Also, as kids start coming home from college, Brad realized something - kids think of their parents as frozen in time, just as parents see their kids frozen in time as a certain age...

Duration: 00:20:23

Top 5 Ways To Be More Mindful All Day Long

What’s In This Episode: Do you know what mindfulness is? It's a mental state achieved by focusing on the present. Brad has been trying to incorporate mindfulness into his daily life. He starts his day off by getting into that frame of mind, and also sets a reminder for himself midday to reset, relax, and re-find some of the peace that slips away during a workday. He is also practicing mindful eating by slowing down and actually tasting his food, instead of shoveling it down as fast as he...

Duration: 00:27:37

Top 5 Ways To Leave Work In The Office w/ Yahaira Núñez

What’s In This Episode: Do you ever completely shut down your work? Seems like an impossible dream, but it's possible! When Jill goes on vacation, she'll shut down all electronics and leave work behind. It takes a bit of time to fully shut down but once it's done, it's so hard to get back to reality. How does she do it? A lot of planning and heavy lifting beforehand. And if she absolutely needs to use a phone to find the nearest pizza place, someone else will have an available phone so...

Duration: 00:22:14

Top 5 Times To Show Your Emotions In Business w/ Britt Alwerud

What’s In This Episode: Do you think there's no crying in, I mean, the office? Brad had a conversation with a client last week about a team member who recently spent a lot of time crying at work. The client told the team member to put on some sunglasses and take a walk around the block. Essentially, "there's no crying in the office." Brad told the client he agreed with the action; it's ok to cry in the office, but not all the time. If crying at the office diminishes your...

Duration: 00:28:51

Top 5 Emotions You Need In Business w/ Joellyn Huebner

What’s In This Episode: When is it helpful to be emotional in business? Jill started out stoic and business-like in her career, but when she began being herself, she made more money! She's now on a mission to let people know that business doesn't have to be boring. Yes, there's a fine line between emotions and business, but Jill believes we should all be closer to that line. As a consultant, Brad likes to give his clients permission to have their emotions because it allows for effective...

Duration: 00:27:36

Top 5 Ways To Know It's Time To Promote A Team Member w/ Rosemarie Rutecki

What’s In This Episode: Do you know of some companies that are doing good? Not well, but good! Jill mentioned a woman who is converting her dance studio into a non-profit, and another who runs an organization which helps literacy in Chicago. Internationally speaking, she's all about Kiva. She can go on and on about all the great companies she knows of; there are so many! Brad loves the local breweries in Chicago and how they're creating wonderful communities around them. If you know of a...

Duration: 00:18:43

Top 5 Ways To Make Your Business Come Alive w/ Katy Lynch

What’s In This Episode: What are you planting this spring? Whether physically or metaphorically, 'tis the season! Jill is definitely not physically planting anything - rather than two green thumbs, she has two murderous thumbs. Instead, she's planting the seeds of massive business growth! She's all about planting lots of seeds/ideas and then thinning out the ones that don't work. Brad is the total opposite - he loves planting tomatoes every year, as well as other beautiful flowers in...

Duration: 00:20:48

Top 5 Longest Meetings w/ Emily Lonigro Boylan

What’s In This Episode: When you're sitting in a meeting that's been going on for too long, how do you bring it to an end and get out of there? According to Jill, there's an app for that (of course there is). Set the app to call you at a certain time and just tell everybody you need to deal with an emergency. Or maybe go to the bathroom and never come back. Brad tries to redirect and lead the meeting so that all participants can get the info they came for and leave. We also learn what the...

Duration: 00:23:32

Top 5 People You Need To Grow Your Business w/ Lonnie Ogulnick

What’s In This Episode: Brad received the worst sales email in the world from "Catherine" at.. let's just call them Sales Mango. It was from a person and company he didn't know with a subject line asking about the main "pain-point" in his marketing. He replied and told them it was the worst sales email he's ever gotten, and the emails still kept coming! Clearly these (terrible) generic emails were coming from a robot, so why would anybody use their services? Do all their customers deal...

Duration: 00:24:40

Top 5 Ways To Focus Your Business As You Grow w/ Justin Krane

What’s In This Episode: When you start out, you market broadly. To grow, you must focus. What has helped you focus your attention in life? Brad and Jill's series on scaling your business continues as they share ways to focus that has worked for them. For Jill, it's been other people telling her she has to focus (you mean doing everything and anything all the time is not the way entrepreneurs do it? No!). Thanks Brad for telling Jill she has to focus! Plus, she turns off her wifi to pause...

Duration: 00:21:41

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