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This is the Internet's most entertaining and informative college basketball podcast. Host Gary Parrish brings the sport to your ears with guests who are smart enough to discuss various issues and topics.

This is the Internet's most entertaining and informative college basketball podcast. Host Gary Parrish brings the sport to your ears with guests who are smart enough to discuss various issues and topics.
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This is the Internet's most entertaining and informative college basketball podcast. Host Gary Parrish brings the sport to your ears with guests who are smart enough to discuss various issues and topics.






Was the NCAA right to vacate Louisville?s 2013 national title? (2.21)

What has been clear for a while became official Tuesday: Louisville will vacate its 2012 Final Four appearance and its 2013 national championship. So the Cardinals are suddenly one of just three programs to vacate multiple Final Fours. The others are Memphis and Michigan. Did the NCAA handle this correctly? Matt Norlander and Gary Parrish open on that. At 21:25: Is Louisville's impending coaching search hindered in any way? 31:22: Kentucky won 87-72 at Arkansas. What does that mean for the...


This actually could be the strongest bubble in years (2.18)

Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander have a lot to get to, starting with all the noise from the Big 12. They also touch on almost every single bubble team winning over the weekend, and evaluate Xavier, Villanova and the Big East and so much more. Michigan State's overall story is interesting -- and why does Gary have Sparty ranked above Villanova, anyway? Also, for the first time in podcast history, Grambling State gets about four minutes worth of love because the Tigers now have the longest win...


If college basketball had a midseason All-Star Game, here's how we would draft our teams (2.16)

Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander riff for an hour on the state of college basketball's impossible-to-predict 2017-18 season. Top teams can't stop losing to unranked competition. They explain why this is going to be problematic in a year of change for the NCAA Tournament selection committee. Then they preview about a dozen games for the upcoming weekend, and wrap with a fun concept: picking college players for a college hoops All-Star Game, a la what the NBA did this season.


Player of the Year up for grabs; Ole Miss job candidates; Rhode Island's rampage; game picks (2.14)

Oklahoma has dropped seven of its past nine games. Trae Young has missed 18 of his past 19 3-point attempts. Consequently, the Player of the Year race has undeniably opened up. So Matt Norlander and Gary Parrish discussed that at the top. At 15:23: How should Andy Kennedy be remembered at Ole Miss? Will he coach again? And who is next in Oxford? 23:53: How much has Dan Hurley changed as a man and a coach? How good is this Rhode Island team? Norlander has an in-depth profile up at...


Analysis, and some criticism, of the NCAA Tournament selection committee's new process (2.11)

After the selection commiteee's top-16 reveal on Sunday, Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander give a full rundown not just of the teams picked and those snubbed, but go in depth on the new process and what you need to know about how the NCAA is changing the way it seeds and select teams. It's a long discussion, with some difference in opinion between the guys on what the committee does, but worth it for any fan who will watch again come Selection Sunday.


Big Pac-12 problems, big home upsets, Christ Holtmann for COY, and a beefy rundown of the weekend (2.9)

Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander yap on this episode about a litany of upsets over the past 48 hours. Arizona lost at home to UCLA. Villanova lost at home to St. John's. Purdue lost at home to Ohio State. Auburn lost at home to Texas A&M. Those teams were all undefeated at home prior to those outcomes. Wild, right? The guys also assess Chris Holtmann's Coach of the Year case, give analysis on Duke-UNC, and run down what's on the line this weekend. This is a great prep episode for an...


Kentucky's resume issues, Trevon Bluiett's greatness, schools who should make coaching changes, Duke-UNC preview (2.7)

Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander open with a discussion on the strength of Tennessee and the problematic resume of Kentucky. Then they give a lot of love to current No. 1 Xavier and reflect on the All-America season of Trevon Bluiett. And with February in bloom, the guys look at coaches who are on the hot seat and others who have coached their way off of it. They wrap with a preview and predictions on Duke-UNC, which is Thursday night.


Arguments over Kansas, surprise over Washington, and an unprecedented event in college hoops (2.4)

What a weekend. For the first time ever, Arizona, Duke, Kansas and Kentucky lost on the same day as ranked teams. Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander get into all of that, plus talk about Washington's buzzer-beating win, the consistency and secret formula to why the top teams in college basketball this season are where they are, and wrap with predictions and previews for Monday and Tuesdays best games.


Weekend preview and picks; what's wrong with Wichita State; Tom Izzo's latest tactic (2.2)

Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander get to plenty on this Friday episode. They open with thoughts on Arizona and Purdue combining for a 34-1 record since they met in November. Then they touch on Wichita State. How good is this team? They run down the weekend's games, make their predictions, and highlight Washington's at-large case. The Huskies have a huge home game vs. Arizona on Saturday night. They close on Tom Izzo's latest non-comments regarding the Michigan State scandal.


