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A podcast about the craft brewing industry. If you like beer, cider, meads, or any other kind of tasty beverage, chances are you'll love this! Join us each week, as we meet with someone from the industry and discuss their passion.

A podcast about the craft brewing industry. If you like beer, cider, meads, or any other kind of tasty beverage, chances are you'll love this! Join us each week, as we meet with someone from the industry and discuss their passion.
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A podcast about the craft brewing industry. If you like beer, cider, meads, or any other kind of tasty beverage, chances are you'll love this! Join us each week, as we meet with someone from the industry and discuss their passion.








Ep. 237 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we have Vlogger Nichole of “Tasting Nitch” to talk to us about her beer tasting YouTube channel. She has had some beertastic adventures abroad to share with us Plus we get a surprise visit from Jaspon Rizos of Funhouse brews, and Nick Rivers from Brewed Oregon! Ryan is out with a cold, Jason talks about Nanobeerfest, Nick has beer gear at Brewed Oregon, Damian learns how to raise a toast in French, Bronwyn discovers some oatmeal beers, and John finally tells us where he went off...

Duration: 01:38:04

Ep. 236 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we return from Great American Beer Festival 2017 (GABF)! The crew is still regrouping from a week of beertastic adventure. Having spanned a lot of terrain and a lot of new breweries, the couple catch up Ryan on what he missed at this year's sabbatical to Denver. John is is still on the road back home, Ryan has gifts and has B-day props to give, Bronwyn falls in love with Beechwood Brewing, and Damian discovers Ratio Brewing. Great cities, great beers, great stories, and Great...

Duration: 01:36:11

Ep. 235 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we are gearing up for Great American Beer Festival (GABF)! We have a lot of invites and a lot of events to choose from, only days away. Where do we even begin? John is to excited about GABF to do a cigar pairing, Ryan is going to live through us vicariously, Bronwyn gives us a tutorial on the GABF app, and Damian brings some hoppy treats from our friends at McMenamins. So many new beers, new adventures, and fun festivals on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:09:25

Ep. 234 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we go to Tigard to visit with our ole friend Michelle Faubian (formerly of Hop N Cork), as she introduces us all to Mark Becker and Flyboy Brewing. We visit one of his 3 convenient locations and enjoy some delicious drafts, and hear about some upcoming seasonals. John is still excited about Fresh Hop Season, Damian gets nostaligic with Mark about Green Dragon, Ryan brings back his Drink Tank for another fill, and Bronwyn is delighted that pumpkin season is here. Great craft beers...

Duration: 01:19:02

Ep. 233 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we go to Southeast Portland to local restaurant, Cubo de Cuba to try 5 different beers by gypsy brewery Pono Brewing. We are joined by 2 out of the three Caribbean caballeros returning to the show, Larry Clouser, Erick Russ, and newcomer and media manager, Natalia to talk about Shandytown competitions and Pono parties. Damian tries a tea-bagged beer, Ryan struggles with the soundboard, John does not bring a Cuban cigar, and Bronwyn falls in love with another hot spot. Shandytowns...

Duration: 01:05:46

Ep. 232 - The Brew Happy Show

This week our favorite reoccurring guest, Mark Gillette from the Portland Brewers Collective(PBC). This time representing one of his many hats, F.H. Stienbart Brewing Supplies, with some special announcments. Mark brought some home brewed ciders and beers, Ryan finds out how a hybrid works, we celebrate John Paul's birthday, Damian come to terms with his love of Chech black lagers. Home brew and birthday crew on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:12:32

Ep. 231 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we visit Natian Brewing's new taproom on 13th & E. Burnside. Nice space, wraparound windows, and Ian McGuiness to tell us what's new and what's coming back. Warren Wills is back with another “Warren Report”, and also talks Soju. Ryan gets excited about Star Wars references, John has a light cigar, Bronwyn reflects fondly on a Natian beer from the past, Damian finds out what's up with Modern Times and The Commons. on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:17:44

Ep. 230 - The Brew Happy Show

This week Sunil from Hop n Cork in Lake Oswego. Already filling out a great tap list, they are improving on a great food menu. Sandwiches! Some upcoming events help keep you cool, and a single batch IPA coming soon! Ryan mistakes Nick Nolte for Gary Busey, John gets to make up for lost time on this week's cigar pairing, Bronwyn is Kenneth, and Damian can't be more excited to be back at one of his favorite Lake Oswego taprooms. Upcoming Oktoberfest and Chocolate flavored pork ribs on this...

Duration: 01:21:39

Ep. 229 - The Brew Happy Show

This week Clay Staley from General Distributors Inc. is back to give us the latest on some new brands hitting the market. Plus another “Staley Stance”! Ryan is stoked about the new banners on the website, John Paul awaits Fresh Hop Season, Damian doesn't do geography, and so much more. Kettle Sours and Staley Stances on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:08:42

Ep. 228 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we reminisce about all the fun we had at Vancouver Brewfest 2017. The Brew Happy Booth was getting a lot of love and the Wheel of Craft Beer was a great success. So many prizes to give away, so much of our audience was reached. Ryan can't wipe the smile off his face when he announces the winners, John Paul connects with customers but runs out of koozies, Damian falls in love with Heavy Metal Brewing, and Bronwyn gushes over the puppy love. Vancouver Brewfest fun on this episode...

