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A podcast about the craft brewing industry. If you like beer, cider, meads, or any other kind of tasty beverage, chances are you'll love this! Join us each week, as we meet with someone from the industry and discuss their passion.

A podcast about the craft brewing industry. If you like beer, cider, meads, or any other kind of tasty beverage, chances are you'll love this! Join us each week, as we meet with someone from the industry and discuss their passion.
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A podcast about the craft brewing industry. If you like beer, cider, meads, or any other kind of tasty beverage, chances are you'll love this! Join us each week, as we meet with someone from the industry and discuss their passion.








Ep. 250 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we head towards the airport to check out Level Beer in East Portland with Shane Watterson. Not only are they close enough to snag a beer before/after a plane flight, you can advance your gaming strategy. Ryan misses the brewery tour, John enjoys the spacious heated patio, Bronwyn explodes over the Chocolate Dynamite, Damian gets to reminisce with one of his favorite brewers. Tasty beers and achievements unlocked on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:22:33

Ep. 249 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we visit Imperial Bottleshop's new NE Alberta St location with veteran brewer Charles Porter, to talk about his new venture, Little Beast Rare Beers. Known for his ability to harmonize multiple yeast strains, Charles reveals why he's wild about yeast. Ryan falls in love, John favors a dry sour, Bronwyn talks cheese with Brenda, and Damian talks about some new breweries to look out for from's list. Sexy sweet and dry sours and happy endings on this episode of...

Duration: 01:32:51

Ep. 248 - The Brew Happy Show

This week the crew gets all misty about their New Years plans and resolutions. A brief review on's list of closing brew locations, and 2018 beer release calendars. Ryan drinks all of his beer, John forgets to bring cigars, Bronwyn avoids spoilers for Star Wars, and Damian is excited about upcoming Stout Bout. New Year celebrations and farewell to some brew destinations on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:02:53

Ep. 247 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we take a break to be with our families for the holiday season. But we leave you with this short holiday message with one of our most frequent and longest running guests. Holiday wishes and sweet Brew Happy dreams on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 00:25:45

Ep. 246 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we head over to the Breakside Brewing's most recent Slabtown location to talk with Head Brewer, Ben Edmunds about award winning beers, and what it's like to run 3 brewery locations at the same time. Brew Happy has been following the success of this fantastic company since the beginning, listen in as Ben takes us from Breakside's inception, to current. Damian remembers the first location fondly, Bronwyn is nuts about the Nuttella Coffee Porter, Ryan is impressed with a grain...

Duration: 00:48:34

Ep. 245 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we hang out with Mark Gillette from the Portland Brewers Collective (PBC) and F.H. Stienbart Co. respectively. Planning out the holidays can be tough, but sometimes the right beer can help you through. With the holidays approaching we discuss our different strategies. Ryan dispenses the lore behind the 'pot luck', Damian voices his support for Old Town Brewing, John gets to find out what's going on with Fat Head's Portland location, Bronwyn can't wait for Christmas beers, and...

Duration: 01:26:31

Ep. 244 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we kick off McMenamin Mondays at historic Ringlers Annex Bar just West of Zeus Cafe under the Crystal Hotel. Our Special guest this week is Crystal Brewery acolyte Stephen Harper to tell us about some of his favorite varietals and why he loves working for McMenamins. Ryan is grateful for good beer after a rough day at work, Damian gets wistful about Brew Happy times at Al's Den, Bronwyn is excited about a brew tank named Bronwyn, and John is super stoked about the array of...

Duration: 01:33:46

Ep. 243 - The Brew Happy Show

This week at Rogue East (Green Dragon), we celebrate craft beer locations passing into obscurity. A fond farewell to Lompoc's Hedge House, and Christopher Walkin recalls Amnesia Brewing memories with the Mayor. A Rogue birthday party for Stephanie, Ryan almost throws down with Christopher Walkin, John finds blueberry beers at Flyboy, Bronwyn seduces Damian with Gigantic's Most Premium. Monkey King and Brew Happy highlights on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:12:46

Ep. 242 - The Brew Happy Show

This week at Upper Lip with returning guest Trevor Thurston, from Highstreet Homebrew Club, to talk about the St. Johns Ale Trail, Stormbreaker, Brewed Oregon, and more. John brings a trippy can of something special, Ryan gets too much tang, Bronwyn pulls a strong beer from the case, and Damian finds out the back story on Stormbreaker's newest location. Ale trails and new brews on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:16:41

Ep. 241 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we soar across the river for Flyboy Brewing's Vancouver location, with owners Christina and Jeremy Michalowsky and returning guest Michelle Faubian from Sib Branding. John walks over from his Vancouver store, Ryan discovers a new sour, Damian has a new job, and Bronwyn picks a red for Damian We go to great heights for good food and beers on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:05:29

Ep. 240 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we have returning guest Mark Gillette from Portland Brewers Collective (PBC) is back to talk home brews. If you have ever been curious about how to build a seasonal ale a home brew club is a good place to start. Ryan enjoys a quesadilla pairing, Damian discovers a new seasonal on Nitro, John returns from the World Series of beer adventures, Bronwyn enjoys the penny pitchers, and Mark is totally down for some wings! Find out about Seasonals and homebrews on this episode of Brew...

