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The One Where We Get Into Porn

Episode 18: We are back this week talking about women viewing porn, how we feel about porn, what our porn names would be, a game, dragon dicks, and a few stories! After a rough St. Patrick’s Day this was a rare sober episode, but that didn’t stop us from having tons of fun! P.S.- Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review before our 25th episode to be entered into our very first giveaway! And follow us on at least one social media platform to be able to share our 25th episode announcement...


The One Where It’s Girls V. Boys

Episode 17: This week we are joined by three of our guy friends (Rachael’s husband Andy, James, and R.J.) to hear their perspective on a few sex and relationship things. Listen as we discuss what makes a blow job, that James is looking for a sugar momma, what a blumpkin is, and we play a few rounds of would you rather! P.S.- There will be a YouTube video for this episode so keep an eye out for that. Due to power outages we couldn’t record this episode until Tuesday so it’s a little late....


The One Where It’s Girls’ Night

Episode 16: This week we had a girls’ night in with our friends and family. We also did a few girls’ night out activities. Join us to hear about some fun drink, snack, and game ideas! Grab a drink and listen as we drunkenly run through our girls’ night and talk to Missy as we wind down for the night! P.S.- No YouTube video for this episode, but we did go live on Facebook and Instagram! Also check the top of our podcast page for our drink and snack recipes! Thanks for Listening, Rach...


The One With the Sex Toy Adventures

Episode 15: This week it’s all about sex toys! We took a little trip to the Lion’s Den (our local adult store) to see what was new and to buy a couple new toys. We also found a few funny sex toy reviews to share with you and of course have a couple of our own toy stories to share! Grab a friend, grab a drink, and get ready for this week’s episode! P.S.- We successfully recorded this episode so check YouTube for that video! We also did a couple of short car casts with less success, but a...


The One With the Phrases

Episode 14: Hello! In this week’s episode we had two surpise guests who joined us to talk about all the phrases or idioms we grew up hearing. You’ll hear stories about chocolate covered coffee beans and how they made a new phrase, passing the is Forrest Gump real test, Rachael moments, and more! We also play a little finish that phrase game and laugh ’til it hurts. We discuss our upcoming episodes and adventures together; join us this week in having a laugh and tell us some of your favorite...


The One Where It’s Valentine’s Day

Episode 13: This week we are talking about the day of loooove! We talk awkward Valentine’s stories and gifts, being a delicate flower that wants to be fucked hard, Rachael’s engagement story, and romantic jokes that aren’t actually romantic! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube! Subrcribe so you don’t miss new episodes and content, give us and review, and share with your friends! P.S.- Sorry for the delay! This week was a trying week. We had a crunch for...


The One Where It’s Not Me It’s You

Episode 12: It’s the break up episode! Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner we had to touch on the ugly side of things before we get all mushy and kinky next week! We had our friend Jeremy on to give us a man’s perspective and he helped to make this one an easy listen full of laughs and a little male sensitivity. Take a listen. Have a laugh, have a cry, and get ready to feel the love next week! P.S.- We are on YouTube! Jeremy’s Social Media: Twitter and Instagram-> @JRodSansy...


The One With the Myths and Misconceptions: Part 2

Episode 11.2- We have our first double drop! Here is part two of this week’s episode! Here we talk about sex in nursing homes, kinks, how fifty shades is a horrible show of BDSM, weird gyno stories, sex trivia, and as more! We laughed, we drank, we told some secrets. Catch it now! P.S.- If you haven’t caught part 1 stop now and do that first! Thanks Marissa for joining us! Thanks for Listening, Rach and Ash


The One With the Myths and Misconceptions: Part 1

Episode 11.1- This week we had our second guest! Rachael’s friend Marissa who has an education background in public health had a ton of great things to say about sex myths and misconceptions! Don’t worry there was plenty of drinking and plenty of laughs as well! We had so much fun and coverered so many things that we are bringing you this episode in two parts. Catch this one Now and look for part 2 Thursday 2/1/18. In part one we give a couple podcast shoutouts, introduce Marissa, talk...


The One With the Drunken Delve Into Disney

Episode 10: This week Rachael suprised Ashley by coming home, we got a little(or a lot) tipsy, we found out what Disney villain we are, told some Disney horror stories, played some trivia, Rachael offered her goodies to Ashley for dinner, and Ashley got an A plus for her deep throat skills! This week’s drink is white wine so grab a bottle and a buddy and get ready for some reunited ridiculousness! P.S.- You got a bonus together recording for this week and we will be recording together...


