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C-HIT The WorkUp: Patient Visits

Research shows that patients enjoy better health when they have good communication with their doctors. Here are some simple tips to get the most out of your visit.

Duration: 00:07:09

The Work-Up: Medication Assisted Therapy

MAT combines traditional counseling or psychotherapy with drugs that can help ease withdrawal and reduce cravings. Studies show relapse rates are lower when medication is used in addiction treatment. That is a huge and potentially life saving benefit.

Duration: 00:06:06

C-HIT The WorkUp: Eldercare

More than 34 million Americans provide unpaid care to an older adult every year, according to AARP. Managing an aging parent’s health care can be complicated, logistically and emotionally. Experts say that talking about eldercare years before it’s needed is key to making the task easier. Colleen Shaddox has the story. The Work Up is a production of the Connecticut Health Investigative Team. You can find more information about caring for an elderly parent at our website, This...

Duration: 00:07:39

C-HIT The Workup: Women and Addiction

Stephanie Almada wanted relief from premenstrual syndrome. Her doctor sent her home with a powerful prescription pain reliever. For Almada, as for many other women in Connecticut and nationwide, that prescription was an avoidable step on what became a challenging journey through opioid addiction. Women use opioids at higher rates than men and more quickly become seriously ill from abusing them. Deaths from opioid overdose in Connecticut rose 125 percent in a single year, according to a...

Duration: 00:06:25

CHIT Workup: Marijuana Addiction

Connecticut has already legalized medical marijuana, and there are several bills working through the legislature to legalize it for recreational use. In eight states, including Massachusetts, recreational pot is already legal. Addiction experts say that it’s important for consumers to understand that just because a drug is legal does not mean that it is harmless.

Duration: 00:07:56

C-HIT: The Workup - Lead Poisoning

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has thrown a spotlight on lead poisoning, a problem that many people thought had gone away. But lead poisoning is very much with us in Connecticut. The state’s most recent data shows that 2,275 children under age 6 had lead poisoning in 2013. Dr. Hilda Slivka directs the Regional Lead Treatment Center at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, where she sees lead-poisoned children weekly. For more CT health stories, visit

Duration: 00:04:33

C-HIT The Workup Podcast: Kids and Migraines

This is The Workup, an occasional series of podcasts exploring health issues that concern you. Today we’re talking about kids, migraines and difficulty they sometimes have getting taken seriously.

Duration: 00:08:47