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3 Days To Your Most Profitable Year Ever – Day 3

In the last 2 episodes of the Bringing Business to Retail podcast we have been going through my 3 Days To Your Most Profitable Year Ever. If you’ve missed out and need to catch up check out Episode 1, where we discussed Cash Flow and discover how you can Stop Being a Shopkeeper and Start Being a Business owner in Episode 2. Plus, don’t forget to download the full 3 Days to Your Most Profitable Year. In today’s episode we are going to talk about “YOU”, where you want to be in your business...


Stop Being Shopkeeper And Start Being Business Owner

Today is day 2 of my 3 days to your most profitable year and we are looking at how you can construct a plan for profit. But before we get started if you haven’t yet head on over and check out day 1 here. There you can get jump started on reviewing your cash flow and brainstorming your 2018 “business word of the year.” So think for a minute about your favorite store. Why is that store your favorite? What does it have that makes you just “have” to go there? Now think about your shop?...


3 Days To Your Most Profitable Year Ever - Day 1

New Year’s Resolutions. Did you make one for yourself? How about your business? If you did you are in great company! The New Year is a time when everyone seems to be focused on their planning and goals for 2018. It’s a wonderful time to regroup and to help, I want to give you a great free to tool so you make this your most profitable year in your business. So today, we are getting started on day 1 of my 3 day mini course, 3 Days to Your Most Profitable Year Ever and we are kicking off...


How to Maximise Retail Sales After Christmas

The holiday celebrations may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean your retail store profits have to as well! Today I am guiding you on how to maximise your retail sales after the holiday rush so you can make the most out of this sometimes slow period. Plus, in this week's episode I giving you a bonus guide to show you some great ways that you can put products together, products that are great for your customers and can make you some money fast. Be sure to grab your...


Tinder For Business - Susie Campbell

Today's guest is Susan and she is going to share great tips for creating a great collaboration and partnership. All business are better together and when they are connected with another business or person. No one wants to share customers with others (especially with competition) but there is good reason why you should collaborate, Susan gave us some great examples for that. Partnership is still kind of new to marketing, but it doesn't cost a penny but offers several benefits. Susan...


Tips To Engage Your Social Media Tribe - Louise Brogan

Louise loves helping people. She figured out how to promote a business using online tools and now she teaches other business owners in this kind of marketing. In this episode, you are going to learn many useful tips how to upgrade your business using social media and online tools. Louise teaches her clients how to properly create a strategy for an online marketing and what is the best place to start with online marketing. Also, you will learn what is not a great strategy for online...


Amplify Your Sales

It’s easy to be drawn to the latest, shiny new thing. Whether it’s a product, a new piece of software or the latest social media trend. But the fact is, after the glitter and gloss has dies down, we always return to the place we feel comfortable, that feels familiar and that we don’t have to think about. And guess what, it works the same with products in your store as well! Yes, it’s important to keep up with what’s trending, but sometimes, the real money is in taking something that...


How to Stand Out & Shine - Karen Gunton

Enlightened! So what does it mean to be enlightened and how does being enlightened help you or your business? Well, listen up because today Karen Gunton and I talk about having that "aha moment" and how in that moment being enlightened can change the dynamics of your business, ultimately helping you and your business thrive. In this episode find out more about: We each have a purpose to discover and live. we each deserve to shine our light in whatever way we choose. we each deserve to...


Why Your Sales Associates Don’t Care About The Money

Why Your Sales Associates Don’t Care About The Money If you’re not familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, when it comes to the workplace, let me give you a brief run down. Yet many retailers think that as long as they pay their staff, they should be grateful for the job and work their hearts out. Watch here


How to Use Linked IN To Grow Your Retail Business - Becky Mollencamp

Today on the show we have Becky Mollencamp, and we are talking about how you can use LinkedIn how to upgrade your business. Listen here


How To Choose Which Products To Promote During the Holidays

When it comes to the holidays, there is no better time to maximise your sales and fill up your bank account. A large number of retailers do the majority of their trade during the holiday season, and for some stores, up to 70% of revenue is generated during this time. Whether the holidays are your lifeblood, or they just provide a nice little boost, making sure that you secure every possible sale is a must. So let’s talk about how you can choose the right products, in order to maximise...


How To Effectively Use PR to Sell More Products - Jen Berson

If you want to know how to use media to drive customers to your store today's guest Jen is here to tell you how to exactly do that. Listen here


5 Signs You Need Help With Your Marketing

It’s not hard to feel overwhelmed with all of the jobs you have running your retail business. Keeping all the balls in the air, whilst still having a life, can be completely exhausting. I have to admit, as much as I love working, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to business. I’m the queen of ousourcing. If I can get someone else do a job that I don’t want to, or can’t do, then I’m all for passing that job onto someone else. It frees up my time, it keeps another person employed and these...


Realising Your Potential - Jake Nawrocki

Today on the show we have Jake Nawrocki. As the founder of "Operation Self Rest", Jake believes everything we need to activate our own human potential lies within us – In the way that we think! Jake says "There is a decision we must all make and that decision requires us to change the way we think. It’s only when we actively decide to reset our thought patterns that we will ever see the desired change we want in our outcomes." Listen now as Jake helps you answer: Listen here


How To Use Video To Sell More – Jeff Kohler

Today's guest, Jeff Kohler, is a master of video. Listen as he gives you some great tips on how you can use video to market your business and products. Plus, discover some of Jeff's first-hand experience with his company Marketing Videos Club. Listen now to find out: Listen here


Easy Ways To Get Your Finances in Order – Rebecca Maher

Today's episode is all about money. You will hear from Rebecca's angle how to organize budget, money, and investments. Listen here


Unlocking Behavioral Marketing - Stan Rosenberg

What you are going to learn today: Listen here


What Happened When My Store Hit A Million Dollars - Caroline Frenette

Caroline is going to share with us today a unique coaching experience for personal brands. Listen to her story and how she moved from retailers to coaching business. We all want to reach the one goal and that is "Million Dollars", Caroline catch that, She is going to share that experience and feelings with us Listen here


Online Martketing Tips

Kate Grainger shares her online marketing tips with us. Listen and learn Kate's tips and upgrade your business. For More click here


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