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Butler on Business 2014.09.16

Alan discusses current events. Todd weighs in on the FOMC meeting. Ed Klein talks about the incompetence of President Obama. Barry Goldwater Jr talks about his legendary father as well as the current state of the GOP. The show ends with Duff McDonald and his book about the McKinsey Company.

Butler on Business 2014.09.15

Alan discusses the upcoming FOMC meeting this week. Todd talks about the current trading range. John Rutherford discusses the emerging police state. Veronica de Rugy discusses the elimination of the debt ceiling. The show ends with David Eicher of Astronomy Magazine.

Butler on Business 2014.09.12

Today's guests are fellow talk show host Dan Cofall, geologist Mickey Fulp, Money and Markets Mike Larson, and Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin.

Butler on Business 2014.09.11

Alan notes the anniversary of September 11th. Todd believes a market top may be in. Ileana Johnson discusses a GAO report on the cost of global warming. Dan Holler talks about the return of Congress after the August break. The show ends with John Rubino, author of the Money Bubble.

Butler on Business 2014.09.09

Today's show starts with Bubba. Dr. Walter Block discusses privatizing the interstate system. David Morgan follows up on the precious metals. Dr. Mark Thornton talks about the jobs report.

Butler on Business 2014.09.10

Alan covers current events. Todd discusses the roller coaster stock market. Ken Shortgren talks about the ECB. Andrew O Smith describes the impediments to manufacturing companies caused by the Federal government. Robert Mazur describes the dirty banks that launder money for the Mexican drug cartels.

Butler on Business 2014.09.08

Today's guests include Grace-Marie Turner on the upcoming impact Obamacare will have on the average American. Jon O'Donnell discusses the economy as does Dr. Mark Thornton of the Mises Institute. David Morgan talks about the silver market.

Butler on Business 2014.09.05

This show starts with Andy Hoffman of Mile Franklin. Other guests include Carl Nordgren and John Popolla.

Butler on Business 2014.09.04

John Rubino of the DollarCollapse.com opens the show. Mickey Fulp, our geologists talks about volcanoes. Mike Larson reacts to policy announcements from the ECB. The show ends with Steve Simpson of the Ayn Rand Institute and a discussion about recent court rulings.

Butler on Business 2014.09.03

Alan talks about the student loan bubble. Andrew Huszar describes the mechanics behind QE. Ileana Johnson talks about the latest issues surrendering UN Agenda 21. Wayne Allen Root discusses his current and upcoming books.

Butler on Business 2014.09.02

Alan covers a few current events. Todd discusses the markets. Tom Essaye talks about the Fed's monetary policy. Charles Goyette talks about foreign policy issues. The show ends with Terry Freidmann on the topic of reincarnation.

Butler on Business 2014.08.28

Alan discusses some current events. Todd talks about the bail out of Goldman Sachs. Mike Larson talks about the bond and real estate markets. Rituparna Basu describes a new drug for hepatitis C and flack that it is receiving because of its high price. The show ends with Andy Hoffman and the telltale sign that the end game may be near for the worlds central banks.

Butler on Business 2014.08.27

Alan covers current events. Todd vents about the Fed. Ileana Johnson discusses the latest from the climate change crowd. Dan Holler discusses the legislative agenda. John Rubino and Alan discuss a number of things.

Butler on Business 2014.08.26

Alan talks about the central banks. Todd speaks to us from the back of a limousine. Tom Essaye joins us while in Florida on vacation. Charles Goyette and Alan talk about U.S. foreign policy. The show ends with Ralph Benko and a conversation about the night Nixon closed the international gold window.

Butler on Business 2014.08.25

Alan covers an aspect of the Jackson Hole conference not covered by the main stream. Todd discusses the new all time high on the S&P. Alan covers a variety of topics. The show ends with Mark Thornton and a wide ranging conversation.

Butler on Business 2014.08.21

Alan covers the latest economic reports. Todd discusses the lack of volume. Alan talks about the sleep market. Mike Larson discusses the bond and real estate markets, Jackson Hole and Fed monetary policy. Terry Bird describes the likely causes for the wave of young immigrants streaming across our borders. Andy Hoffman discusses the global economy.

Butler on Business 2014.08.20

Alan starts today's show drawing a comparison between President Obama and Mitt Romney. Todd talks about Jackson Hole. Ileana Johnson discusses Ferguson, Mo. The show ends with John Rubino, author of the Money Bubble.

Butler on Business 2014.08.19

Alan talks about Ferguson, Mo. Todd talks about the market. Tom Essaye discusses the global economy. Charles Goyette and Alan talk about Nixon and the end of the gold standard. The show ends with Wynn Free.

Butler on Business 2014.08.18

Today's show starts with Ken Shortgen of the Daily Economist and a discussion about the global economy. Todd encourages traders to move to the sidelines. David Morgan calls in from a coffee shop in Washington State to talk about the silver market. The show ends with Dr. Mark Thornton of the Mises Institute and a conversation about the decline in entrepreneurial startups.

Butler on Business 2014.08.15

Alan observes the anniversary of Nixon closing the international gold window. Todd discusses the light trading volume. Jimbo and Alan talk about FEMA and the American police state. Carl Nordgren talks about entrepreneurship. John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute describes recent incidents involving police state.
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