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#74 - Conversations with The Gentlemen

In this episode, we have a conversation with our Manticore, The Gentlemen. The three of us talk about what it's like being a single male in the swinging community. He talks about getting into the lifestyle, some of the things he has learned and some of the pitfalls he's experienced along the way. As always, thank you for listening! Find us on social media!!! On Twitter @BythBiPodcast On Facebook BytheBiPodcast Or email us here Want to help us out? Sure you do!!! Leave some feedback...

Duration: 00:54:39

#73 Recent Sexcapades

Hello, kind people! In this episode, we discuss the events of the past couple weeks. Mrs. Atom was traveling in Europe and poor Mr. Atom was left home alone... well sorta. Listen as we share our stories of playmates that we spent our time with and some of the naughty (and not so naughty) things we got up to. We also discuss just how small our community is and why you should ALWAYS be nice to people. Lastly, in our question of the week, we were asked about sexy scenes in tv and movies and...

Duration: 00:57:08

#72 Conversations with Our Secret Spot

Welcome back! In this episode we, once again, sit down with the owners of Our Secret Spot to talk about... well a little bit of everything. We start off by asking for the club's origin story and what they want from and for the club. Admittedly, by the end, we have disintegrated into laughing rambles about sex, clubs, and the lifestyle laced with a few moments of genius here and there. As always, thank you for listening! Find us on social media!!! On Twitter @BythBiPodcast On Facebook...

Duration: 01:01:34

#71 The 7 Types of Love

Philia, Pragma, and Agape... Oh My! In this episode, we talk about 7 types of love as described by the Greeks. Listen as we try to work out what each one is, how we feel about it, and how it affects us. We discuss how these loves can help us better define our own love for each other and our play partners. If you want to read the article that we used as a source for the podcast you can find it here! As always, thank you for listening! Find us on social media!!! On Twitter...

Duration: 01:02:48

#71 Bisexuality in Our Everyday Life

Welcome back y'all! In this episode, we talk about our daily lives and how (or in some cases if) our bisexuality affects it. As one might imagine... Mr Atom rants from atop his soapbox more than once! Thank you for listening! Find us on social media!!! On Twitter @BythBiPodcast On Facebook BytheBiPodcast Or email us here Want to help us out? Sure you do!!! Leave some feedback for us on whatever medium you listen to your podcasts on. On iTunes you can do it anonymously: – Start...

Duration: 01:02:47

#69 Games We Play

OOOOOOOOOHH!!! Number 69... Sexy times! And that is what we are talking about tonight! On our Kik feed, we had a question about ice breakers and games that we play as sexy swingers. We loved the idea! Join us as we go through games you can play one on one, two on two, or a bunch on a bunch! We discuss games we've played at home, at clubs, and at pub crawls. Enjoy! Find us on social media!!! On twitter @BythBiPodcast On Facebook BytheBiPodcast Or email us here Want to help us out?...

Duration: 00:58:55

#68 A Tale of Two Parties

In this episode we talk about a couple of parties that we have recently attended at Our Secret Spot. First is the Sexy in His Shirt, a concept from our friends over at Swinging Downunder. We'll highlight some of the icebreakers that we played and saw and some of the action that we had. Next is the highlights from our own Pendulum Party. This was our third one and seriously... oh what a night! Once again it was a HUGE success with lots of mixed-couple mixed-sex play. The evening...

Duration: 01:00:33

#67 Awkward Stories with Our Secret Spot

This one will for ever be known as the one where we talk about farts for half the episode. Once again we invited our dear friends Lawrence and Jess, the owners of Our Secret Spot to sit down and talk with us about some of our more awkward moments in our swinging history. Of course, we ended up with farts, gas, flatulence, toots, breaking wind, cutting cheese, blow off, bum breathing, and anal applause. We also tried something a bit new with this episode... We opened up a Kik chat group...

Duration: 01:01:15

#66 Sexpo Brisbane

Welcome back and we hop you found us alright as we have moved to being a LibSyn hosted podcast. In this episode, we take you on a journey to Sexpo in Brisbane Australia. Join us as we livecast portions of the episode from the show floor. We interview Bentleigh Gibson (the man behind Sexpo), Lucie Bee, L0l0 Lady, The Ginger Tramp, and many others! We also talk with some of our favorite products of Sexpo including After Dark Intimate Wides, Geeky Sex Toys, and Kinky Boots and Bits. Sit...

Duration: 01:22:27

#65 Would You Rather? (Part 3)

Holy smokes a trilogy! This week we are serving y’all up with another game of “Would You Rather?” Once again we have the podcast fan-favorites L0L0 Lady and The Ginger Tramp to play a sexy (and smurf-tastic ) game of … Continued

Duration: 01:08:34

#64 The Meet & Mingle and Malebag #2

Not too long ago we were invited by a few folks from up the coast to come to a meet and mingle in Sydney. Unfortunately, we had double booked ourselves as it was also the Lady’s Night party at Our … Continued

Duration: 01:07:22

#63 – The Manticore

This week we talk about a new fella that’s been coming around. We’ll talk about how we met him and then discuss two dates that we’ve had. We’ve also had an influx of questions so we took the time to … Continued

Duration: 00:59:19

#62 – The Australian Adult Industry Awards 2017

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Australian Adult Industry Awards, a wonderful night that was both sexy and a BIT odd. We had been lucky enough to be nominated for Best Adult Podcast and while we didn’t win we … Continued

Duration: 01:03:21

#61 – Would You Rather? (Part 2)

Apologies for missing last week’s episode. We were both traveling and were unable to get a podcast recorded! Hopefully, we make up for it this week with another game of “Would You Rather?” We are joined by the podcast fan-favorites … Continued

Duration: 00:56:14

#60 The Second Pendulum Party & A New Lady

Well, it finally happened again!!! The second party that we have been planning and talking about for months was a while ago now at Our Secret Spot. It was, in a word, amazeballs. Join us as we give you some … Continued

Duration: 00:57:39

#59 Twelve Couples Walk into a Bar…

In this episode, we discuss a big group date we were invited on. We got the invite to meet about a dozen other couples at a local pub. While at the pub, Mr. Atombroke away from the group to try … Continued

Duration: 01:02:15

#58 MysteryVibe Crescendo Review

The lovely folks at MysteryVibe reached out to us a bit over a month ago and asked us if we’d like to have a play with their newest (award winning) toy The Crescendo. We, of course, said, “Absolutely we would!” After … Continued

Duration: 00:43:56

#57 Body Image Issues – Part 2

Howdy folks! In this episode, we conclude our chat with the beautiful L0L0 Lady and, in his first-time debut on our show, Blue Steel… Continued

Duration: 01:02:37

#56 Body Image Issues – Part 1

Howdy folks! In this episode, we are joined once again by the beautiful L0L0 Lady and, for his first-time debut on our show, Blue Steel… Continued

Duration: 01:06:46

#55 Our Latest Sexcapades – Volume 1

In this latest episode we talk about Mr Atom’s recent trip to Melbourne where he had a less than fun time at the local gay sauna (sad face). We also talk about a new couple that we are already giving … Continued

Duration: 01:02:54

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