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BurZerKer Podcast Ep.12 Looks like we got Cubbs

On today episode our dastardly duo is sadly split up, The Gally is out sick, but Davy actually fucking showed up this time, and he brought a friend. Welcome that fat piece of shit that is Chubbs! hes a fuck but hes kinda funny so I guess it's good enough.

Duration: 01:14:10

BurZerKer Podcast Ep. 11 The One Year Anniversary Episode

One year ago our dastardly duo set out on this wild adventure that is the BurZerKer Podcast! They set out to record a new episode every week....and one year later.... this is episode 11. So they kind of failed but at least they tried, that's what counts right. the answer is no it doesn't. But they're going to try again, and lets be honest the'll probably fail again but at least we can all listen and enjoy their failure.

Duration: 02:27:52

BurZerKer Podcast Ep.10 Back Again For A Second Time

Our Dastardly Duo has come back again.... Just wait will be back for a 3rd time soon.... like real soon. the next episode witch will be up soon, but don't be fooled it took like 6 months to get to it. we suck, we know.

Duration: 01:17:42

BurZerKer Podcast Ep.9 People Still Suck!

Our dastardly duo bitch about how much people suck. it's not even really that funny, but we all know they don't really care.

Duration: 01:08:07

BurZerKer Podcast Ep.8 People Are Fucking Dumb..

In this episode out dastardly duo, joined again by Davy, talk about how much people suck... among other things. Instagram: Burzerker_Pod Twitter: Burzerker_Pod

Duration: 00:53:45

BurZerKer Podcast Ep.7 Hold Shit, We're Back!!

After an obscenely long hiatus, our dastardly duo has returned!! Not much has changed of course. mostly because they both kinda suck and didn't do shit for like a month.... but I guess that's besides the point. Instagram: @Burzerker_Pod Twitter: @Burzerker_Pod

Duration: 01:14:20

BurZerKer Podcast Ep.6 It's a conspiracy I tell ya!

Our dastardly duo plus Davy. discuss some of the most true and believable conspiracy theories to ever have been conspiracyed! it's a shame really that so many people are so closed minded.

Duration: 01:24:23

BurZerKer Podcast Ep.5 THE QUIZ!!!!!

In this episode our dastardly duo barrage each other with random questions until there heads hurt! As it turns out they're both quite dumb.

Duration: 01:46:03

BurZerKer Podcast Ep. 4 Strange shit always happens in Florida

Our dastardly duo plus the ever ridiculus Davy shoot the shit about some random ass news stories (mostly taking place in the great state of Florida.)

Duration: 01:19:21

BurZerKer Podcast Ep.2 It's Literally About Nothing...

Just an random episode where our dastardly hosts, joined by the very funny Davy, talk about whatever comes to there heads.

Duration: 01:01:29

Burserker Podcast Ep.1 WestWorld!

The wild west is calling to our dastardly duo. In this episode we discuss HBOs new hit series WestWorld. At the time of this recording only 7 episodes have aired and we discuss not only the show as a whole but our theories of whats happened so far and of what is soon to come!

Duration: 00:57:19