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Unbelievably Useful Tips for Buying Mutual Funds

Mutual funds. Many people use them as part of their long-term investment strategy, but how do you pick which mutual fund is right for you? Don't miss this week's 10-minute episode where we share the two ways you can buy mutual funds and trends you should watch for as an investor with choices. For more details, visit the show notes on our website:


Warren Buffett's Top Investing Strategies | Annual Letter Highlights

For anyone who has listened to The Money Guy Show for a while, you know how much we love our annual tradition of reviewing Warren Buffett's yearly letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. Make sure you tune in to this episode to hear us extrapolate the financial insights that apply to all investors. For more details, please visit the show notes on our website:


How to Win with Passive Investing Right Now

How do you design a portfolio to meet your financial goals? We share the difference between active versus passive investing strategies, and which one may make the most sense for long-term financial success in this week's installment of The Money Guy Show. For more details, please visit the show notes on our website:


Beware of These Mistakes When Buying and Selling a Home

In this week's episode of The Money Guy Show, we dig into the painstaking details of buying and selling a home. We share the biggest mistakes to avoid, ones that we ourselves have even made, and offer tips on how to approach your next real estate transaction successfully. For more details, please visit our show notes on our website:


6 Reasons Why Dave Grohl Is a Financial Rock Star

Dave Grohl is not only a rock star in the music industry but he's also one with his finances. Here are the six reasons why Dave Grohl is a financial rock star. There are six reasons why Dave Grohl's approach to his finances makes him so unique. Catch this week's episode to find out how to apply Dave Grohl's viewpoints on money to be a financial success, too. For more details, please visit the show notes on our...


What to Do When Markets Get Scary

The week of February 5, 2018, has been an interesting week for the markets. The market got spooked, and so did many investors. Tune into this week's installment of The Money Guy Show to find out what happened, why it happened, and what you can do to protect yourself from volatile markets. For more details, please visit the show notes on our website:


Bitcoin: Informative Insights for Potential Investors

Join us for this very special extra-installment of The Money Guy Show. We not only offer our views on this new form of currency, but we unpack where we think the real opportunities are when it comes to digital money. Highlights from this week's mini-episode include: For more details, visit the show notes on our website:


Changing Jobs? Here Are Your Options for Your 401(k)

With the average person now holding 11.7 jobs over the course of his or her career, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a good chance that retirement plan assets get left behind. If you have ever wondered how best to take your 401(k) assets with you when you switch employers, you will want to tune in to this week's episode of The Money Guy Show. For more details, visit our show notes on our website:...


Vision Planning In 2018: How To Set (and Keep) Financial Goals

Tune in to this week's show to learn the 7 Steps to developing a Vision Plan for your future. The last thing anyone wants is to find out they don't have enough money saved to retire when or how they want. This is why creating a Vision Plan is so important to your financial success. Don't settle for just any version of your life when you can create the best version of your financial future starting right now. Visit the show notes for more...


The GOP Tax Plan: What Does it Mean For Your Tax Bill?

With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) taking effect on January 1, most people are wondering what the GOP tax plan means for them specifically. In today’s show, we go over what you need to know about TCJA and the different ways you can leverage the changes. Tune in so you know how to make smart money choices and tax moves going forward. Visit the show notes for more detail:


How to Buy A New Car From A Dealer

When you have exercised forced scarcity and been disciplined with your finances, there often comes a point in your life where you go from being a "tight wad," as we say here at The Money Guy Show, to being able to spend a bit more freely. When that shift happens from super saver to abundance, buying a new car might be on your wish list. In this week's episode of The Money Guy Show, we walk you through all the tips and tricks of buying a new car. Tune in so you can learn how to avoid the...


The Definition of Wealth

What is wealthy? We define what it means to be wealthy relative to your peers at every age and stage of life in this latest episode of The Money Guy Show. When it comes to your money, we wanted to provide you with a resource that would help break down and explain financial priorities that put you on the path to financial independence. We talk about the various things you ought to be thinking about and doing in every decade of your life from your 20's to your 50's and into retirement. For...


How to Navigate Hiring a Financial Planner

Navigating your personal finances can be complicated enough. Finding the right type of financial professional for your needs can be a little easier when you know what to look for and where you can find it. With nearly 300,000 financial professionals hanging their hat on the same tile of “financial advisor,” it’s important for any investor to understand the different types of financial professionals that exist and what they do. In this week’s installment of The Money Guy Show, we offer...


The Ultimate Guide to 529 Plans: What Every Parent Needs to Know

We address many of the important questions parents have about how they should save toward their children's future education costs. Which tools are available? Which ones are the best for your situation? Don't go anywhere, because we cover that and a whole lot more in this week's installment of The Money Guy Show. Read more in the show note at


Financial Advice for Teenagers: Ways to Win With Money!

In this week's episode of The Money Guy Show, we tackle the money concepts we think are important to start mastering as a teenager. Having winning financial knowledge as early as possible can have a significant impact on future financial success.


Don’t Let These Obstacles Ruin Your Retirement

Knowing what obstacles may try to come between you and your retirement can help ensure you are able to avoid and overcome them.


What You Need to Know About Using Retirement Funds Early

If you ever wondered what would happen if you dipped into your retirement savings before turning fifty-nine and half years old, this episode is for you. This is a cautionary tale about when it *might* make sense to withdraw retirement funds before you retire. Likely the most controversial financial topic we have covered to date, […]


Do This With Your Money to Live Like No One Else

Knowing how to prioritize your money is what we talk about in this week's episode of The Money Guy Show. We share some simple guidelines that will better inform you as to where your next dollar should go.


The Zombie Effect: How to Escape The Walking Debt

You are going to want to tune in to this week's episode of The Money Guy Show as we prepare you against the zombie effect of debt and train you to leverage it as a tool.


11 Hallmark Signs You’re a Financial Success

Do you exhibit these hallmark signs of being a financial rock star? Chances are that most, if not all, of these signs look familiar to you. But are you doing your part to in each of these areas to reach your financial potential? At The Money Guy Show, we have seen what happens when […]


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