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Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan

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Weekly golf interview podcast with top instructors and industry pros around the world.

Weekly golf interview podcast with top instructors and industry pros around the world.
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Weekly golf interview podcast with top instructors and industry pros around the world.








Breaking par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 157 Kyle Morris Interview

This week on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan golf podcast episode 157 our guest is Kyle Morris. Kyle is a former touring professional (PGA Tour Latinoamérica, PGA Tour Canada, Tour) who accumulated five victories and more than 25 top-5 finishes worldwide. Kyle is now the Owner and Director of Instruction of The Golf Room indoor training studio, located in Dublin, OH. Recently named to Golf Digest’s list of the 100 “Best Young Teachers in America”, He holds the Seton Hall...

Duration: 00:33:06

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 156

This week on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan we interview Monte Scheinblum the son of a Major League Baseball player, Monte aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps, until a major elbow injury and reconstruction at age fifteen forced him to give up baseball for golf. Monte’s early success in the game eventually led him to UCLA, where he played golf for the Bruins before turning professional. After an impressive career as a long drive champion and trick shot exhibitionist, Monte...

Duration: 00:51:55

Episode 155 Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Dr. Glen Albaugh Interview

Dr. Glen Albaugh has created a unique Applied Sport Psychology Consulting Service for a wide range of professional and amateur golfers. Glen taught sports psychology at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California for 28 years where he coached the Pacific Tigers golf team. It was during this time, while working with the finest sports psychologists, coaches and golf instructors in the world, that he formulated the basis for the principles in his renowned book, which was authored...

Duration: 00:40:47

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 154 Jason Sedan Interview

Jason sedan of Fore Door Golf and Golf Channel Academy joins us for this weeks episode of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Jason is a young instructor with a lot of great ideas and is having great success with his students. here is a little bit more Jason. Jason is the Founder and Coaching Director for Fore Door Golf, a Golf Channel Academy location, based at the Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Club adjacent to America's Oldest Resort Town. The summer months offer a schedule of game...

Duration: 00:30:18

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 153 Dr. Joe parent Interview

Dr Joe Parent Mental Game expert and the author of Zen Golf joins us for episode 153 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Golf Digest magazine named Dr. Joe to their list of “Top Ten Mental Game Experts” in the world, and made him a featured teacher in their popular instructional section, “Breaking 100, 90, 80, and 70.” His lesson articles appear in many major golf magazines around the world, and he is a regular "go to" guest for national television, radio, and print media. His first...

Duration: 00:41:28

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 152 Travis Fulton Interview

Travis Fulton joins us for episode 152 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Travis is currently ranked as a Top 40 instructor under the age of 40 by GOLF Digest,Travis Fulton is one of the emerging leaders in the golf instructor space. Travis is the Lead Instructor at Pablo Creek in Jacksonville, Florida, and the Golf Channel Academy with Travis Fulton at Victoria National in Evansville, Indiana. Travis is also an integral part of Golf channel’s on-air instruction, which includes...

Duration: 00:41:49

Gianna S. Rojas Interview 151

This week our guest is known as the One handed Lady Golfer. Her name is Gianna S. Rojas and her story is how she is using her handicap to help other with challenges enjoy the game of golf. Gianna was born with one hand and about ten years ago she took up golf. She has embraced the sport and has found a voice for other like her to get involved in this wonderful game no matter what challenges they may face in their lives. She is working hard to spread the word of how golf can be the great...

Duration: 00:40:15

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 150 Doug Spencer Interview

Doug Spencer voted one of the Best Young teachers of 2017 by Golf Digest joins us for our 150th episode of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Doug has some great info to tell us about his journey and his thoughts on the game. Here is a little bit about his academy. The Spencer Academy doesn’t use a blanket type approach to its golf Coaching and Lessons. We recognize the unique nature of each person’s swing and adjust our curriculum to fit accordingly. This approach has made us popular...

Duration: 00:32:47

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 149 Jason Tenzer

Jason Tenzer of More Golf Today joins us for episode 149 of breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Jason fell in love with the game at the age of 19 and since then has formed a company that is built around saving golfers money. Growing the game through deals and making it more affordable to everyone. Along with great deals More Golf Today has giveaways on a regular basis and starting September 25th 2017 is giving away a trip to the Masters for two lucky people. This is a chance to go to the...

Duration: 00:40:17

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 148

John Black the Founder and inventor of Tee Claw joins us for this weeks episode 148 of Bernard Par with Bernard Sheridan. John is a retired police officer who use to go to the driving range to hit balls. He was not satisfied with the tee hight of the rubber tees at the range so he sat down and brainstormed how he could get a normal tee to tee up on any range mat. With that the first prototype of tee Claw was born. John is here to tell us his story and all about this wonderful product that...

