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065 - Millie Dollar Beauty: Eat that Glitter with a Spoon! (JK. Don't. But It's Technically Digestible.)

Millie Dollar pops back on the mic with Velvet to dive deep into her new business, Millie Dollar Beauty, serving up fabulous, sparkly, biodegradable, eco-friendly glitter for all! We catch up on her life, starting the business, and why it matters.

Duration: 01:08:46

064 - BSD 2nd Podcast-iversary & #TravelingSybian Adventures!

TWO YEARS, PEOPLE!! TWO YEARS! Time flies when you're having fun... Velvet takes a look back over the last two years of podcasting, plus reports on what it's like to have a Sybian visiting for two weeks! (And gives about fifteen million shout-outs. Yay!)

Duration: 00:28:12

063 - Rosey La Rouge on the Pastie Project, Documenting Costumes, & the Secret of Life!

The Pocket-Sized Pinup herself, Rosey La Rouge, joins Velvet on this episode of the podcast Burlesque Stripped Down! The gals chat all about Rosey's Pastie Project, plus her current project of documenting the entire history of burlesque costumes, the secret of life, therapy, DIY costuming, and more.

Duration: 01:08:58

062 - Foxy Tann on Pandas and Monkeys, the Myth of Industry Saturation, & Fabulous as a State of Mind

The Fox herself joins Velvet on this episode of Burlesque Stripped Down, and the ladies chat about the Twin Titties burly scene, homogenization and saturation in the industry, bio queens, and a tangent on the new Wonder Woman movie! Not to mention, of course, lots of laughs.

Duration: 00:52:22

061 - Amber Ray on Krav Maga, Self Defense for Showgirls, and #decolonize

Veteran professional Amber Ray joins Velvet this week on Burlesque Stripped Down for a deep dive into decolonization, respect in the scene, how self defense is changing her life, and more!

Duration: 01:01:26

060 - 6 Steps to Better Burly Productivity

Ooooh you know how Velvet loves to geek out about productivity & apps & entrepreneurial strategies! This week's podcast episode goes deep into 6 steps you can take TODAY to supercharge your productivity and efficiency as a creative artist. #BetterBurly!

Duration: 00:39:34

059 - Fifi La Roux (PART 2!) on the Irish Burlesque Scene, #Queminism, and Vegetarian Burps!

In Part 2 of her interview with Velvet, Fifi La Roux dives into the current state of Irish burlesque, queminism, vegetarian burps, an Irish boylesque call, & more! Plus, stick around til the VERY end to hear Velvet butcher some Irish Gaelic words!

Duration: 00:44:59

058 - Fifi La Roux on the Joy of Failure, Aerial Arts, and Giant Balloon Dogs!

(Part 1 of a two-part interview) Fifi La Roux joins Velvet to chat about her journey from performance/circus artist to burlesquer, plus finding the joy in failure & celebrating your wins! Join us next week for talk on the Irish burlesque scene and mor

Duration: 01:05:35

057 - Season O'Sex Finale! (Plus, Art of the Teese Show Recap & Posse Intros!)

After an AMAZING few months of interviews & exploration about the intersection of burlesque and sexuality, the Season O'Sex wraps up in this finale episode. Velvet digs into her biggest SO'S takeaways, plus recaps Dita's live show & introduces the BSD Posse!

Duration: 00:33:46

056 - Zora Von Pavonine & Jon Manning on "Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe"!

This week on the Burlesque Stripped Down podcast, Velvet O'Claire is joined by two honest-to-goodness movie makers! Zora Von Pavonine and Jon Manning chat with Velvet about filmmaking, representation on stage and screen, and defining burlesque.

Duration: 01:13:12

055 - Season O'Sex: Miss Dee Twenty on Charity Fundraising Shows, Friend Crushes, & Victory Burgers!

As the Season O'Sex winds down, Vancouver's Miss Dee Twenty joins Velvet for a chat all about nerdy names, fundraising for intersectional feminist charities, friend crushes, balancing burly life with muggle life, half & half acts, victory burgers, & more!

Duration: 01:21:27

054 - Season O'Sex: Dr. Liz on Solo Poly, Activism, and Sex with Michelle Obama!

She's a DOCTOR, folks, you have to listen to her!! Dr. Liz Powell joins Velvet on this week's episode of the Season O'Sex on Burlesque Stripped Down, and the gals chat everything from solo poly to sex as empowered activism to AUTHENTIC dirty talk - & more!

Duration: 01:15:43

053 - Season O'Sex: Sinclair Sexsmith on Embodiment, Health as a Spiritual Practice, and Chief Bogo

We're rocking & rolling in the Season O'Sex with this week's guest, Sinclair Sexsmith! Sinclair joins Velvet for a deep dive into being a seeker, authority exchange relationships, health as a spiritual practice, & getting back in touch with one's body!

Duration: 01:06:34

052 - Season O'Sex: Tyomi Morgan on Creating Your Own Lane, Flow, & Flooding the Internet

The Glamazon herself, Tyomi Morgan, joins Velvet on the Season O'Sex to chat #tittytuesdays and social media, bridging the gap between being a personal sexual being and an artistic sexual being, and gratitude through movement and sexual energy.

Duration: 01:11:41

051 - Season O'Sex: The Gender Unicorn

Burlesque Stripped Down's Season O'Sex continues with a chat about the Trans Student Educational Resources' Gender Unicorn!! Be sure to check out the show notes page for example Unicorns and to submit yours for the BSD Gender Celebration Gallery!

Duration: 00:18:33

050 - Season O'Sex: Shayla D Tumbling on Empowerment, Masculine/Feminine Energies, and Cuddling!

Sexuality empowerment mentor and professional cuddler Shayla D. Tumbling joins Velvet to chat about healing from generational cultural trauma, balancing masculine and feminine energies, and her cuddling business!

Duration: 01:03:35

049 - Season O'Sex: Virginia Dare Me on Burlesque's Role in the Framework of Trauma Healing

Continuing the Season O'Sex on Burlesque Stripped Down, Virginia Dare Me joins Velvet to talk about her journey in recovery and discovery through her music and burlesque careers. Plus, the importance of both communication and booty-shaking!

Duration: 01:09:03

048 - Season O'Sex: Vote NO on Prop 60!

Andre Shakti joins Velvet to discuss the fight against Proposition 60, a California measure that has the potential to do a tremendous amount of damage to the porn industry in CA, put thousands of workers out of a job, & set a dangerous precedent. #NoProp60

Duration: 00:55:40

047 - Happy 1st Birthday, BSD!!!

Weeeee Burlesque Stripped Down is ONE YEAR OLD!! Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us! Velvet celebrates by sharing her 9 biggest lessons learned over the last year and her 6 major BSD goals for the next 365 days.

Duration: 00:52:22

046 - Season O'Sex: Hana Li on Asexuality and Burlesque!

Happy Asexual Awareness Week! Asexuality? Burlesque? Hell yeah! Hana Li joins Velvet this week to talk about how her grey-asexuality factors in (or doesn't) to her work as a burlesque performer... plus a little extreme sports chat and an AFOG or 2!

Duration: 00:37:17

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