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I Hope YOU Evangelize For Me

Christians are supposed to share their faith, right? A recent study reveals what followers of Jesus really think of the Great Commission. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen share the new data and try to determine the motivations behind it.

The Billy Graham Rule

As American culture reaches a new tipping point, people in positions of power are losing their jobs due to despicable sexual conduct. In the midst of this, Christians are reexamining how we approach personal and professional relationships with the opposite gender. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen bring back an important conversation with their spouses regarding how they approach the Billy Graham rule in their marriages.

Duration: 01:16:43

Kick Disney Channel to the Curb?

A Disney Channel show was recently banned in Kenya. Some Christian leaders in America are calling for a boycott of the same program. Why? One of the characters was revealed to be gay. How should Christian families respond to this revelation? Brian and Kathleen share the story and look at multiple perspectives in this week’s episode.

Duration: 01:05:59

DACA ‘Bout It

Time is running out for a group of young people in America. Congress only has a few months left to develop a permanent solution for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients. But which side of the debate should Christians be on as Americans continue to grapple with the complexities of immigration? In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen share what a large group of evangelical leaders advised Congress to do. They also introduce you to a friend who deeply understands what...

Duration: 00:42:34

This Episode is Blessed and Highly Favored

Jargon is a part of life. Professionals use it for efficiency in communication, and cultural groups use it to promote inclusiveness. But should Christians let jargon slip into their everyday language on Sunday morning? Come alongside Brian and Kathleen for some fellowship, and other cliché churchy things in this week’s episode.

Duration: 00:28:55

Should We Even Do A Halloween Episode?

Haunted houses, trick-or-treating and scary costumes. While many Americans love Halloween, plenty of Christians despise it. Should followers of Jesus go to haunted houses and trick-or-treat? Are church alternatives to these popular activities helpful? In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen explore these and other Halloween related questions. Plus, they grapple with a particular Christian Halloween practice they’d never heard of before. Listen to their conversation…if you dare.

Duration: 01:01:40


It’s a powerful hashtag that swept across social media this week. Women from all walks of life are standing together to redirect attention away from predators to the countless victims of sexual harassment and assault. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen discuss how Christians should respond to the movement. And Kathleen steps forward to say, “Me Too.”

Duration: 01:06:37

Bring Your Dress to Gym Class

It’s homecoming season at high schools across the country. Guys are learning how to tie a tie, and girls are searching for the perfect dress. But how can schools ensure that young women are following the dress code for the big night? In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen discuss a Wisconsin high school’s controversial approach.

Duration: 00:35:07

If Not a Knee, Then What?

People either love it or hate it. Some sports fans are burning memorabilia, while others are applauding the demonstrations against racial injustice. But there are a few things nobody is considering in the NFL National Anthem controversy. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen take a closer look at the debate.

Duration: 00:36:54

The Unwritten Vow of Poverty

They visit the sick, counsel the struggling, teach the flock, and sometimes fix the toilets. But are we paying pastors enough for their work? In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen discuss an eye-opening survey that reveals how the majority of pastor’s spouses feel about their compensation.

Duration: 00:52:14

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Gospel Tracts

It’s an American tradition. Dads love taking their kids to see professional baseball games. But what do you do when the guy sitting in front of you has a visible and incredibly offensive tattoo? Brian and Kathleen discuss a real-life example of this uncomfortable scenario in this week’s episode.

Duration: 00:53:04

Did Somebody Steal the Rainbow?

Sometimes, the meaning of a word shifts over time. The same can be said for symbols. But what should we do when a Biblical symbol is adopted by those who promote a lifestyle that runs contrary to Biblical teaching? In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen examine the effectiveness of a prominent ministry’s effort to reclaim a symbol for God.

Duration: 00:47:47

When the Truth Hurts…and Helps

There’s a fine line between constructive criticism and harsh critique. A Christian filmmaker recently explored this idea with Brian and Kathleen after he received some hard truth from a mentor. In this week’s episode, they grapple with how to discern what criticisms to embrace and how to appropriately respond to them.

Duration: 00:29:41

Confronting Cat Callers

Kathleen was minding her own business at a stoplight when a couple of guys started shouting. They weren’t warning her about oncoming traffic or pedestrians in the crosswalk. These guys started yelling offensive sexual comments at her. In this week’s episode, she tells the whole story and they discuss how Christian women can best respond to this common occurrence in modern society.

Duration: 00:59:27

Charlottesville, Racism, and Righteous Anger

It’s the story the entire country is talking about. The world watched as an unmasked group of white supremacists proclaimed their hatred for anyone different than them. Many Christians are angry. And they should be. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen discuss what righteous anger should look like in response to this incident. They also take the time to hear personal reflections on anti-Semitism from a Messianic Jewish friend.

Duration: 01:04:00

When Forgiveness Feels Unjust

It was Ohio's first execution in years. His crime was unspeakable. But the circumstances surrounding his last few hours made Brian and Kathleen stop in their tracks. In this week's episode, they share the compelling story and learn some powerful lessons from a grieving mother.

Duration: 00:52:09

Confronted by Compassion Fatigue

The opioid epidemic is sweeping across America. First responders are overwhelmed by overdose calls, and communities are grasping for solutions. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen examine two unconventional strategies highlighted by national media. They also discuss the Biblical implications of an underlying phenomenon tied to addiction known as compassion fatigue.

Duration: 00:59:09

How Should Christians Flirt?

Christians have long debated proper interactions between the sexes. This is particularly true for singles. In this week’s episode, Lisa Anderson of The Boundless Show Podcast inspired a conversation between Brian and Kathleen. They explore the ethics of flirting in the Christian life.

Duration: 00:29:47

Highway Evangelism

Brian recently took a family road trip. Along the way, they encountered a van with an intriguing bumper sticker. Was it creative evangelism, or counterproductively awkward? Brian and Kathleen share all the details and talk about it in this week’s podcast episode.

Duration: 00:49:23

Should Christians Be Fashionably Late?

Most people know someone that’s habitually late. And it might not even be intentional. A recent viral news story about a woman’s personal theory on lateness inspired this week’s Brian and Kathleen podcast episode. Eavesdrop as they try to figure out the moral and ethical boundaries for Christians and tardiness.

Duration: 00:52:16

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