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Two sisters starting to work and do life without really knowing what we're doing.




Episode 29 - Helloween

In their final episode (yes, you unfortunately read that correctly), Amanda and Lauren discuss Halloween costumes and scary movies. They are both afraid of clowns and mascots. This should surprise no one. For one final time - have a bitchin' week (and life) y'all. -The Bitches Who Do Work

Duration: 00:35:34

Episode 28 - The Girl on the Train

This week, Amanda is by herself, and she discusses her feelings about the movie adaptation of The Girl on the Train. She also wrote a book review, which you can find here: http://fangirlish.com/turning-pages-girl-train-paula-hawkins/ Twitter: @beeswhodowork Email: beeswhodowork@gmail.com Have a bitchin' week!

Duration: 00:08:55

Episode 27 - Instagram DMs are the New Texts?

This week, Amanda and Lauren delve into their experiences with social media and why it's good or bad. They also learn that the youths are using Instagram direct messages like text messages. Kids these days! Twitter: @beeswhodowork, @ClassyL0, @amandamariegh Instagram: @theperksofbeing_lo, @amandamariegh Email: beeswhodowork@gmail.com

Duration: 00:37:12

Episode 22 - Relationshipping

Lauren is on her own this week, chatting with herself about relationships and how important they are in everyone's lives. Sorry for the delay! Twitter: @beeswhodowork Email: beeswhodowork@gmail.com

Duration: 00:18:29

Episode 20 - The One Where A Dog Laid on Lauren's Computer

A short announcement episode where Lauren (and Amanda) discuss their new biweekly schedule and a dog lays on the computer. The end. Twitter: @beeswhodowork Email: beeswhodowork@gmail.com

Duration: 00:03:45

Episode 19 - Space Is Terrifying. So Are Car Washes.

In this episode, Lauren's guest is her old friend Gorman - they've known each other since they were five. They discuss their fears, some rational (like space) and some irrational (like snakes eating their legs). They also reminisce on their parents, high school, and how things have changed. Want to be a guest? Tweet at us! Twitter: @beeswhodowork Email: beeswhodowork@gmail.com Have a bitchin' week, y'all!

Duration: 00:35:58

Episode 16 - I Will Sit Through Any Awkward Situation if I Can Pet a Dog or Eat a Cookie

This week, Amanda and Lauren talk about their work weeks (including Amanda getting hit on by a hotel employee), their favorite lunches, and Parks and Recreation. Amanda is tired, punchy, and giggly, which makes for some strange comments. It's a good time! Twitter: @beeswhodowork Email: beeswhodowork@gmail.com Tumblr: beeswhodowork.tumblr.com Have a bitchin' week, y'all!

Duration: 00:55:39