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The experts at CBS Sports discuss the latest NBA news, rumors and other storylines around the league. Picks, predictions, bold statements, heated arguments ... it's all here in the Basketball Podcast.




09/08: Atlantic division over/unders and win total talk

James Herbert, Chris Barnewall, and Matt Moore team up to tackle the Atlantic division. Can the Celtics match their lofty hype? Are we sleeping on the Raptors? Will the Knicks be terrible for the zillionth year in a row? All that and more.

Duration: 00:49:34

09/07: Central division over/unders and win totals

James Herbert, Matt Moore, and Chris Barnewall discuss the central division over/unders and win totals for the central division. Can the Cavaliers maintain their dominance? Will the Pistons bounce back?

Duration: 00:34:45

09/06: Southwest Division over/under and win total talk

Chris Barnewall, James Herbert, and Matt Moore break down the odds and over/unders for the Southwest Division and if the Spurs will be as good as they... well, always are.

Duration: 00:47:29

09/01: Triple-threat reacts to the Kyrie-Hayward presser

Matt Moore, James Herbert, and Chris Barnewall react to the Celtics press conference for Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, what this year will mean for LeBron James, and more.

Duration: 01:03:29

08/31 Triple-Threat: Kyrie is shipping up to Boston

CBS Sports NBA writers James Herbert and Chris Barnewall join Matt Moore to discuss the Kyrie-Irving-Isaiah-Thomas trade *finally* being completed, the Lakers' tampering fine, and pre-preseason storylines.

Duration: 01:00:21

08/22: Emergency Kyrie Irving trade podcast

The Cavs and the Celtics pull off a blockbuster, but what does it mean? Matt Moore and Brad Botkin break down the Kyrie Irving trade.

Duration: 00:44:31

08/18: Triple threat on Cavs, Wade, and the schedule

James Herbert, Matt Moore, and Chris Barnewall talk the Cavs' drama and whether the situation with Kyrie Irving can be repaired, if the schedule is the best it can be, and where Dwyane Wade should end up.

Duration: 00:49:17

08/11: It's time to end the conference playoffs

CBS Sports NBA writer Brad Botkin joins the show to discuss why the NBA should get rid of conferences for the playoffs, why they won't, and what teams from the past would challenge the Warriors today.

Duration: 01:06:59

08/02: Wiggins a super-max, and what should the schedule look like?

James Herbert and Matt Moore discuss Andrew Wiggins and whether the Wolves should give him all the money, ever. They touch on Danilo Gallinari's Eurobasket "friendly" injury, and talk about how they would shape the marquee nights of the NBA schedule.

Duration: 01:02:03

08/01: Is shooting superior to versatility?

CBS Sports NBA writers Matt Moore and Brad Botkin debate what's more valuable in the NBA, superior shooting or versatility. Is Steph Curry an outlier that can't be judged? Or is his impact on the Warriors proof that shooting really does trump everything?

Duration: 01:00:21

07/26: How do you build a winner around Kyrie Irving?

James Herbert joins Matt Moore to discuss a thought experiment involving Kyrie Irving and how to make a successful team with him as your No. 1 player. The two also talk the idea of Melo in Portland, and what Derrick Rose can do for the Cavaliers.

Duration: 00:42:35

07/24: Kyrie Irving wants to spread his wings

James Herbert and Matt Moore discuss the Kyrie Irving situation in Cleveland, where Melo makes sense, and how Derrick Rose can work with the Cavs.

Duration: 00:56:24

07/17: The Summer of LeBron's Discontent

James Herbert and Matt Moore talk LeBron's discontent, and take reader questions on how to beat the Warriors, the most fun teams in the league next year, and more.

Duration: 01:00:20

07/12: Will Melo be a Rocketman?

James Herbert and Matt Moore dive again into reports Carmelo Anthony could be on his way to Houston (0:43), Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's decision to join the Lakers (10:50) and talk Summer League impressions (14:07).

Duration: 00:33:16

07/10: Summer League, Isaiah's max, and more sad Knicksing

James Herbert and Matt Moore discuss Las Vegas Summer League and who has stood out (1:20) including Jayson Tatum. The two discuss the trade of Avery Bradley to Detroit and what it means for Isaiah Thomas (7:49). The two discuss Toronto's moves (23:20)and who the worst team in the East will be (37:30).

Duration: 00:41:35

07/07 Basketball Podcast: Knicks gonna Knicks

A week into free agency, CBS Sports' James Herbert and Chris Barnewall discuss the Celtics trading Avery Bradley to the Pistons, the Knicks' $71 million offer sheet for Tim Hardaway Jr., Rudy Gay going to the Spurs and the Heat's spending spree. Also, are the Pacers and Hawks stealth-tanking?

Duration: 00:50:14

07/06: Free agency mailbag and the Warriors gap

James Herbert and Matt Moore take NBA free agency mailbag questions, Brad Botkin talks the West and how wide the gap is between the Warriors and everyone else.

Duration: 01:04:08

07/05: Hayward to the Celtics reaction

A long, drawn-out Fourth of July led to Gordon Hayward agreeing to terms with the Boston Celtics. What does this mean for Utah and Boston? Can the Celtics challenge the Cavs? Plus, we talk Danilo Gallinari to the Clippers and more free agency.

Duration: 00:38:02

07/03: Millsap to Denver, Raptors bring the band back, Cavs disaster

James Herbert and Matt Moore talk NBA free agency. Where does the Paul Millsap signing put the Nuggets in the West? What are the Cavs doing with their front office? And where is Gordon Hayward going?

Duration: 00:39:36

07/02: PG to the Thunder and free agency begins

James Herbert and Matt Moore react to the Thunder's acquisition of Paul George, and look at the first round of big free agency signings.

Duration: 00:46:42

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