Duration: 01:18:57

Ep. 239 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we have returning guest Nik Sin and Jake Walton from Doomsday Brewing for Halloween. This new brewery is dangerously delicious, and quickly expanding. With a new facility opening in Washougal it's only a matter of time before you start seeing them show up in the shelf. Nik gives us the scoop on Lonesome's Pizza, Ryan falls in love with the food cart, John finds a fresh hop, Damian enjoys a flight of tasters, and Bronwyn gets down with a dark guest tap. Beers and food so good it's...

Duration: 01:28:32

Ep. 238 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we have the Brew Happy crew back together. Dropping in is former guest Christina Morris from Ep.213. We have Killer Beer Week, McMenamins, Sam Smith's on draft, and more new stuff going on in the brewniverse! Ryan is back and thirsty after fighting off a colossal cold, Damian discovers some new beer locations, Bronwyn falls for another dark beer, and John is eagerly anticipating some Vancouver field trips. New beers and new beer locations on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:16:51

Ep. 237 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we have Vlogger Nichole of “Tasting Nitch” to talk to us about her beer tasting YouTube channel. She has had some beertastic adventures abroad to share with us Plus we get a surprise visit from Jaspon Rizos of Funhouse brews, and Nick Rivers from Brewed Oregon! Ryan is out with a cold, Jason talks about Nanobeerfest, Nick has beer gear at Brewed Oregon, Damian learns how to raise a toast in French, Bronwyn discovers some oatmeal beers, and John finally tells us where he went off...

Duration: 01:38:04

Ep. 236 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we return from Great American Beer Festival 2017 (GABF)! The crew is still regrouping from a week of beertastic adventure. Having spanned a lot of terrain and a lot of new breweries, the couple catch up Ryan on what he missed at this year's sabbatical to Denver. John is is still on the road back home, Ryan has gifts and has B-day props to give, Bronwyn falls in love with Beechwood Brewing, and Damian discovers Ratio Brewing. Great cities, great beers, great stories, and Great...

Duration: 01:36:11

Ep. 235 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we are gearing up for Great American Beer Festival (GABF)! We have a lot of invites and a lot of events to choose from, only days away. Where do we even begin? John is to excited about GABF to do a cigar pairing, Ryan is going to live through us vicariously, Bronwyn gives us a tutorial on the GABF app, and Damian brings some hoppy treats from our friends at McMenamins. So many new beers, new adventures, and fun festivals on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:09:25

Ep. 234 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we go to Tigard to visit with our ole friend Michelle Faubian (formerly of Hop N Cork), as she introduces us all to Mark Becker and Flyboy Brewing. We visit one of his 3 convenient locations and enjoy some delicious drafts, and hear about some upcoming seasonals. John is still excited about Fresh Hop Season, Damian gets nostaligic with Mark about Green Dragon, Ryan brings back his Drink Tank for another fill, and Bronwyn is delighted that pumpkin season is here. Great craft beers...

Duration: 01:19:02

Ep. 233 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we go to Southeast Portland to local restaurant, Cubo de Cuba to try 5 different beers by gypsy brewery Pono Brewing. We are joined by 2 out of the three Caribbean caballeros returning to the show, Larry Clouser, Erick Russ, and newcomer and media manager, Natalia to talk about Shandytown competitions and Pono parties. Damian tries a tea-bagged beer, Ryan struggles with the soundboard, John does not bring a Cuban cigar, and Bronwyn falls in love with another hot spot. Shandytowns...

Duration: 01:05:46

Ep. 232 - The Brew Happy Show

This week our favorite reoccurring guest, Mark Gillette from the Portland Brewers Collective(PBC). This time representing one of his many hats, F.H. Stienbart Brewing Supplies, with some special announcments. Mark brought some home brewed ciders and beers, Ryan finds out how a hybrid works, we celebrate John Paul's birthday, Damian come to terms with his love of Chech black lagers. Home brew and birthday crew on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:12:32

Ep. 231 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we visit Natian Brewing's new taproom on 13th & E. Burnside. Nice space, wraparound windows, and Ian McGuiness to tell us what's new and what's coming back. Warren Wills is back with another “Warren Report”, and also talks Soju. Ryan gets excited about Star Wars references, John has a light cigar, Bronwyn reflects fondly on a Natian beer from the past, Damian finds out what's up with Modern Times and The Commons. on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:17:44

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