Duration: 00:32:15

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 147 Bill Presse

Bill Presse of Directed Force Putters joins us on this weeks Episode 147 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Bill is one of the Best Young Teachers in the game today and the founder and inventor of Direct force Putter and the Presse putter Grip. This innovative putting technology reduces face rotation at impact which leads to more putts dropping. His Presse grips are the first of their kind to implement a forward press which gets the ball rolling faster and reduces skid. This leads to a...

Duration: 00:33:28

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 146 Jon Decker Interview

Jon Decker author of "Golf is My Life : Glorifying God Through the Game.” " The book follows my life as a player and teacher and shows the parallels of golf and life intertwined with a strong Christian message. " Jon talks about his journey in the game and how his life lessons lead him to write this book. Jon is touching many lives through the game and bringing the word of God along with it. This is a inspiring episode that I know you will enjoy. Jon has taught the game in Orlando...

Duration: 00:42:31

Episode 145 Mark Cheney Interview

As an educator and coach, Mark Cheney brings a unique approach to coaching golf and the mental game. He is the only certified GolfPsych instructor in the state of Nevada. In addition to GolfPsych certification, he is a USGTF certified teaching professional, Titleist Performance Institute certified, an instructor with The First Tee of Southern Nevada, and coach of the boys and girls golf teams at Faith Lutheran HS. He has coached golf at Faith since 2000, leading the girls to state...

Duration: 00:40:22

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 144 Rick Marcy Interview

Rick Marcy is the inventor of the swing training aid called SmartBall Golf. This training aid helps the players find the bottom of their swing arc and get it in front of the ball. This helps you make solid strikes and hit the ball with the club moving down through impact. Rick has worked many years refining this product and it is now available on his website- Rick tells us his story of how he developed this awesome product and what goes into the process of...

Duration: 00:44:18

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 143 Matt Henderson Interview

Matt Henderson Director of Instruction for TPC Las Vegas joins us for episode 143 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Matt is the Director of Instruction at TPC Las Vegas, located just 15 miles from the famous Las Vegas Strip. In 2013 and 2014 Matt was named one of the Top Two Golf Instructors in the State of Nevada by Golf Digest. He has been teaching golf for 12 years and uses state of the art technology to help golfers of all levels play their best. He has become one of the most...

Duration: 00:35:14

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 142 Dave Bisbee Interview

Dave Bisbee with Sedona Golf Resort joins us for this weeks episode 142 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Dave is from Hutchinson Kansas where he first picked up a club at the age of 3 1/2 years old. Dave's Mom played the game and he got the bug early from her. Dave shagged golf balls for Jim Hardy as a boy and that was when he decided to take up golf as a profession. He now works with players of all levels and has been teaching for over 35 years. He gives us his takes as how...

Duration: 00:43:06

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 141 Peter Kelbel

Peter Kelbel of Wallon at Lake Country Club joins us for episode 141 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. In addition to being the head professional and an extremely busy instructor at the Walloon Lake Country Club for the past 27 years, Pete Kelbel also coaches the boys and girl’s golf teams at Harbor Springs High School. Pete has taught club champions and students who have gone on to the college level, including two young women at the D-1 level. By stressing fundamentals in his...

Duration: 00:27:47

Gary Gilchrist Episode 140 Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 140 Gary Gilchrist Interview Gary Gilchrist joins us for this weeks interview. Gary works with Lydia Ko and talks about his approach to coaching some of the top players on the LPGA Tour. Here is a little bit about Gary Simply put, Gary Gilchrist is synonymous with junior golf. In a coaching career that spans more than 20 years, Gilchrist has been responsible for recruiting, training and developing more top-ranked junior-level golfers than any...

Duration: 00:45:03

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 139 Paul Wilson Interview

I have followed Paul Wilson for years. I was always intrigued by his work with the Iron Byron swing machine. Paul joins us to talk about Iron Byron and how he has built his academy around the machine and how it works. Here is some more info about Paul Wilson. Paul turned Pro in 1991. He is the founder of Ignition Golf and the Director of Paul Wilson Golf School at Bear Best in Las Vegas since 2010. In 1997 Paul was awarded Ontario "Teacher of the Year" He has made two Appearances on The...

Duration: 00:58:31

Episode 138 Mike LaBauve Interview

Director of LaBauve Golf at Westin Kierland Golf Club and Roaring Fork Golf Club Mike was first introduced to advance teaching techniques by Jack Lumpkin in 1981 in Pinehurst, NC. He worked as Jack's assistant and became a Director for the Golf Digest schools. He also assisted Hank Haney with the Pinehurst Golf Advantage Schools. Jim Hardy brought Mike to the Phoenix area in 1984 where he became a prominent teacher and player. He was awarded the Player of the Year for the Southwest...

Duration: 01:00:36

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