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Brigitte Quinn's 22 minutes a weekly interview series with a mix of celebrities, newsmakers, artists, comedians, broadway stars, musicians, and legends. A high energy, engaging, and compelling show that is certain to create a buzz with viewers.




22 Minutes With Jim Gaffigan

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – Comedian Jim Gaffigan is back with a brand new, hour-long stand-up special on Netflix, called “CINCO.” He chatted with 1010 WINS’ Brigitte Quinn before hitting the road for his latest tour. He said it will be a family affair, with his wife as his writing partner and their kids along for the ride. The tour will include a three-day stint at the Beacon Theater in September. “Performing in New York City is a big deal for a New Yorker, and I love performing in New...

Duration: 00:22:55

Brigitte Quinn's 22 Minutes With Priyanka Chopra

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Actress Priyanka Chopra recently spent “22 Minutes” with 1010 WINS’ Brigitte Quinn, talking about her roles in the upcoming “Baywatch” movie and “Quantico.” “If you’ve been a fan of the old ‘Baywatch,’ the TV show, then this movie takes the spirit of that ‘Baywatch’ and wraps it up in rated R, naughty fun,” she tells Quinn. “That’s the best explanation of this movie I can give.” Chopra talks about working alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron, and...

Duration: 00:18:13

Brigitte Quinn's 22 Minutes With Jesse Tyler Ferguson

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson recently spent “22 Minutes” with 1010 WINS’ Brigitte Quinn, talking about “Modern Family” and more. Ferguson was in New York in part to promote a Pepcid campaign. “I’m a big foodie, and I love eating out, I love cooking at home. I find so much joy in that and so much joy in spending time with family and friends that I don’t want heartburn, which I definitely suffer from, to override that,” he tells Quinn. “So I love the program that they...

Duration: 00:21:18

Brigitte Quinn's 22 Minutes With Dr. Phil

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Dr. Phil stopped by 1010 WINS to spend “22 Minutes” with Brigitte Quinn. Before diving into his daytime talk show, they discussed his role as executive producer for Daily Mail TV, which launches in September as an extension of the popular website. “They do a lot of stories that we do on the ‘Dr. Phil’ show — human interest stories, and they really dive down and find out what’s behind the headline,” he says. He says after 15 years of the “Dr. Phil” show, he’s just...

Duration: 00:22:22

Brigitte Quinn's 22 Minutes With Julian Lennon

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Musician, philanthropist and now author Julian Lennon spent “22 Minutes” with 1010 WINS’ Brigitte Quinn, discussing his new children’s book called “Touch the Earth.” Lennon will be signing the book, which is the first in a trilogy, across the area this week. So why a children’s book? “Every word is loaded. You have to be very careful about what you’re saying. And you have to be able to deliver a message in way that young minds will understand,” he says. “This is...

Duration: 00:25:27

Brigitte Quinn's 22 Minutes With Mandy Patinkin

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Emmy & Tony award winner Mandy Patinkin spends “22 Minutes” with 1010 WINS’ Brigitte Quinn, discussing his upcoming role in the new “Smurfs” movie, the season finale of “Homeland,” and a special trip to Broadway. “I’m a Smurf now,” he tells Quinn. Papa Smurf, in fact. He says working on the animated project was “a blast.” “I’ve rarely had as much fun as I did doing this,” he says. Patinkin also talks about filming a good part of season six of “Homeland” here in...

Duration: 00:22:45