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Digital Transformation With Frank Wammes & Johan Hallberg

Join Frank Wammes, CTO, Continental Europe, Capgemini ( ) and Johan Hallberg, CTO, Digital Customer Experience ( as they discuss about #DigitalTransformation and #Innovation


Unlocking The Business Value of IoT In Operations With Jerome Buvat

Join Jerome Buvat, Global Head of Research, and Head of the Digital Transformation Institute, Capgemini ( as he provides a sneak peek into the upcoming report on #IoT use cases


Cybersecurity Talent Gap - The big gap in digital talent

There are many dimensions to effective cyber-risk management and protection—but one of the biggest problems is simply the lack of talent. Those companies which are able to attract and retain cybersecurity talent will be much more successful in managing digital risk and profiting from the digital opportunity. Our latest research presents 8 recommendations for talent acquisition and retention. Featured speakers: Marisa Slater, Mike Turner Download the report:...


How can organizations protect data and be GDPR-compliant?

Enza Iannopollo is an Analyst at Forrester who sits down with Jane, Chief Information Security Officer to talk about what organizations can do to protect their data for complying with the General Data Protection Regulations.


Digital Transformation Review Eleventh Edition: Artificial Intelligence Decoded

As Artificial Intelligence moves from the research lab to the mainstream, a fog of anxiety and ill-informed opinion is obscuring the risks and opportunities of #AI. To cut through the fog, The Digital Transformation Institute spoke to a wide-ranging array of industry leaders and experts ranging from executives in global corporations to tech startups to academics, venture capitalists, and technology vendors. Join Jerome Buvat, Global Head of Research, and Head of the Digital Transformation...


Digital Culture & Innovation: Catch Johan Hallberg Live At CIO Trend 2018 From IDG

Digital culture and tech tools needs to work as a team! But how? Join Frank Wammes, CTO, Continental Europe, Capgemini (( ) and Johan Hallberg, CTO, Digital Customer Experience as they share insights on #DigitalCulture and #Innovation and set ground for Johan’s upcoming speech on CIO Trend 2018 from IDG on the 22nd of February. Follow Johan Hallberg on Twitter: ( to watch the live stream of his speech at CIO Trend 2018.


Beyond the Buzz: Blockchain in Chemicals and Life Sciences Industry

Blockchain is the latest technology that everyone has been talking about. Blockchain has more to it than bitcoins, and in this podcast our experts Markus Jabs, Marcel Mueller, and Vanessa Pauling discuss how this technology can be used for the Chemicals and Life Sciences sectors. To know more, visit…ciences-industry


Beyond the Buzz: Digitalization of Chemicals and Life Sciences

What are the opportunities digitization can bring to the Chemicals and Life Sciences sectors? What is a Digital Lab? Hear from our experts Marcel Mueller and Vanessa Pauling as they tackle some of these questions. To know more, visit


GDPR Compliance: The essential role of a CISO and DPO

Achieving compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is a long journey for any organization, which requires strong collaboration and teamwork. Jane, a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) spoke to Sarah Taieb, Global Data Protection Officer (DPO), Ipsen Group about the essential role of a DPO, and how a CISO and a DPO must collaborate. To know more, visit


CES 2018: Automotive Insights and Predictions following the Event

Automotive experts Nick Gill, Jerome Coignard, and Petri Talala recap some of the highlights of the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show relative to mobility for the Automotive industry and share their insights and predictions for the year ahead. To know more, visit


Glad I Didn’t Follow My Dreams

Two young Capgemini leaders share their perspective on two diverse topics in this podcast. Bruce Miranda, now a Director at Capgemini, always dreamt of becoming a pilot in his growing up years. Destiny, however, had some different plans in store for him. Frank Roche, Oracle Technical Lead, Capgemini UK attended the Oracle OpenWorld Conference 17 (OOW17) and wrapped up all the action that he witnessed at the Californian venue. Listen in to Bruce’s intriguing story about why he’s glad for...


