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The officially unofficial podcast for AMC’s Breaking Bad. News, episode recaps, analysis, predictions, your feedback and more, all about the Breaking Bad television series.






Breaking Bad: The Movie

Shayne Bowman from Film Schlubs and Heisenberg Chronicals fame as well as Eric Wahlquist of Personal Arrogants and Direct infamy join A.Ron to discuss the pro/fan edit of Breaking Bad that was dropped on the Internet last week. It reduces one of the greatest television shows in history to a single two hour long movie. What works, what doesn't, how we'd do it better, and much more are covered. Spoilers for everything Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, you've been warned!

Duration: 01:24:55

313 – “Full Measure”

In what is probably going to be the last Bald Move Breaking Bad podcast ever, we discuss the awesome season three finale that is episode 313, "Full Measure". So much to talk about, from a back to the beginning's cold open that has us rethinking what we know about Walt, to Mike planting his flag as an all time great in BrBa history, and the irrevocable moral choices that are going to have impacts that reverberate through the rest of the series. It's a great way to end things, and if this is...

312 – Half Measures

A.Ron and Jim near the end of their re-watch of Breaking Bad season 3, with the thrilling episode "Half Measures". An incredible episode that has you wondering what's in store for next week's installment, which is "Full Measure". We discuss one of the all time great cold opens in BrBa history, "Wendy", Marie's motivational, uh, "techniques", Mike's shadowy past, and Walt's Aztek at it's most badass and heroic. As next episode will be our last Breaking Bad cast ever, we paused in our...

311 – Abiquiu

Jim and A.Ron are on to episode 311, "Abiquiu", an episode of post-modern impressionist vaginas, gangster Food Network show pilots, and unexpected connections to Combos of long ago. Enjoy the flashbacks and fond memories while you can, and then buckle up, because the final two episodes of this season define the levels of crazy that Breaking Bad can get up to!

310 – The Fly

Jim and A.Ron look into a fairly polarizing episode of Breaking Bad, episode 310, "The Fly". Some see it as a slow, ponderous, pointless exercise in budget cutting, while others see a beautiful, rich, thematic character study resting entirely on the performances of Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston. Listen in to find out which side of the divide we fall on!

308 – I See You

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307 – “One Minute”

Jim and A.Ron re-watch the classic Breaking Bad episode, "One Minute". We have a lot to say about Walt and Jesse's messed up relationship, turning points for Hank, and Gus's schemes. All this, a robust spoiler section, and some feedback from our fellow fans.

306 – Sunset

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305 – Mas

Jim and A.Ron ponder "Mas", the fifth episode of season three of AMC's Breaking Bad. In which Jesse resumes business, Gus is nakedly transparent, the Aztec takes yet another hit, while Walt at all times simply respects the chemistry.

304 – Green Light

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302 – Caballo sin Nombre

Our coverage of season 3 moves on with episode 302, “Caballo sin Nombre”. Walt moves back in, the cousins move out, Jesse makes a first home purchase, and pizzas are tossed. Support Bald Move: Amazon | Club Bald Move Heisenberg Chronicles companion piece for episode 302, “Caballo sin Nombre”. Factoids, fan art, observations, and more.…

301 – No Mas

We're back! Summer just ain't summer without some of the old Heisenberg Blue, and we're crushing and snorting episodes from here on out until we wrap up our coverage for season three. First up, the Bryan Cranston directed, Vince Gilligan written premiere, "No Mas". Walt wants out, Skyler wants Walt out of the house, Jesse embraces his role as the bad guy, and Walt Jr. turns down waffles. This and other shocking developments are considered, and we analyze some character arcs in the spoiler...

213 – “ABQ”

In this installment of Breaking Bad, episode 213, "ABQ", AKA, "A.Ron's Waterloo",we find really excellent episode that works on so many visceral and emotional levels, but for at least one host, comes completely off the rails in the final 15 minutes. Other than THAT, we discuss the excellent work by Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn, Walt's endearing qualities, such as they are, John de Lancie's haunting portrayal of Jane's father, Gus hiding in plain sight, and one grizzled old fixer dude in Saul...

212 – “Phoenix”

Welcome back to coverage for the penultimate episode of season 2 of Breaking Bad, number 212, "Phoenix"! We discuss baby saving sonar robots of the future, heroin acquisition machines, take a deep dive in the morality and ethics of one Walter White, divide blame for the Jane fiasco among all the players, chide Hank on his lactophobia, and much more. Plus, some feedback, and some spoilers for things yet to come as we mentally prepare ourselves for next week's finale, "ABQ"!

211 – “Mandala”

Welcome to our coverage of Breaking Bad episode 211, “Mandala”! This is a pivotal episode in Breaking Bad history, and Jim and A.Ron go almost two hours on a very deep dive, discussing among other things our “heroin; not even once” personal philosophy, the rapid deterioration of both Jane… and Jesse’s apartment, say goodbye to…

210 – “Over”

Jim and A.Ron dive into episode 210 of “Breaking Bad”, “Over”. We talk more pink teddy bears, shattered Azteks, boobs in the work place, Jesse’s ridiculous fight with Jane, turning points for Walt, and one truly sorry water heater. This, your feedback, and a spoiler section where the boys debate whether some foreshadowing is coincidence,…

209 – “4 Days Out”

In this episode 209 of Breaking Bad, “4 Days Out”, we find Jesse and Walt stranded in the boonies, undergoing a long dark tea time of the soul. We discuss homemade batteries, this episode as the fulcrum of the entire series, Saul’s lack of bedside manner, Walt’s shattered reflection, and Jr’s epic flipped bird. All…

208 – “Better Call Saul”

In this re-watch of Breaking Bad episode 208, “Better Call Saul” we talk about criminal lawyers, panic attacks, turkey necks and the axes that love them, women marking their territory, and the sliding scale of how much a conscience is worth. All this, your feedback, and a fat, healthy spoiler section. Enjoy!’s Breaking Bad…

207 – “Negro y Azul”

Jim and A.Ron break down another great episode of Breaking Bad, episode 207, “Negro y Azul”. We discuss narcocorrido music, how many theories were spawned by the “Ballad of Heisenberg”, the nature of Jane and Jesse, and Skyler and Ted’s relationship, and explore the concept of Hank’s panic attacks being a hidden strength instead of…

206 – “Peekaboo”

Jim and A.Ron shake off the rust of their Christmas vacation by getting down and dirty with an early standout episode of Breaking Bad, 206 “Peekaboo”. In it we discuss the definition of the word “skank”, the biggest lie ever told on Breaking Bad, the ethics of exposing a friend’s elaborate web of lies, and…
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