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Buzz Beat Ep. 39: Opening Week Thoughts

In Episode 39 of Buzz Beat, Richie and Brian discuss a few topics heading into the 2017-18 season. The conversation starts with the performances of Charlotte's rookies, Monk and Bacon and then shifts to the pairing of Dwight and Cody. The duo debate the likelihood that pairing gets court-time and what advantages it can create. They also throw out intriguing end of game lineups. To end the episode, Buzz Beat brings on David Fernandez of Inside the Cylinder to discuss the Pistons and the...

Duration: 01:19:07

Buzz Beat Ep. 38: Batum's Injury Impact

In the 38th episode of Buzz Beat, Spencer, Richie and Brian talk about Nic Batum's injury to his UCL. They debate whether rehab or surgery is the correct route. How much will Batum be missed, how will this impact the starting lineup, and the bench rotation? Listen to the Buzz Beat on iTunes Listen to the Almighty Baller Network on iTunes Promotional Intro Music: DK If you want your voice to be heard on the show, call our voicemail: (980) 999-0678 Sports Channel 8: North Carolina’s #1...

Duration: 00:40:35

Buzz Beat Ep. 37: Training Camp and Open Practice

In Episode 37 of Buzz Beat, Spencer, Richie and Brian focus on Kemba and Kaminsky's performances from last season. They debate whether Kemba can even sustain his 40% from deep and if Frank is worth the headache on the defensive end. The trio also discuss snippets from Training Camp and Media Day, in addition to answering your Twitter questions. Richie and Brian had the opportunity to throw a couple of questions Clifford's way during the Hornets Open Practice on Saturday, September 30....

Duration: 01:26:48

Buzz Beat Ep. 36: Unlocking a New Dimension with MKG and DH12

In Episode 36 of Buzz Beat, Spencer, Richie and Brian discuss the injury to MCW and how that will affect the rotational minutes. With Monk's status for the beginning of the season also in question, this conversation needed to be had. The three also discuss Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and what he can offer this year with Dwight Howard. Could we see a change in philosophy from Coach Clifford? Also discussed in this installment is NBA Lottery reform and the reveal of the pinstripe...

Duration: 01:07:41

Buzz Beat Ep. 35: Betting on the Hornets

In Episode 35 of Buzz Beat, Spencer, Richie and Brian discuss both Marvin Williams and Jeremy Lamb and their prospects for the upcomng season. The conversation then shifts the the Over/Under win total from the Eastern Conference teams. To wrap it up, the crew take a quick look at NBA 2K's Charlotte All-Time Team. Were there any misses from 2K? Listen to the Buzz Beat on iTunes Listen to the Almighty Baller Network on iTunes Intro/Outro Music: Mike Stud If you want your voice to be...

Duration: 01:16:09

Buzz Beat Ep. 34: Schedule Set In Stone

For the 34th installment of Buzz Beat, we bring you a two-part episode. In ‘Part 1,’ Brian, Richie, and Spencer discuss the signing of Julyan Stone as the third point guard, breakdown the schedule, and Clifford’s thoughts on Monk and Howard. Listen for our thoughts on Stone’s play style, what might happen to Dwight if the season goes awry, and ...

Duration: 01:39:12

Buzz Beat Ep. 33: New Season, “New” Unis

In the 33rd episode, Spencer, Richie, and Brian breakdown several Hornets-realted topics in the dead of the NBA offseason. The crew looks at some of the recent transactions — waiving of Briante Weber, signing of Marcus Paige, and keeping O’Bryant on the roster for the upcoming season. With the third point guard spot still up in the air, the trio ...

Duration: 01:07:17

Buzz Beat Ep. 32: MCW & Orlando Summer League

Buzz Beat Ep. 32: MCW & Orlando Summer League Buzz BeatBuzz Beat Ep. 32: MCW & Orlando Summer LeagueBuzz BeatThe trio share their thoughts on the most recent acquisition of Michael Carter-Williams as the Hornets’ 2nd point guard. Spencer and Brian try to pump up the signing while Richie shares his skepticism. The crew also run down the top contributors — ...

Duration: 00:53:26

Buzz Beat Ep. 31: Free Agency Primer with Chris Kroeger

Spencer, Richie, and Brian are joined by WFNZ’s Primetime host, Chris Kroeger. We recap the crazy week that included the trade for Dwight Howard and the draft where Charlotte landed Malik Monk and Dwayne Bacon. We also prep for NBA’s Free Agency period by tossing around possible free agents that are realistic options for the Hornets. Topic Overview: Dwight’s Impact Dynamics ...