The Digital Talent Gap: Challenges With Digital Talent

More than 29% employees believe that their skill set is redundant now or will be in the next two years. Our joint research with LinkedIn shows that the digital talent gap is widening. Join Gagandeep Gadri (, Vice President, Customer Experience & Analytics, UK, Capgemini and Johan Hallberg (, CTO DCX Sweden and Principal Enterprise Architect, Innovation and Emerging Technologies, Capgemini as they discuss...


Contract Automation Mapping Technology solutions

In this podcast, Craig Conte - Head of Contract Compliance and optimization (CCO) at Capgemini and Krzysztof Kwiatek - Tools and technology manager for CCO at Capgemini engage in an interesting conversation with, Tim Cummins - CEO of IACCM and Sally Hughes - COO of IACCM, to discuss a joint report titled ‘Contract Automation Mapping Technology solutions’ that Capgemini and IACCM are working on. This report which will be released in early 2018 aims to cut through a lot of buzz words that...


Open Data Maturity in Europe

Open Data i.e., information collected, produced or paid for by public bodies which is freely available for anybody to reuse. There is massive potential for this data to be used in a variety of sectors from improving accessibility to providing better public facilities to more transparent government processes. Capgemini is working on a report commissioned by the European Union to measure the progress of EU countries in implementing Open Data initiatives. Listen to our experts Wendy Carrara...


Cloud Choice Podcast 5 - learning from Cloud Native Leaders

In the fifth episode of the Cloud Choice podcast, Rene Claudio and Dan O’Riordan discuss how some of the best are using Cloud Native. This week’s show includes an interview with Adrian Cockroft, VP Cloud Architecture Strategy at AWS, to discuss the move to cloud native. Dan & Rene will also chat about their experiences working with some of the top companies and the best methods for cloud native adoption. For the full Capgemini Cloud Native report, the blog series and previous podcasts,...


The Digital Talent Gap – Are companies doing enough?

A Capgemini and LinkedIn joint research report shows that the digital gap is widening. The challenge of the digital talent gap is no longer just an HR issue; it is an organization-wide phenomenon that affects all areas of the business. Join Frank Wammes (, CTO, Continental Europe, Capgemini and Will Peachey (, Group Supply Chain Officer, Capgemini as they share insights on how to bridge the gap with the right digital skills...


Transforming the Public Sector with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a transformational innovation that has gained a lot of traction over the past year. With the confluence of other technological innovations such as Cloud Computing, IoT, increased computing power and AI chips as well as the availability of more and more data, AI is now poised to deliver incredible value. More value in terms of new and better products and services, economic growth or increased efficiency and effectiveness in performing tasks. AI also promises to...


Beyond The Buzz: How we work (Part 2)

Technology is changing the way we work, one update at a time. Join Frank Wammes (, CTO, Continental Europe, Capgemini and Will Peachey (, Group Supply Chain Officer, Capgemini as they share their insights on why is it so important to bridge the generation gap between millennials and experienced individuals working in an organization to drive productivity in the workplace. Read more on:...


Artificial Intelligence – Where and How to Invest

Organizations deploying artificial intelligence are creating jobs and increasing sales. The latest report from our Digital Transformation Institute counters fears that AI will cause massive job losses in the short term. 83% of firms surveyed say that AI has generated new roles in their organizations. Join Ron Tolido (, Christopher Stancombe (,) Amol Khadikar ( and Subrahmanyam KVJ...


CWIN17: Fun

The 8th edition of our global business and technology event, Capgemini Week of Innovation Networks 2017 (#CWIN17) was held in 20 cities from Sept 25 - 29, 2017. The event brought together leaders and experts from startups, Partners, and Clients to talk about the latest technology trends. In this podcast, our guests talk about 'Fun' and how CWIN17 created an atmosphere of innovation,business, and networking. • Lanny Cohen, Group Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Capgemini...


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