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Episode 5: Making Her Markle

IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Meghan Markle & Prince Harry have been photographed together. In episode 5, Ali & Gina break down the events leading up to photo that broke the internet (for fellow Royal Fam-atics) and try to make sense of Meghan & Harry as a couple, as well as Meghan's lifestyle blog, the Tig. They also discuss episode 4 of "The Crown" and the recent nominations for the Netflix drama. This week's Royal Lightning Round features why Camilla was pictured with the OTHER Gaga, more deets...

Duration: 00:49:05

Episode 4: A Brief Histor-Bea

This week's episode focuses on the person we would most like to follow on Instagram: Princess Bea! In episode 4, Ali & Gina break down everything you need to know about the one they've dubbed "The Dark Horse of the Royal Family", including her sword-wielding encounter with Ed Sheeran, what she's doing in New York City, and what Princess Charlotte has to do with Bea's recent breakup. They also discuss the latest news about Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, as well as episode 3 of "The Crown"....

Duration: 00:45:52

Episode 3: A Time to Bea Thankful

EXTENDED TRAVEL EDITION! More to listen to while you travel home for the Thanksgiving holiday. In Episode 3, Ali & Gina express their gratitude for the Royal Family in the best way they know how: with a top 10 list! Find out which Royal moments they're most thankful for, and which moment could've ended this podcast faster than "I Wanna Marry Harry." Plus, a recap of episode 2 of "The Crown", a Meghan Markle update, more love for Princess Bea, and a rather compelling theory about who's...

Duration: 01:02:59

Episode 1: By George, We've Done It!

Royal Fam-atics Ali & Gina set out to fill a void in the podcast sphere: appreciation for the British Royal Family. In Episode 1, these American millennials aim to prove why they're qualified to host the only (?) podcast about William, Kate, Harry, George, Charlotte, and the Queen! Find out what sparked their love of the British monarchy as they discuss the recent Royal Visit to Canada, as well as the ways in which they've each embarrassed themselves out of devotion to Prince George. Plus,...

Duration: 00:45:06