The One Where We Get Pissed Off

Episode 9: On this week’s episode we are getting angry. We talk common pet peeves, road rage, jobs, and try to find Ashley a love connection with a fellow angry person! It was a day drinking kind of day so grab a mimosa or a martini and join us in getting a little pissed… P.S. - We took a buzzfeed quiz at the beginning of the episode to see how our pet peeves measure up to the rest of the world. You can take the quiz to, the link can be found on our stuff we do on the podcast page which...


The One Where We Go Back to the 90’s

Episode 8: Let’s go back, back to the beginning( Hilary Duff fans? Anyone??) Anyway, on this epsidoe we are taking it to the 90s where we were born and we talk about our favorite things from our childhood and the decade! Everything from music to movies to crazy toys. Join us in all the feels… P.S. - Intro song: Play that Funky Music, Vanilla Ice Outro Song: Baby Got Back, Sir Mix-A-Lot Here is the quiz we took: 90’s Quiz You can find it and all of our other games and links at the top of...


The One Where We Take it All Off

Episode 7: This week we take it to the bedroom(mostly) and talk about lingerie! First time horror stories, favorites and hate its, a naughty nun story, and a quick game of would you rather! Grab a drink and a friend and let our seductive(NOT) voices envelope you! Make sure to subscribe and review, you can find us on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER , tell us your stories bumpingucast@gmail.com P.S.- Our new logo comes from the guys at Who’s Right podcast, go check them out and give them...


The One With the Goodbye(to 2017)!

Episode 6: In our year end episode we have our first guest, tell a great first blow job story, talk about how our year went via a year end questionnaire, and play Trump or Poker Player! Join us, and our noisy family, as we kiss 2017 goodbye and get ready for the New Year! Find us on FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER Send us your comments, topic suggestions, and stories bumpingucast@gmail.com P.S- There’s a bit of background noise in this one, but our family gave us a few laughs that we...


The One Where It’s Almost Christmas

Episode 5: We can’t believe five episodes have already gone by! This week we are drinking and laughing our way through Christmas MadLibs and weird Christmas traditions. Grab a friend or two and a bottle of wine (or three) and get into the Christmas spirit with us! Tell us your Christmas stories or traditions, bumingucast@gmail.com P.S. We now have a facebook, instagram, and twitter. You can find us on all of those @bumpingucast . For a little added fun Rachael live tweeted during this...


The One Wh…Oh, I Wasn’t Talking to You

That’s Right! This week we are talking about all the moments that make us cringe. Moments like talking to someone who wasn’t talking to you or laughing out loud in a silent room. Listen in to hear Rachael’s stories about pulling a stangers nipple hair and peeing outside of a strip club, and a story about Ashley’’s unstoppable head bobbing! We hope you get as many giggles out of this episode as us and would love to hear your most embarassing moments! Please send your stories, comments,...


The One Where We Take It to the Big Screen

Episode 3: On this episode it’s all about movies! We talk about current and upcoming movies, favorites and hate-its, as well as favorite actors/actresses. Join us on this episode as we talk about all the things that draw us into the big screen! P.S. After a stressful week and some technical difficulties we decided to have a drink for this episode to, so grab a drink and have one with us! Leave us your questions, comments, suggestions, and stories @ bumpingucast@gmail.com Thanks for...


The One with the Drinking

Episode 2: In this episode we talk about all things drinking: favorite drink, embarassing stories, first time being drunk, what type of drunk we are and so much more along the way. Join us in having a drink for our seond episode while we have a drink and make a podcast! P.S. : While we discuss underage drinking we do not encourage it. Leave us stories, questions, and comments @ bumpingucast@gmail.com Thanks for Listening, Rach and Ash


The One at the Beginning

Episode 1 of the Bumping Uglies podcast. This episode introduces your hosts, Ashley and Rachael, two friends in their mid-twenties. Also on this episode in honor of it being our first on this podcasting adventure we talk about some firsts in our life: first kiss, first crush, first time, etc. Join us each week as we talk about weird things that have happened in our lives, questions we have about the world we live in, and topics that are sometimes only safe for the ears of friends (and now...


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