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Parenting - Listeners Questions July 17

In this episode Allen and Gerry cover a range of Parenting questions such as teens hanging around and getting into trouble, volunteering, building self esteem, being left home alone, teens distancing themselves and dealing with adult children.

Duration: 00:19:00

CA Coaching Motivation Interview Series - Louise McPhillips

In our latest episode, Allen had the pleasure of talking with Louise McPhillips about her desire to build a cob house and how the concessions she has had to make along the way haven't dented her resolve to succeed. Louise also talks about where her determination came from and how she fostered it.

Duration: 00:29:00

CA Coaching Motivation Interview Series - Elaine Keogh

In this week's Motivation Interview Series Podcast episode, Allen speaks with sports entrepreneur Elaine Keogh about her life, being a young mother, building numerous businesses and overcoming personal setbacks through focusing on her personal health and fitness. #MondayMotivation

Duration: 00:35:50

CA Coaching Motivation Interview Series - David Coalter

In our latest episode, Allen meets former CEO / Animation and Film Director at Coalter Digital, David Coalter. David talks about his upbringing, getting into a major corporation moving away to set up on his own and ultimately learning about work/life balance which let him to return to his former employers.

Duration: 00:45:29

CA Coaching Motivation Interview Series - Adam Behlman

In our latest episode, Allen meets President of LNR Property in Miami Beach, Adam Behlman. Adam discusses the impact of losing his father at a young age, how a chance meeting got his mojo back and how a major health diagnosis made him re-evaluate his priorities.

Duration: 00:44:21

Parenting Listeners Questions - April 2017

Allen of answers your questions on a number of topics. In this podcast, Allen discusses whether or not you can be your child's best friend as well as their parent, how to deal with kids playing parents off against each other, introducing alcohol to teenagers, parents social media use, having "perfect children" and overweight kids! Oh and a cheeky mention for the 2017 Parenting Expo in September in Dublin. We hope you enjoy it.

Duration: 00:21:07

CA Coaching Motivation Interview Series - Jon Buscall

In our latest episode, Allen meets marketing pioneer, Jon Buscall. Jon has travelled such a fascinating path through dealing with mental health issues, being a published writer, lecturing and now running his successful business. Jon's openness and honesty in this interview are truly engaging and inspiring and highlight the need for us all to find our own balance as we strive for contentment.

Duration: 00:50:10

CA Coaching Motivation Interview Series - Lisa Fannin

In this interview Allen meets technology specialist, Lisa Fannin to discuss how she has built her career and attempts to balance work/home life as a successful product developer and being a mum and wife. Lisa talks about working from her core values and trusting her instincts and how, as she has grown, this has changed and got her to a point where the balance is getting that bit easier.

Duration: 00:34:12

CA Coaching Motivation Interview Series - Shane Monaghan

In Episode 1 of our Motivation Interview Series, Allen meets professional rugby player and creator of the world's leading social audio app Limor, Shane Monaghan. Shane talks about how, as a teenager, he set out a timeline of milestones to measure his progress to achieving his goal of becoming a professional in the sport he loved. Shane also delves into how the setbacks throughout his career impacted on his self motivation and desire to succeed which has resulted in him creating Limor app...

Duration: 00:55:49

Listeners Questions

Allen of CA Coaching answers your questions on a number of topics. In this podcast, Allen discusses about how best to talk to your child about stranger danger. Being realistic, how to keep safe and also what to do if an incident does occur. He also provides tips to deal with a difficult ex partner. You can't control what they do, so all you can do is control what you can do. Using these tips can help reduce the stress and keep your relationship with your child positive.

Duration: 00:20:42

Parenting Listeners Questions - Dec 2016

Allen of CA Coaching answers your questions on a number of topics. In this podcast, Allen talks about how dealing with family pressures at Christmas, when should children get a phone, staying safe online, children's privacy, sibling rivalry, setting boundaries, volunteering, gift giving as separated parents and introducing a new partner to your children at Christmas.

