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Media criticism. Self-abuse. If someone else were doing this, I wouldn't have to. New episode every Monday.

Media criticism. Self-abuse. If someone else were doing this, I wouldn't have to. New episode every Monday.
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Media criticism. Self-abuse. If someone else were doing this, I wouldn't have to. New episode every Monday.




SHORT CUTS #150 - Creeping Sharia, Bitches!

On coverage of the hijab cutting hate crime that never was and the job of journalists in reporting stories of sexual harassment. Naheed Mustafa joins guest host Elamin Abdelmahmoud.

Duration: 00:36:18

Ep. 214 - Black Mirror Canada

If you thought Bill C-51 was concerning, boy do we have an update for you! Bill C-59 is the Liberal government’s national security reform bill, and it covers a lot of ground. According to the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab’s report, the potential activities allowed by Bill C-59 are “limited only by imagination”: Mass dissemination of false information, leaking foreign documents in order to influence political and legal outcomes, large-scale denial of service attacks, interference with...

Duration: 00:31:44

SHORT CUTS #149 - CanLit is Crawling With Creeps

Novelist and poet Zoe Whittall joins Jesse to talk creepy professors, racist letters, and predatory men. @zoewhittall

Duration: 00:35:04

Ep. 213 - How Facebook Bought-Off Canada For Peanuts

Governments around the world are cracking down on Facebook. But not Canada's. Forget taxes and regulations — Trudeau's Ministers are getting photo-ops and a $500,000 investment in Canada's journalism industry from Facebook. Here's Facebook's head of Canadian public policy, Kevin Chan hosting Minister of Democratic Institutions, Karina Gould, at FB's Oct 19 launch of the Canadian Election Integrity Initiative. So. Why scrutinize Facebook when you can partner with them? Leaders from...

Duration: 00:37:18

SHORT CUTS #148 - We March On Loblaws At Dawn

Canadian grocery store billionaires duped us for 14 years— Vive la gift card!! Joshua Boyle, former Taliban hostage, faces 15 charges including sexual assault and administering a noxious drug. What did media miss in its initial welcome-home coverage? Mayor John Tory and Toronto city staffers cite 'miscommunication' as the reason homeless people were turned away from shelters across the city (which were definitely not at capacity, alright?). The Quebec mosque shooting took place nearly...

Duration: 00:47:16

The Imposter - Aliya Tries Comedy

At the end of this season of The Imposter, Aliya will do a live comedy set onstage at Second City. But first—she needs to learn how to tell a joke. On the first episode of this harrowing journey, Aliya recalls the 1968 comedy that ruined laughter for her, phones her dad up to talk about brownface, and goes to standup school. As part of our holiday programming, we're playing you the best stuff from across our network.

Duration: 00:30:49

The Imposter - I Pity The Country Part 1

The Imposter's "I Pity The Country" sits alongside Radiolab and The Heart on Constant Listener's 8 best podcast episodes of 2017. You can read that list here: So this holiday, we present it to you in full. It's a story featuring incredible music by Indigenous artists from the 60s, 70s and 80s that was nearly lost. And it asks the question: how do we distinguish between art and artifact?

Duration: 00:43:44

COMMONS - Invisible Victims: How Police Botched The Robert Pickton Case

Over the holidays, we're presenting some of the best episodes from across CANADALAND Media. "If the police don't want you to see a file, you're never gonna know it exists." Lorimer Shenher, author of That Lonely Section of Hell: The Botched Investigation of a Serial Killer Who Almost Got Away, talks to COMMONS about his time with the Vancouver police, where he investigated serial killer Robert Pickton. This is part one of a two-part series on police accountability.

Duration: 00:37:48

SHORT CUTS #147 - Officially Suspicious: The Sherman Deaths

Last week, billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman were found dead in their Toronto home. As we parse through language in the press like "suspicious" and "police sources," what do we know and which interests are at play? Metro columnist and former CANADALAND employee Vicky Mochama called Lindsay Shepherd a crying white girl on CBC's Sunday politics show, infuriating an army of people who have probably never seen the show before. True crime writer and veteran crime reporter James Dubro guest...

Duration: 00:32:16

Ep. 212 - Meet the New Partisan Press

PressProgress calls itself "Canada’s most shared source for progressive news and information." They get real scoops, using the traditional tools of journalism, like access to information requests, fact-checking and seeking comment from politicians. But they're not a traditional news source. They're backed by the Broadbent Institute, a progressive think tank founded by a former leader of the NDP. So how does that affect their coverage and what should we do with that...