Duration: 01:05:21

Buzz Beat Ep. 30: Dwight Howard is a Charlotte Hornet

EMERGENCY POD: We discuss the Dwight Howard trade that just occurred — two days before the draft. Atlanta sends Dwight Howard, 31st Overall Charlotte sends Marco Belinelli, Miles Plume, and 41st Overall Be sure to check out our live draft show Thursday, June 22nd on Periscope. Listen to the Buzz Beat on iTunes Listen to the Almighty Baller Network on ...

Duration: 00:21:58

Buzz Beat Ep. 29: Final Draft Thoughts with Brian Geisinger

Spencer and Richie are joined by recurring guest and stat-guru, Brian Geisinger of ACCSports and Sports Channel 8. This is the final pre-draft episode where we give our thoughts on what direction the Hornets will take come Thursday. We discuss the possibility of trading up vs. trading back vs. staying put. We also tier the prospects in the lottery and debate ...

Duration: 01:02:41

Buzz Beat Ep. 28: The Mitchell, Kennard, and Collins Show with Cole Zwicker - Buzz Beat

Spencer and Richie are joined by another Almighty Baller member, Cole Zwicker. Cole hosts his own NBA Draft podcast on the network, What’s On Draft?. We discuss three prospects that have been closely linked to the Charlotte Hornets in Luke Kennard, Zach Collins, and Donovan Mitchell. Cole tells us his preference for who the Hornets should select. We also debate ...

Duration: 00:59:01

Buzz Beat Ep. 27: Draft Risers and Fallers with Sean Derenthal - Buzz Beat

Spencer and Richie are joined by a fellow Almighty Baller-ite, Sean Derenthal. Sean hosts his own NBA Draft podcast on the network, Ode to Oden. We get a chance to pick his brain on several prospects in Charlotte’s range but also some that may slip...

Duration: 01:02:14

Buzz Beat Ep. 26: Catching Up on Hornets’ News

You only get Richie, one half of the show, in this abbreviated episode of Buzz Beat. He shares his thoughts on Charlotte being awarded the 2019 All-Star Game, Kemba’s third knee procedure, and MKG’s new shooting coach. He also answers your Twitter questions and possibly gushes about...

Duration: 00:39:59

Buzz Beat Ep. 25: The Combine, Lottery, and Prospects with Brian Geisinger

Spencer and Richie are joined by recurring guest, Brian Geisinger of ACC Sports and Sports Channel 8. In this week’s episode, the Buzz Beat crew give their stance on the NBA Combine and its importance. They also brainstorm what needs to be done to get the big...

Duration: 01:18:51

Buzz Beat Ep. 24: Playing Pickup with Oliver Maroney

The Buzz Beat crew are joined by DIME Magazine contributor, Oliver Maroney, to examine two of his articles. The discussion begins with Oliver’s “unofficial” guide to pickup basketball. The three consider which rules are the most important to uphold, which ones are unfamiliar, and if any rules can be added...

Duration: 01:08:21

Buzz Beat Ep. 23: True Free Agent Hoopers with Brett Hainline

With the recent news concerning the True Hoop Network, we thought it was appropriate to bring on founder of Queen City Hoops, the Charlotte Hornets True Hoop affiliate, Brett Hainline. He tells the story of how “QCH” came to be, how the site partnered with the...

Duration: 00:59:19

Buzz Beat Ep. 22: Fixing the Hornets — All the Pieces Matter

The Buzz Beat crew brings on Brian Geisinger for the third time to discuss the upcoming offseason and NBA Draft. Spencer, Richie, and Brian put themselves in the shoes of Rich Cho and map out their plan of attack for the summer. The discussion moves to...

Duration: 00:59:00

Buzz Beat Ep. 21: End of Season Review with @MullensMafia

In the latest episode, Buzz Beat Radio brings on Frank Berndt (@MullensMafia) to reflect on the Hornets’ season. The discussion begins with an evaluation of the young players, Treveon Graham and Christian Wood, and what future they have in Charlotte. As Rich Cho’s option was...

Duration: 01:02:59

Buzz Beat Ep. 20: Hornets’ Playoff Hopes Dashed

The Hornets are officially out of the playoffs with their loss to the Boston Celtics. Richie and Spencer breakdown the past three losses to the Wizards, Heat, and Celtics. They discuss the highlights of those games but focus mainly on what’s been causing Charlotte issues...

Duration: 00:59:43

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