Duration: 01:12:05

Ep. 227 - The Brew Happy Show

This week Eric Sterling from Digital Pour. Computer Programmer makes craft beer easy for the rest of us, with a simple menu app to know when and where. Getting bigger can be tough, as well as tasty. Ryan can't wait for Vancouver Brewfest, John warms up to a Parabola, Bronwyn finds an Imperial Stout she can't resist, Damian geeks out on tech talk. Finding beers made easy on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:10:10

Ep. 226 - The Brew Happy Show

This week we welcome back our prodigal former co-host Matt Harhai visiting from Beijing. Special guest Mark Gillette from Portland Brewers Collective (PBC), brings a tasty homebrewed treat. Also dropping in, Natasha Godard from the Cicerone Program, Charlie Herrin The Beer Traveler, and Father Gabriel, a visiting monk. Tales from abroad and surprise guests on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:18:14

Ep. 225 - The Brew Happy Show

This week with Tomas Sluiter back again at Culmination Brewing. Tomas has some great things coming out of his brewery, brewers, beers and more! We're also joined by a couple of surprise guests. Ryan is back from his trip to Bend, OR with gifts, John has some interesting shade of orange for sharing with his pairing, Bronwyn finds out why the crew loves Culmination so much, Damian brings gifts from McMenamins. Old friends, new friends, and great beers on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:08:26

Ep. 224 - The Brew Happy Show

This week Casey Workman returns one last time before heading back to Peru. But not before sharing some more imports from his hemisphere for the monthly bottleshare at Upper Lip. Also joining us for a sip is young Belgian Brewer named Joel Galy. He's got some great perspective from afar and has some strong opinions about Portland breweries. John is back from Vegas, again, Ryan misses out on a big Black Jesus, Bronwyn enjoys and favorite standby, and Damian falls in lust for a barleywine....

Duration: 01:04:09

Ep. 223 - The Brew Happy Show

This week Brian Haslip, Vice President of the Oregon Brew Crew, to talk about the Pure Water Brew Competition coming up on the 12th of August, with his friend Mark Poling from Clean Water Services. Their organizations are teaming up for the 4th Annual Pure Water Brew Competition. Find out how resource recovery can make delicious beers. John is off to Vegas again, Ryan tries to stump everyone who guesses what's going in his Drink Tank, and Damian adds a new toy to the podcast for an added...

Duration: 01:12:14

Ep. 222 - The Brew Happy Show

This week Brew Happy fan Rob Litz (from Coalition Brewing) has some Transcendental Brews to share from his big GrowlerWerks dispenser. A delicious Basil Watermelon Blonde is just one of the many you can expect once he gets through some red tape with the OLCC. Also we have a long time fan and previous guest on the show to help co-host. Listen in to find out how long Casey Workman will be in town, and hear all about the craft beer culture in Peru where he tends bar at his Chelawasi Beer...

Duration: 01:19:03

Ep. 221 - The Brew Happy Show

Beer fanatic Kimberly Johnson is opening a taproom with Mike Bolt right next to Paul's Cigars, it's called Final Draft Taproom and it is about to be born. Find out why you should be one of the first people in the doors! We find a former guest there to help, Ryan finds a new place to hang out, John Paul brings Cindercone from his private collection, and Damian has an old friend join the show. Sneak previews and surprises people a plenty on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:03:07

Ep. 220 - The Brew Happy Show

This week John Paul returns from Vegas. He's got stories to share. Plus Cameron Brown gets sneaks away from the bar for a few minutes to chat. Ryan is rockin' out the sound board, Damian makes it to 3 beers, and Bronwyn brings pasteries. Takin' it easy after a busy Month of events and even more to come, so listen up! Sours, scones, and new hats on this episode of Brew Happy!

Duration: 01:03:07

Ep. 219 - The Brew Happy Show

This week is Portland Beer Week. At Bailey's Taproom, they are full of excitement, literally! Up top at the Upper Lip, we chat with some of the important people involved in making Portland Beer Week happen (including returning guests Jason Rizos from Funhouse Brews and Nick Rivers from Brewed Oregon, Ezra from, Andi Prewitt editor of the Oregon Beer Growler Magazine, Chris Jennings from The Horn Public House & Brewery, and our favorite bartender Cameron Brown returns from...

Duration: 01:03:54

Ep. 218 - The Brew Happy Show

This Special Edition of Brew Happy, we join Damian and Bronwyn in Salem for the 20th Annual Barley Cup Brewfest at McMenamins Thompson Brewpub! With special guests Lin from Vanguard Brewing, McMenamins' very own Ryan Lund from West Linn, and returning guest Jen Kent from Thompson, as well as the event's founder and former McMenamins brewer Chris Oslin. Damian has so many good beers in front him he can barley get the names right. People's Choice determines the win at this fest on this episode...

Duration: 01:03:51

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