Duration: 00:31:56

SHORTCUTS #146 - Terrible Documentary Silenced by Basic Decency

A terrible BBC documentary about transgender kids was pulled from CBC scheduling. A journalists' materials were seized from a Niagara Regional Council meeting by staff who were exercising "enthusiastic caution." A mill pressurized a bookstore to suppress a book-signing for a book written about that mill. Questionable CBC workplace policies. Independent crowdfunded journalist Joey Coleman co-hosts.

Duration: 00:37:13

Ep. 211 - Inside A Right-Wing Meme Machine

After working in media, PR and politics, Jeff Ballingall understands the political power of Facebook. His top Facebook page gets more engagement than the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star combined. Spanning vicious attacks in rap form to sentimental content about landmarks, Ontario Proud is in a meme war against Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne. And they're really effective. Ballingall joins us to talk about what he's doing, why he's doing it and who's paying for it.

Duration: 00:28:36

SHORT CUTS #145 - News From The Upside Down

The Globe and Mail recently launched their re-designed newspaper much to the dismay of old people everywhere. Editor-in-Chief David Walmsley claims they're "actually expanding" a print edition that has cut both content and distribution. Alt-right women are upset that alt-right men are treating them badly. They're tired of being harassed and facing backlash for not being married and having babies. If only there were a movement that could help them... CP24's Stephen LeDrew is suspended...

Duration: 00:37:52

Ep. 210 - Why Newspapers Don't Have To Die

After 34 newspapers were abruptly killed by Postmedia and Torstar last week, Postmedia CEO Paul Godfrey made the case that it was just part of an inevitable decline in the industry. Chris Powell vehemently disagrees. After cutting his teeth at a community newspaper, Powell spent a career covering the news business in trade publications like Strategy and Marketing Magazine. He's spoken to the publishers and executives, he's studied the business models and he says there is a path forward.

Duration: 00:41:49

SHORT CUTS #144 - I'll Kill Your Newspapers If You Kill Mine

A lot of Canadians lost their community news this week, after two news giants traded 41 newspapers and shut nearly all of them down. Postmedia CEO Paul Godfrey says he didn't know Torstar was planning to kill the newspapers he was giving them. Torstar says pretty much nothing at all. Rogers reportedly won't pay for VICE's fanciful foray into cable TV any longer. The Financial Post will publish your incoherent rant about climate change if you happen to be an ex-Cabinet...

Duration: 00:39:34

Ep. 209 - The Man Behind The Paradise Papers

Gerard Ryle is the director of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, who are behind the Paradise Papers, the Panama Papers and other similar investigations. Major revelations are continuing to come out of the Paradise Papers in Canada and around the world. One prominent columnist dismissed the whole thing as "another cheap shot at the wealthy," while other people are asking why this story isn't causing riots in the streets.

Duration: 00:29:30

SHORT CUTS #143 - Goddamnit, Fine, Let's Talk About Jordan Peterson

A Master's student was reprimanded for showing her students a public TV clip of psychology professor/YouTuber Jordan Peterson explaining why he refuses to use people's preferred pronouns. Now the whole country's stuck talking about it. Steve Paikin staged a debate about whether Canada is keeping Indigenous people in crisis, with guests who believe things like North American settlers were more advanced than Indigenous people and that Indigenous people should just assimilate. The...

Duration: 00:42:38

Ahead Of The Times: Jezebel Reporters On Louis CK

Reporters Anna Merlan and Madeleine Davies were investigating and writing about Louis CK well before the New York Times story came out. And they faced a lot of criticism for it. They join Jesse to talk about the line between rumour and news, and whether standards have changed around reporting on sexual misconduct in the post-Weinstein world. Madeleine Davies is a senior writer for Jezebel. Anna Merlan is a senior reporter at Gizmodo Media's Special Projects Desk.

Duration: 00:38:02

SHORTCUTS #142 - The Erotic Adventures Of Bill Morneau

Bill Morneau tries to turn down the heat through tales of his spicy past, CBC takes a stand for landlord rights and Jagmeet Singh tries out some slam poetry. COMMONS co-host Hadiya Roderique joins Jesse. Hadiya's Twitter: @deeroderique

Duration: 00:37:46

Ep. 207 - Village Of The Sprawling Phoenix: New Models For Local News

Is local media doomed? We speak to three entrepreneurs who are making a go of it with three very different models. Dave Bidini publishes the West End Phoenix, a recently-launched, print-only monthly newspaper that covers west Toronto. Jeff Elgie is the CEO of Village Media, a digital-only company that provides hyper-local news to nine small communities, mostly in Ontario. Jeremy Klaszus is the founder and editor of The Sprawl, a Calgary news site that practices "pop-up journalism."

Duration: 00:47:42

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