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12 — Memorial Day Special: The Story of Floyd W. Olsen

SUMMARY: One Vietnam Veteran still unaccounted for is remembered by his sister and niece in this Memorial Day Special. INTRO — Kent C. Williamson: Just a few days ago, on May 18th of 2017 a funeral took place in Arlington National Cemetery. This funeral, with full military honors, including a flyover, a 21 gun-salute, and […]

Duration: 00:44:05

12A - UPDATE — Memorial Day Special

SUMMARY: Kent C. Williamson tells about the upcoming Memorial Day Special of the By War & By God Podcast Hey, Kent Williamson here. Thanks for tuning in. I want to let you know that we at the Paladin Studio are hard at work putting together our Memorial Day Special of the By War & By […]

Duration: 00:02:03

11 — The Remarkable Legacy of Vets With A Mission

SUMMARY: Vietnam Veterans discuss the legacy they desire to leave behind through the work of Vets With A Mission. TEASER — Mike Bernardo: I’ve never seen a group that’s quite so generous and open hearted. And here they are being generous and open hearted in a country where people were shooting at them, and people were trying […]

Duration: 00:27:07

Episode 10 — Reconciliation: With Self, Vietnam, and Former Enemies

SUMMARY: What does it mean to reconcile with yourself, with the country in which you fought, with your former enemies, and with your Creator? TEASER — Bob Peragallo: Reconciliation is when two people resolve their differences and they actually begin to work together. INTRO — Kent C. Williamson: The word “reconciliation” seems antiquated in this […]

Duration: 00:23:33

09 - The Amazing Impact Of Vets With A Mission

SUMMARY: Vietnam veterans describe the impact they have in Vietnam through their work with Vets With A Mission, but we also hear about the impact that Vietnam now has on them. TEASER — Cal Dunham: I tell you, a smile goes a long way. I can be hot and sweaty and miserable, but when that […]

Duration: 00:28:56

08 - The Work Being Done

SUMMARY: Vietnam Veterans tell about the work they’re doing today in Vietnam. TEASER — Bob Peragallo: The Que Son clinic had a death rate of child birth of 33%. And in the first year after our clinic was opened, the death rate of newborn babies dropped to 3%. INTRO — Kent C. Williamson: What do […]

Duration: 00:23:31

07 - Going Back To Vietnam

SUMMARY: Vietnam veterans sense a call to go back to Vietnam to do good and Vets With A Mission is born. TEASER — Pat Cameron: From day one from when I walked off the place and just saw the people. Smelt the air; smelt what was in the air there. Smelt the… the country. It’s […]

Duration: 00:21:06

06 - Dealing With Your Baggage

SUMMARY: Vietnam veterans deal with their PTSD and speak of their desire to return to Vietnam. TEASER — Pat Cameron: But the average 19-year-old, 18-year-old, kid that went over there didn’t come back the same… did not come back the same. INTRO — Kent C. Williamson: For whatever reason, when I travel I prefer to handle my […]

Duration: 00:24:23

05 - You Can't Go Home Again

SUMMARY: Several Vietnam veterans return from the war only to learn that you can’t go home again. TEASER — Bob Peragallo: You left the battlefield and you were home within a matter of 3 or 4 days and there was no counseling, there was no debriefing, there was absolutely nothing. INTRO — Kent C. Williamson: […]

Duration: 00:23:59

04 - My Worst Day In Vietnam - Part 2

SUMMARY: How would you describe you worst day in the war? Five Vietnam War Veterans describe their worst days during the war. Part 2 of 2. TEASER — Phil Carney: I could tell that people were panicked about something and they were pointing back, and I walked deeper into the water. I was real tall, and […]

Duration: 00:20:11

03 - My Worst Day In Vietnam - Part 1

SUMMARY: How would you describe your worst day in the war? Three Vietnam War Veterans describe their worst days during Vietnam. (Part 1 of 2) TEASER — Bob Peragallo: General Giap had promised Ho Chi Minh that if the Marines ever crossed the Thu Bon River he would wipe them out, and there was a […]

Duration: 00:22:22

02 - My Best Day In Vietnam

SUMMARY: How would you describe your best day of the war? Vietnam veterans reflect on their best days in Vietnam. TEASER — Walt Griffin: The best time was just being with the guys. And, ya know, I think I almost miss those times, because there’s nothing like being with somebody that you don’t know whether […]

Duration: 00:17:14

Hearing And Going

SUMMARY: Vietnam veterans reflect on first hearing about a place called Vietnam and then describe their first days in the war. TEASER — Roger Helle: He started screaming, and he said, “Some of you are going to end up in a rice paddy in Vietnam.” And as a senior in high school I thought, […]

Duration: 00:27:32

By War & By God Podcast: Episode 00A-Preview

By War & By God Podcast – Episode 00A-Preview Hello, I’m Kent Williamson, the director of the film By War & By God and host of the soon-to-be-released By War & By God Podcast from Paladin Pictures. How soon? March the 8th. For those that don’t know, By War & By God tells the story […]

Duration: 00:09:42