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All New Podcast/Video Series – Co-hosted by Scott Duffy and Alan Taylor, the show travels across the United States in search of delectable burgers and business guidance so tasty, it'll make your mouth water. Business, sports, celebrities, and food collide in a fun, interview-style format where noteworthy guests share the secret sauce needed to build prosperous, game-changing companies. As two guys that know how to follow their nose when it comes to commerce and food, Scott and Alan break convention, ditching the stuffy recording studio. Instead, they'll frequent the hottest restaurants, brew houses, and gastro pubs while interviewing guests over drool-worthy grub. Are you ready for candid, uncensored business advice that's second-to-none? It's time to take a bite out of business!






Slider: David Corbin on the Power of Illumination and Brand Integrity

Do you avoid your mistakes? Do they make you feel ashamed, or embarrassed? Well it's time to face it, follow it, and fix it. Performance Technology Group's David Corbin explains why illuminating your mistakes and challenges is much more effective than hiding from them. To underscore this point, did you know that 70% of Americans don't know what they are having for dinner by 4:30 PM? Dave explains how he used this information during his time as the 'Chief Illumination Officer' of a large...

Duration: 00:07:39

Grow, Adapt, Pivot: Rachael Herrscher and the Power of Social Media

Did you know more women own businesses in Salt Lake City than anywhere else? Salt Lake City, or 'Silicone Slopes', is a gender equal, tech-focused city, where and Founder, Rachael Herrscher, began her entrepreneurial journey. Rachael describes how pivoting from a traditional print business to an online model helped her survive the 2008 economic crisis. We get some tips on how to build an online presence and avoid certain pitfalls in a world where everyone is...

Duration: 00:12:47

Building Strong Relationships: Skipio’s Nick Greer & Randy Garn

Skipio CEO, Nick Greer, and CMO, Randy Garn, explain how keeping a positive, open company atmosphere and holding 15 minute power meetings are keys to helping your employees grow just as much as your business. Randy stresses the importance of creating a learning environment that teaches employees to innovate, bringing new ideation to your company. We recognize the undeniable clout of face-to-face networking as we try a popular sandwich from Black's Sliders. Though technically not a burger,...

Duration: 00:13:39

Notre Dame Football Legend Rudy Ruettiger Conquers Odds & Hearts #RudyMovie

Football legend and motivational speaker, Rudy Ruettiger is an all-American hero whose story captured the hearts of millions in the 1993 Hollywood blockbuster, Rudy. How did he persevere through cumbersome dyslexia, bad grades, and disadvantageous stature to become a star player on Notre Dame's football team? Rudy shares how having a dream, what he calls 'the edge', sheer determination, and asking “why not” in the face of his critics got him where he is today. As we sink our teeth into the...

Duration: 00:16:13

Daymond John and the New Carl’s Jr. Baby Back Rib Burger

Shark investor, brand consultant, motivational speaker, and author, Daymond John took the retail world by storm after launching FUBU with only $40 in start-up capital. This rags-to-riches journey wasn’t an overnight success story; Daymond persevered through a multitude of growing pains as he scaled his urban sportswear brand to a veritable fashion juggernaut. Never one to shy away from a new challenge, Daymond has invested in Bubba’s Boneless Ribs, a catering business featuring...

Duration: 00:16:57

The Bluefish’s Steve Sims Goes from Bouncer to Modern Day Wizard of Oz

From a journey to the International Space Station, to partying at the Oscars with Sir Elton John; luxury and adventure concierge service, The Bluefish, makes dreams come true for VIP clients. We sit down with the modern day Wizard of Oz and founder of The Bluefish, Steve Sims, at the historic Barney’s Beanery in Los Angeles. Steve started his career as a doorman arranging extravagant, bank-sponsored parties for affluent guests. The East London Irishman and master connector began monetizing...

Duration: 00:16:24

SLIDER: Top Tips to Rocket to Social Media Stardom with Kolby Kolibas

It’s time for a bite-sized piece of business wisdom! Welcome to the first edition of Business & Burgers Sliders with the Co-Founder of Simple Money Methods and Founder and CEO of The Healthy Primate, Kolby Kolibas. As we chomp on a delectable Silk Road Spicy Shrimp starter at the Westgate Resort Edge Steakhouse, we find out that Kolby leveraged short viral videos on social media to grow his online following from zero to over 1-million in less than a year. Wow! From coming up with striking...

Duration: 00:07:47

Learning from the Best with Greg Reid from Millionaire Mentor, Inc.

Everyone wants to know how to achieve success, but not many people actively seek out those who have obtained it. Greg Reid, author of over 50 books, does. Greg has made it his life’s mission to help others succeed and find their purpose in the world. He is also the creator of Secret Knock, an exclusive event that brings together top achievers to share their wisdom. At the legendary Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood, California, Greg shares with Scott and Alan the number one thing that...

Duration: 00:14:48

Survivorman Les Stroud Attracts Audience with Authenticity

On the last episode with Les Stroud, Scott and Alan learned some excellent business advice from the creator of Survivorman. This time, they’ll focus on the importance of technology and knowing how to use it to your benefit. Les explains that social media is just the digital version of a billboard - Knowing what you want the world to see and where to project your message is key to draw in a crowd. In order to keep your audience, however, content is king and authenticity is crucial. Learn more.

