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A discussion with gubernatorial candidate William O’Neill

Public affairs editor Darrel Rowland and reporter Marty Schladen speak with gubernatorial candidate Bill O’Neill on his explanation of his recent controversial Facebook post, his thoughts on the legalization of marijuana in Ohio, and his stance on football players taking a knee during the national anthem. Next we talk about how O’Neill stands out from the other democrats running for governor, explain why he didn’t drop out of the race after Crodray entered, and discuss his policy on...


Ohio congressional redistricting plan

Dispatch political reporter Jim Siegel discusses the congressional redistricting plan in Ohio, talks about the map and districts that are in place now and finally discusses the deal reached to put a bipartisan plan on the ballot to new create maps.


Interview | Richard Cordray is running for governor

Public affairs editor Darrel Rowland and reporter Marty Schladen speak with gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray on what makes him the most qualified candidate to become Ohio’s Governor. During this interview we talk about what makes the Cordray-Sutton ticket stand out to the voters in Ohio, and get his stance on the legalization of marijuana, the opioid crisis, and education specifically regarding charter schools.


A season of scandal

Dispatch Public Affairs reporter Marty Schladen interviews Joe Jaworski, grandson of former Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski. They discuss the scandal and whether it echoes down to today.


The politics of ECOT

Dispatch political reporters Jim Siegel and Cathy Candisky recap the recent news of ECOT closing and talk about where students have gone since the closure. Next we discuss what politicians are saying about the schools closure and who has financially supported ECOT in the past. Finally we mention how ECOT has wasted tax payers dollars, and talk about what can be done to recover the funding that the school is expected to pay back.


Recap of Trump’s Sate of the Union speech

Washington D.C. bureau reporters Jack Torry and Jessica Wehrman breakdown President Donald Trump’s recent State of the Union speech, and their thoughts on it. We further discuss the topics addressed in this speech and the meaning behind them. Finally we talk about the latest tax reform plan and the details of what that entails.


A discussion with Dennis Kucinich and running mate Tara Samples

Public affairs editor Darrel Rowland talks with Democrat Dennis Kucinich and his running mate Tara Samples. Dennis and Tara both explain their past career in politics so far and what qualifies them to be Governor and Lt. Governor. Also discussed is why this ticket is appealing to the people and what the first issue for his campaign is and how it deals with the environment.


An interview with Lt. Governor Mary Taylor

Public affairs editor Darrel Rowland and senior Dispatch reporter Randy Ludlow speak with Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor regarding her race for governor with running mate Nathan Estruth. Next we discuss how she is sticking firm in the governor’s race and isn’t considering a run for U.S. senate. Finally we talk about Mike DeWine and Jon Husted, the candidates that Taylor will face in the governor’s race.


Online giant ECOT faces closure

Dispatch political reporters Jim Siegel and Cathy Candisky discuss how ECOT is losing its sponsor and the possibility of the schools closure as early as next week. The Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West has informed the school that it will terminate its sponsorship contract and suspend ECOT’s operation. Finally, we talk about what will happen to ECOT’s students and the number of them who were planning to graduation this year.


Senate shocker and a marijuana mess

Public affairs editor Darrel Rowland, Dispatch reporters Randy Ludlow, and Marty Schladen talk about how Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel announced that he is dropping out of the U.S. Senate race. Next we mention that Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor won’t drop from the governor’s race but, how U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci is considering a bid for Senate. We also talk about who Mike Gibbons is and the recent news with him. Finally, we discuss how Attorney General Jeff Sessions revised a memo and what that could...


O’Neill draws fire for merging politics and court

Dispatch political reporters Randy Ludlow and Jim Siegel discuss the Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill and how the Ohio Senate won’t need to attempt to remove him from the bench. We also talk about how O’Neill is expected to announce his retirement date tomorrow to clear the way for his run for the Democratic nomination for governor. Finally, we talk about his Facebook post from a couple of weeks ago, and what the governor’s race would look like with Bill O’Neill in it.


Ohio governor races turned on head

Dispatch political reporters Randy Ludlow and Marty Schladen talk about the recent news of how Mike DeWine, Jon Husted are teaming up for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. We also discuss today’s Republican State Central Committee Meeting and the take always from it. Finally, we answer the question of if Mary Taylor could team up with Jim Renacci, and what can be expected from Richard Cordray.


Politicians behaving badly

Dispatch political reporters Randy Ludlow and Marty Schladen discuss the recent resignation of republican lawmaker Wes Goodman, and the misconduct by him in his Riffe Center office. We also talk about Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neil and his social media post that disclosed 50 lovers.


A busy time in politics

Public affairs editor Darrel Rowland, Dispatch reporters Jim Siegel, and Marty Schladen discuss how Richard Cordray has quit his federal post and is expected to run for Ohio Democratic gubernatorial nomination. Also, we discuss how Republican representative Wes Goodman was confronted with evidence of inappropriate conduct inside his Riffe Center office. Finally, we also talk about how the scheduled execution of twice-convicted killer Alva Campbell was called off on Wednesday.


What’s going on in Washington? – No. 161

Washington D.C. bureau reporters Jack Torry and Jessica Wehrman talk about the tomorrow’s election, preview the candidates and upcoming races. We also discuss Ed Gillespie and his run for Virginia governor against Ralph Northam. Next we talk about the deadly Texas church shooting that happened yesterday, and if we will see changes with the NRA and gun bills. Finally we discuss the GOP tax overhaul and the changes it’s full of.


Starting the week with a bang - No. 160

Washington D.C. bureau reporters Jack Torry and Jessica Wehrman talk about Paul Manafort, the charges against him regarding the Russian interference in the 2016 election, and how he was indicted on felony charges of conspiracy against the United States and other counts. We also discuss the possibility if Trump will fire Robert Muller. Finally we speak about the Republicans tax reform bill and what it could consist of.


What's happening in Washington - No. 159

Jack Torry and Jessica Wehrman discuss what's happening in Washington, D.C. including Rep. Pat Tiberi's departure and who might replace him (and how long it will take.) They also discuss what Ohio voters want in their Congressional delegation.


Tiberi announces resignation from Congress - No. 158

Washington D.C. reporter Jessica Wehrman discusses the recent announcement that Congressman Rep. Pat Tiberi will be resigning from Congress by the end of next January. We also talk about his statement from today and what his plans are after his departure in Congress. Finally we talk about some personal, professional issues regarding Tiberi’s departure.


Statehouse gun show – No. 157

Dispatch reporters Jim Siegel and Marty Schladen discuss the three recent gun bills, provide details and explain the ‘stand your ground’ bill, and talk about the need for proof when acting in self-defense during shooting situations.


Portman’s bill on sex trafficking – No. 156

Washington D.C. reporter Jessica Wehrman speaks with Senator Rob Portman regarding his bill to help stop sex trafficking, how he got involved in this issue, and how this is a country wide on going problem. We also talk about the Backpage website, and how it does most of the trafficking. Finally Portman discusses if he thinks this bill has a chance to pass the Senate.


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