Duration: 00:19:15

Parenting - Listeners Questions 2

Allen of CA Coaching answers several listeners questions about a variety of parenting topics. In this podcast, Allen discusses teaching your kids about budgeting and saving money, how to handle an argumentative child, how to support and talk to your child when they or their friends are involved in petty crime, supporting your adult kids as parents, finding alternatives to hitting as punishment, and what to do when your child interrupts you while talking. Allen also gives advice on...

Duration: 00:23:05

Parenting - Listeners Questions 1

In this podcast, Allen O’Donoghue answers listeners questions about parenting and discusses how to handle bullying in crèche or or pre-primary school aged kids, tips for helping to empower your child, build resilience and self-esteem, and teaching them about community and volunteering. Additionally, Allen talks about how to handle a fussy eater, offers suggestions on how to get your kids to eat fruits and vegetables, and the importance of getting your child involved in dinner preparation....

Duration: 00:19:15

Parenting - Parenting at Christmas

Allen of CA Coaching discusses how to handle financial pressures and various types of conflict and tension parents can feel at Christmastime. In this podcast, Allen discusses budgeting and setting realistic expectations for the holidays, the importance of keeping debt in check, and gives advice on how to maintain your budget during the holiday season. Allen also talks about tensions that can arise between separated parents, how to handle conflict and make Christmas more enjoyable for your...

Duration: 00:16:48

Parenting - Resilience & Pushy Parenting

When it comes to encouraging our kids in sports or activities and driving them to be the best they can be, how much is too much? Keeping kids active is important but how do you strike the balance between sports and activities, playing with friends, and time to rest? In this podcast, Allen O’Donoghue discusses the pitfalls of pushy parenting and offers advice on how to introduce your kids to sports or activities while maintaining balance in their lives. Allen also discusses how to encourage...

Duration: 00:17:49

Parenting - School’s Back

In this podcast, Allen O’Donoghue discusses kids going back to school. Allen talks about preparing your child for their first day of school, gives tips for successful drop off and pick up, discusses the importance of good nutrition, and gives advice on how to establish good routines both before and after school. Allen also discusses the transition to secondary school, how to communicate with your child, changes you can expect as they make the transition from oldest child in the school to...

Duration: 00:20:59

Parenting - Your Kids' Friends & Getting In Trouble with The Law

Allen O’Donoghue of CA Coaching discusses the importance of getting to know your kids’ friends, discusses tips to help you get to know your child’s friends, keeping an eye on your child’s behaviour and influence friends may have, the importance of teaching kids to respect themselves and others, and how to handle bullying or aggressive behaviour. Also addressed is what to do when you do not want your child to spend time with another child and how to talk to them about it. In this podcast,...

Duration: 00:21:31

Parenting - Anxiety & Your Child Out of School

In this podcast, Allen of CA Coaching discusses what causes anxiety in children and how various aspects of life can trigger anxiety, including bullying, social media, family financial hardships, illness, or parental separation to name a few. Also discussed is how anxiety in school can be a factor in kids dropping out early and Allen offers a number of ways for parents to help empower their kids and control their anxiety. Additionally, Allen also offers advice on what to do if a child does...

Duration: 00:23:40

Parenting - Christmas Conflict & New Relationships

Christmas is an enjoyable but sometimes stressful time of year. Allen of CA Coaching talks about conflict during Christmastime and how to handle new relationships and your children. During this podcast, Allen gives tips on how to deal with tensions, when to make conflict resolution a top priority, taking time out and putting time aside for family, and the importance of seeing Christmas through your child’s eyes. Allen also discusses how to handle new relationships with your kids, including...

Duration: 00:17:16

Parenting - Money & Your Children

Join Allen as he gives advice about talking to your kids about money. In this podcast, Allen discusses when to start talking to your kids about money, teaching kids about the value of money and importance of saving in a time of instant gratification, and when to introduce chores and pocket money. Allen also tackles when and how to discuss family financial hardships and setting realistic expectations when money is tight, handling peer pressure, financial pressures during the holiday season,...

Duration: 00:21:45

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