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Pain-Free High Performance, With Dr. John Rusin, Ep 14

Dr. John Rusin is a physical therapist, but he's not one of those physical therapists who's going to tell you not to work too hard at the gym. In fact, he's worked with a lot of hardcore athletes - from major league baseball players, to Olympians, to powerlifters. Hard work in the gym is not something his clients avoid. But, they do avoid pain and injury, and Dr. John helps them do that. 00:00 - New happenings at Breaking Muscle 02:50 - Introduction to Dr. John Rusin 03:31 - Combining high...

Duration: 00:45:07

Expanding Human Potential, With Dr. Levi Harrison, Ep 13

Dr. Levi Harrison is one of a kind. A orthopedic surgeon who also believes in alternative medicine. A medical professional who believes the point of being healthy is so we can volunteer and give back. A self-admitted outlier among his peers. Dr. Levi has developed his skills and standpoint over more than two decades of education and training. He is guided by three core values - commitment, compassion, and service - and he shares these in his life and daily practice In this episode, Dr....

Duration: 00:42:15

Be Your Own Roll Model, with Jill Miller, Ep 12

Jill Miller is one of the world's leading experts on yoga, massage, and pain management. She is the industry's go-to person for everything from chronic pain, to mobility limitations, to improving performance. Jill is the creator of Yoga Tune Up and author of The Roll Model. And, along with mobilityWOD guru Kelly Starrett, she put together a combination of self-care tools and DVDs called Treat While You Train. In this episode, Jill talks with Managing Editor Becca Borawski Jenkins and Coach...

Duration: 00:58:33

Powerlifting and Positivity with Donnie "Super D" Thompson, Ep 11

Donnie "Super D" Thompson knows a thing or two about lifting heavy weights. He earned himself the nickname "Mr. 3000" by being the first human to total 3000lbs in powerlifting back in 2011. Along the way, Donnie has had his fair share of ups and downs. However he has an infectious positive attitude, a passion for helping people, and an unquenchable thirst for learning. These elements make for a conversation that is educational, entertaining, and full of life lessons whether you are a...

Duration: 00:49:28

The Role of a Weightlifting Coach, Ep 10 (Podcast)

When it comes to weightlifting coaches, they don't come better than our three panelists for this podcast - Bob Takano, Greg Everett, and Ursula Garza Papandrea. These three icons of the sport have paved the way for the weightlifting coach of today. Through trial, error, and experience, they have not only set the standards but more than that, they have carved out the role of what a weightlifting coach should be. In this episode, these three world-leading coaches share their experiences and...

Duration: 01:09:45

Coaching the Coaches with James Fitzgerald, Ep 8

In this podcast, Breaking Muscle Radio speaks with world-class strength and conditioning coach James Fitzgerald - many of you know him as OPT. 00:38 - From OPT to OPEX: What OPEX represents04:39 - The CrossFit connection05:24 - James's pre-CrossFit accomplishments and achievements07:43 - Planning and periodization within CrossFit12:08 - The truth about the training plans of top athletes13:45 - The early days of the CrossFit Games14:51 - The evolution of the CrossFit Games and top-level...

Duration: 00:50:16

Eradicating Stupidity with Andrew Read: Breaking Muscle Radio, Ep 3

In this packed episode of Breaking Muscle Radio, our hosts, Managing Editor Becca Borawski Jenkins and Coach Chet Morjaria, speak with Andrew Read. Andrew is now a Master RKC and combines this role with distributing for Dragon Door in Australia. He has been a personal trainer and coach for over twenty years, and has a background that ranges from special forces through to Ironman. Press play, sit back, and enjoy! 00:13 - Introduction to Andrew Read01:12 - Andrew's background as a...

Duration: 00:53:00

Training for Long-Term Success With Eva Twardokens: Breaking Muscle Radio, Ep 2

Eva T has been on the ski slopes since the age of three and started competing at the age of eight. She has done it all, including the Olympics. Eva now uses her experience to help her clients stay healthy and live happy. 00:12 - Introduction to Eva Twardokens01:32 - What it means to be an athlete04:48 - What it was like to be a career athlete from such a young age07:11 - How to balance performance and health as a competitive athlete10:42 - How to track health markers (Kalish Institute...

Duration: 00:44:59