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Tax Overhaul Path Unclear Amid Budget Chair's Expected Departure

Action on the fiscal 2018 budget resolution that is key to a tax overhaul remains uncertain as House Budget Committee Chairwoman Diane Black is expected to resign to run for governor of Tennessee, say CQ Roll Call's House leadership reporter Lindsey McPherson and budget reporter Jennifer Shutt. Leading contenders to replace Black include GOP Reps. Steve Womack of Arkansas and Bill Johnson of Ohio. Meanwhile, Reps. Rob Woodall of Georgia and Tom McClintock of California could also make the...

Duration: 00:15:25

Congress' Perfect Fall Storm

Lawmakers scurried out of Washington for the August recess but what they left undone, says CQ budget reporter Kellie Mejdrich, will not only complicate their lives politically when they return in September but test the nation’s fiscal obligations.

Duration: 00:10:23

Why the Just Passed Minibus Is Going Nowhere

Lawmakers spent a considerable amount of time last week working on and passing four security-related spending bills in a bundle — a so called minibus — that would provide money for President Trump’s border wall and pay for increased security for lawmakers. But all that effort was probably a waste of time absent a budget deal, says CQ’s appropriations reporter Ryan McCrimmon.

Duration: 00:09:20

Much to Do About a Budget With No Clear Outcome

A flurry of activity has kept lawmakers busy setting spending levels for various programs, writing a budget blueprint and talking about a tax overhaul. But plenty of obstacles could still stand in their way, say CQ’s Budget Tracker editor David Lerman and senior budget reporter Paul M. Krawzak.

Duration: 00:12:05

No Budget, No Problem

It’s back to the future for House lawmakers who are once again this year considering bundling up in an omnibus all 12 fiscal 2018 spending bills to keep the government funded beyond September, a shortcut avenue in the absence of an actual budget blueprint, say CQ appropriations reporters Kellie Mejdrich, Jennifer Shutt and Ryan McCrimmon.

Duration: 00:10:41

The Many Hurdles to a Budget Plan

The health care debate has taken up valuable time and lawmakers don’t appear to be any closer to a resolution, which means efforts to craft a fiscal 2018 budget plan before the August recess are running into an assortment of obstacles, says CQ Budget Tracker editor, David Lerman.

Duration: 00:10:01

House Republicans Ignore Trump on Budget

Even as a budget agreement remains elusive for Congress, House lawmakers have reached a couple of decisions: a significant funding boost for defense and around $511 billion for all else—largely ignoring President Donald Trump’s fiscal 2018 budget request, say’s CQ’s Budget Tracker editor David Lerman.

Duration: 00:09:39

The Budget Disconnect Within the Trump Administration

As lawmakers start to work on fiscal 2018 spending bills, some Cabinet secretaries who appear before them are doing little to defend President Donald Trump’s budget request, say CQ budget reporters Kellie Mejdrich and Paul M. Krawzak. Also, there are hints that appropriators are willing to consider giving the Pentagon even more money than what Trump is requesting.

Duration: 00:12:06

The Big Chill for Trump Budget

Lawmakers are starting to work on next fiscal year’s federal spending plan with nearly 30 hearings coming up — even though they’ve given a thumbs down to President Trump’s budget request and have no idea how much they can spend, says Budget Tracker editor David Lerman.

Duration: 00:11:37

Lawmakers Could Seek Another Funding Shortcut

Lawmakers return to the Hill this week with a slew of committee hearings on the fiscal 2018 spending bills, say CQ budget reporters Ryan McCrimmon and Jennifer Shutt. There’s just one problem:lawmakers will be working without knowing how much they can spend.

Duration: 00:11:44

Fuzzy Math in Trump Budget Obscures Size of Medicaid Cuts

The Trump administration’s first full budget request has left some lawmakers scratching their head, says CQ Budget Tracker editor David Lerman, over the math: It doesn’t add up.

Duration: 00:11:34

New Jersey’s Favored Son in Hot Water

Republican Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen could face an ethics investigation after he created problems on the job for a liberal activist, says CQ budget and appropriations reporter Ryan McCrimmon, who adds that the once unbeatable lawmaker and Appropriations Committee chairman suddenly has competition in 2018.

Duration: 00:11:16

All the Cuts in Trump’s First Full Budget

As the White House turmoil grips Washington, policymakers have been working quietly on President Donald Trump’s 2018 full budget request, which is expected May 23. CQ Roll Call’s senior budget reporter Paul M. Krawzak has details about that request, the proposed cuts in programs and how the budget will play into Trump’s long-term goal of balancing the budget.

Duration: 00:11:35

The Fiscal 2018 Budget: It’ll Be a Slog

With fiscal 2017 spending finally done, lawmakers are belatedly poised to begin working on fiscal 2018 funding, say CQ Roll Call's budget editor Jane Norman and Budget Tracker editor David Lerman. But the freshly passed House health care bill is likely to consume lawmakers’ time, further jamming up budget work, adds Lerman.

Duration: 00:07:20

The Trump Effect on Budgets, Big Bird and Rockets

President Donald Trump played a role in forcing Congress into passing a stopgap measure to keep the government funded for another week and lawmakers are bracing for his input in next year’s budget, says CQ Roll Call’s budget and appropriations reporter Jennifer Shutt. That could spell trouble for Big Bird.

Duration: 00:11:41

Here's Why Congress Is Facing an Unprecedented Budget Puzzle

An unprecedented situation is developing in Congress as lawmakers are confronted with not only finishing the fiscal 2017 budget but beginning work on a fiscal 2018 budget, says CQ’s senior budget reporter Paul M. Krawzak. But adding uncertainty to the work are the so-called reconciliation instructions attached to the 2017 budget resolution that spell out how Republicans can repeal Obamacare. At what point do these instructions expire and it's game over for an easy health care repeal?...

Duration: 00:10:18

Federal Workforce Reductions Could Hurt Veterans

The Trump administration has plans to reduce the number of government workers in the months and years ahead, says CQ Roll Call’s budget reporter Ryan McCrimmon. But those efforts could directly cost veterans in more ways than one, adds Kellie Mejdrich.

Duration: 00:09:11

Countdown to Shutdown?

CQ Roll Call’s Budget Tracker editor David Lerman makes a prediction on whether or not there will be a government shutdown at midnight on April 28, when funding runs out.

Duration: 00:07:43

Military Brass Balks at Another Stopgap Funding Measure

Military chiefs are expected to tell Congress this week that unless new funding is approved for the remainder of fiscal 2017, the armed services would have to cancel vital programs — from grounding large portions of their aircraft squadrons to calling off military training exercises, says CQ Roll Call’s defense reporter John M. Donnelly, who obtained a copy of communiques that outline the Pentagon’s worries. Continuing to fund the remainder of fiscal 2017 at last year’s level would be a...

Duration: 00:10:34

Trump Team Tight-Lipped on President’s Budget As Appropriations Begin

Lawmakers this week will start to consider where money should be spent in what appears to be a very difficult budget process, says CQ Roll Call’s appropriations reporter Kellie Mejdrich. Meanwhile, the administration sent a missive about who should discuss President Trump’s initial budget request, says Mejdrich.

Duration: 00:07:31

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