Clemson's revenge, Trae Young's 44 points, Bruce Pearl's Coach of the Year problem (1.31)

Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander get a quick, fun podcast chat in by leading on Clemson's win over UNC, which includes a short discussion on the mysterious suspension of Jalek Felton. They also touch on Trae Young going for 44 in Oklahoma's win over Baylor and assess Auburn's 20-2 start. That includes a convo on Coach of the Year. They wrap with the news out of Colorado State. Coach Larry Eustachy is reportedly undergoing a review as it pertains to his coaching behavior.


Tom Izzo responds, Kentucky shocks, NC State upsets, and Virginia owns the ACC (1.28)

Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander open this episode with reaction and discussion on Tom Izzo's press conferences from Friday night and Sunday afternoon. They go deeper into the Michigan State crisis, then transition to discussing the weekend's biggest results. Also included: previews of the best games on Monday and Tuesday, and a few random rounds of trivia.


Michigan State's AD resigns; should Tom Izzo be next? Plus: UConn being investigated by NCAA (1.26)

Friday was a huge news day in college sports. Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis announced his resignation, then hours later ESPN released a bombshell story that depicted a culture of failure within MSU's athletic department regarding sexual misconduct and assault with former football and basketball players, in addition to more context on how the university dropped the ball with Larry Nassar. Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander open the podcast with a wide-ranging discussion on Hollis,...


Trae Young as the new Grayson Allen; Cal vs. K, the next chapter; Villanova's rough news (1.24)

Trae Young's nine-shot performance in a win on Tuesday night vs. Kansas has Parrish and Norlander wondering if something is set to change in a big way for the Oklahoma Sooners. They also touch on the quiet senior season of Grayson Allen so far, look at Calipari's comments that were directed at Duke, and react to the breaking news that Villanova's Phil Booth is out indefinitely with a hand issue. The pod wraps with a behind-the-story look at Norlander's extensive feature on Project 44, which...


Duke is no guarantee because of Zion Williamson; preparing for the incoming Trae Young debate (1.22)

Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander recap the weekend with the three biggest headlines: A. Zion Williamson shockingly picking Duke. B. Kentucky continuing to spiral after its home loss to Florida C. Trae Young needing 39 shots to get to 48 points, while Oklahoma lost its second straight. They also hit on other things, like season-ending injuries and players leaving to play for Bosnia.


Wednesday's results and a weekend preview, including Zion Williamson possibly picking Clemson (1.18)

South Carolina beat Kentucky. Which means the Gamecocks won the annual #DevanDowneyGame in Columbia. Did you catch Gary Parrish shouting out DD the GOAT on TV? Where else did you think he and Norlander were going to start this episode. At he 7:02 mark: Kentucky's issues. At 10:05: The worst performance of Trae Young's college career. At 14:50, the guys hit on Wednesday night results. Among them: SMU 83, No. 7 Wichita State 78 Texas 67, No. 8 Texas Tech 59 Alabama 76, No. 17 Auburn 71...


Nevermind: Kansas is gonna win the Big 12 after all (1.16)

Kansas and Duke were on the road Monday night and facing double-digit second-half deficits. Then the bluebloods pulled off just crazy wins for very different reasons. Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander get into all of that, plus preview three really solid Tuesday night tilts. You know who's playing? Kentucky at South Carolina. A Devan Downey special. They close with some thoughts on Rick Barnes defending Cuonzo Martin.


Big 12 is a cluster of fun; Big Ten is a cluster of weird; why court-storming can't be stopped (1.14)

After a solid Saturday with a lot of discussion points, Gary Parrish and Matt Noralnder lead with Trae Young's 43-point performance vs. TCU that helped push the Big 12 to a four-team clog atop the standings. They also get into Michigan State's weird slump and Purdue as the best team in the Big Ten. Also: Another court-storm over the weekend with a dangerous physical interaction between a fan and a West Virginia player. The guys also touch on a bunch of other Saturday results before...


The fairest outcome for Brian Bowen at South Carolina; midseason awards; weekend predictions (1.12)

Matt Norlander got Frank Martin on the phone earlier this week and asked the South Carolina coach why he decided to take a chance on former Louisville player Brian Bowen. Friday's ep leads with a long discussion with Gary Parrish on that, then the guys get into their midseason awards. They wrap with a hefty lookahead to a Saturday that is stacked high with a lot of interesting games.


Reaction to Kentucky-Texas A&M, and the most entertaining team you don't know about (1.10)

Kentucky is still a mystery. Texas A&M is on the bubble. Marquette's the most entertaining team you might not be watching. Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander discuss all those things, and plenty more, in a vintage episode.


The most chaotic weekend of the season -- so who's the best team in college basketball?(1.7)

Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander got a 40-minute conversation in Sunday night on what amounted to the most upset-laden weekend in college basketball so far this season. From the bluebloods to Trae Young getting shut down, the guys cover all the biggest storylines. Plus, they wrap with some thoughts and advice for referee Ted Valentine, who says he's debating retirement after a controversial decision made earlier last week.


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