Duration: 00:14:53

Thrive in a Competitive Marketplace with Survivorman, Les Stroud

Calling all entrepreneurs out there – do you feel like you’re living in “survival-mode”? Documentary filmmaker, musician, entrepreneur, and host of Survivorman, Les Stroud, joins Scott and Alan at Climate City Brewing in Grants Pass, Oregon for two burgerlicious wonders; the Lambo Burger with Pommes Frites and Wagyu Burger with Cajun Tots. How did the rock n’ roller/outdoor adventurer achieve such acclaim and notoriety? Les identified his “base mission” early on – He wanted to connect...

Duration: 00:17:39

Scott Schwab’s Revolutionary Education Transformation

Education hasn’t changed much in the last 100 years. Students sit at desks, listen to teachers lecture, copy down notes from the board – but does this still work? Scott Schwab says it doesn’t, and his mission is to change education as we know it....

Duration: 00:15:41

Empowering Stay-At-Home Moms with Cents of Style CEO, Courtney Brown

What started as a hobby quickly grew into a multi-million dollar online business when Courtney Brown, CEO of Cents of Style, decided to harness the power of the stay-at-home mom. Courtney has found a way to break out of the traditional 9-5 business model without sacrificing growth - for the past 3 years the company has grown 200-300%! How does a company of 32 employees, most of whom are stay-at-home moms, achieve this kind of success? While devouring a side of tachos (tater-tot nachos)...

Duration: 00:17:24

Conquering Fear with Jeff Gogue from Off the Map Tattoo

No one is born knowing how to dance, or draw, or run a business. All skill is acquired and, with enough diligence, mastered. World-renowned tattoo artist, Jeff Gogue, spent years searching for his niche before stumbling upon tattooing. An ambitious and hard-working soul from age 13 on, Jeff grew up feeling that limitations had been placed on him due to his circumstances, and he yearned to escape those bonds. From selling t-shirts, to trying his hand at fine art, Jeff searched for that one...

Duration: 00:14:41

Creating a New Real Estate Culture with Sam Khorramian and Oliver Graf

After years of honing their craft as master salesmen, Sam Khorramian and Oliver Graf have turned the business of real estate on its head by introducing a brokerage that not only lets agents keep 100% of their commission, but also provides 24/7 support. At Big Block Realty, the agents are the customers, and the customers are treated like family. Clearly, this all-new business model is working! Big Block Realty has been named San Diego’s Best Real Estate Brokerage four years running, and...

Duration: 00:16:14

Importing Brilliant Business Advice with UGG Founder, Brian Smith

From selling merch out of his van on the sunny shores of Southern California, to creating a billion dollar international fashion brand, UGG Founder, Brian Smith, embarked on a long road to reimagine advertising and intuitively reach savvy consumers. This crazy Aussie came to the west coast in search of the next big business opportunity to take back home. Instead, he discovered a missing staple of surf culture, sheepskin boots, and pivoted his business model to imported goods. As we now...

Duration: 00:14:25

Mitch Thrower of Shares Mega Earning Potential Formula

After fracturing both knees and needing multiple leg surgeries, 22x Ironman triathlete and businessman, Mitch Thrower, used his passion for athletics to propel his entrepreneurial journey. He created and sold Triathlete Magazine before launching, a powerful software as a service (SaaS) platform with intuitive tools to take the stress out of event planning and boost profit margins. In between happy chomps of Grub Burger Bar’s Jive Turkey and Guacapotle burgers, we tackle a wide...

Duration: 00:16:19

Jim Brisimitzis and What Microsoft Can Do For Your Startup

We’re back at Quinn’s Pub for another round of Seattle’s most unique burgers. Chef Scott whips up a Korean version of Quinn’s Signature Burger, and joining to help us devour this ginger-infused delight is Jim Brisimitzis, General Manager of the Microsoft Startup Program. He and his team work on finding a better way for Microsoft customers to deploy cloud solutions for their business. Microsoft offers tools for entrepreneurs with BizSpark, which gives access to a cloud based software for...

Duration: 00:12:43

Harness Technology to Become a Mobile Mogul with Aaron Scott Young

For many entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get locked into a startup state of mind (and the instability that goes with it). It’s time to break those tethers, friends! Outsourced Chief Strategy Officer and lifelong entrepreneur, Aaron Scott Young, lays out his recipe to build a business that works hard for you so that you aren’t a slave to the daily grind. Tune in for a veritable how-to guide on conquering challenging and often unpredictable obstacles, measuring performance to boost productivity,...

Duration: 00:06:41

Chris Stoikos, Shaping the Beard Culture and Growing Your Passion

For serial entrepreneur Chris Stoikos, a robust beard it a metaphor for life. His holistic business philosophy permeates the corporate culture of Dollar Beard Club, emphasizing personal growth and health for all team members. Consumers seem to be attuned to the refreshingly raw ideology of the enthusiastic and efficacious millennial. Chris instinctually led the Dollar Beard Club to $14-million in revenue in just 14 months with only nine people on staff. We mow down on some ultra-rare PONO...

Duration: 00:06:25

Finding Your Core Message with The Draw Shop Co-Founder, Summer Felix

Summer Felix has been in Internet marketing “since Internet happened.” She is an expert at taking what a brand does, honing it into a clear and concise core message, and relaying that core message in a way that resonates with her target audience. Summer’s expertise culminated in her co-founding The Draw Shop, a company that crafts easy to understand whiteboard animation videos that have gone viral one after another. Summer joins us at Hodad’s in Ocean Beach, California for bacon...

Duration: 00:04:58

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