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Ep. #92 – Feat. The Brides of Burlesque

Today, Matt welcomes Faux Pas le Fae & Aurora North, together known as The Brides of Burlesque. Hailing from NYC, the duo’s productions, dance routines, and burlesque performances have taken the cabaret tradition to a new place; queer/trans-inspired burlesque, cirque, and world class modern dance are brought together in provocative art! With the duo, Matt chats about their new monthly variety show at BIZARRE Bushwick (DJ’d by Matt himself). They also chat about how they got their start in...


Ep. #91 – Feat. Saint Tragedy

Today, Matt welcomes the members of the hard rock band Saint Tragedy via Skype. Hailing from Kenosha, WI, Saint Tragedy formed their unique hard rock sound in 2008. Their line-up features Wayne Wiginton (vocals), Matt Brudniewicz (guitar), Eric Serbedzija (bass), and Jason Scuffham (drums). Their new EP is called Prolonging The Agony and their first single off the record is “No More Religion”. With Matt, the group chats about how and when the band got started, they chat about the...


Ep. #90 – Feat. Broody Valentino

Today, Matt welcomes Broody Valentino, a Boylesque performer, puppeteer and theatre educator based in the NY/NJ area. Known as the “Teddy Bear With Claws”, Broody chats with Matt about how he got started in burlesque and how he's always loved theater from a young age. They talk about how going to school for theater has informed his performances and how he tends to lean towards a ‘classic Hollywood’ style. He talks about the first show he saw, how he’s come so far so fast, and about the...


Ep. #89 – Feat. Collibrina

Today, Matt welcomes Collibrina, a model, yoga instructor and singer hailing from Boston, MA. Having first met Matt when she was primarily a singer, Collibrina discusses her shift to nude (and nearly nude) modeling and how she’s continued to grow her presence online. She chats about the ups and downs that go with being a professional naked person on the internet, her vetting process before agreeing to work with photographers, and how the model community comes together to recommend...


Ep. #88 – Feat. Kate Nyx

Today Matt welcomes Kate Nyx: songwriter, showgirl, seamstress, and wrestling enthusiast from Philadelphia, PA. Her latest singles “Bet It On the Bootstraps” and “Changeling” can be found on her bandcamp along with her last full-length record Sage & Silver Bullets. With Matt, Kate discusses her love of wrestling, her clothing line Closet Champion and what it’s like to design costumes for wrestlers. They chat about her podcast Bump and Grind, which she co-hosts with her husband, the...


Ep. #87 – Feat. Kita St. Cyr

Today, Matt welcomes Kita St. Cyr, a burlesque performer, producer, fire spinner, fire eater, renaissance faire performer, and actor hailing from New York City. A two-time guest on the Crash Chords Podcast (Eps. #45 & #129), Kita chats with Matt about some developments in her life including her recent hiatus from and triumphant return to burlesque. They explore her background and training with fire -- and how exactly one becomes a fire eater/spinner/dancer. They talk about her new monthly...


CC: Autographs Ep. #86 – Feat. Kat Green

Today Matt welcomes Kat Green, a producer and renaissance woman hailing from Brooklyn, NY. The Managing Director and Executive in Charge of Production for Lady Parts Justice League, Kat is also the founder and producer of Spygirl Pictures. With Matt, she talks about LPJL and how she got involved with them, and what it was like to work on “The Justice League we Deserve”, a short film about protecting reproductive rights. She talks about going on tour with them, the importance of getting...


CC: Autographs Ep. #85 – Feat. Elisa Flynn

Today Matt welcomes Elisa Flynn, a musician hailing from Brooklyn, NY. With her latest album out called The World Has Ever Been on Fire, Elisa chats with Matt about her time on tour as a solo artist and the bands she met along the way. She discusses the video shoot for the music video of the album’s first single “Before He Went Down”, along with the album’s second single “Sugar”. They cover her writing process and how she puts together an album, and they also share some lamentations over...


CC: Autographs Ep. #84 – Feat. Dan Colonna

This week, Matt welcomes Dan Colonna: gamer, podcaster, writer, and YouTuber from Brooklyn, NY. The creator of (and writer for) the website/blog NerdPundit, Dan is also behind the YouTube channel Hit Buttons! (a source for Let’s Plays and gaming vlogs). He can also be found on the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast along with his co-hosts Mark Magro and Dave Grima — a podcast described as the equivalent of a book club, but mostly focused on independent video games. With Matt, Dan chats...


CC: Autographs Ep. #83 – Feat. Despyre

The following episode was recorded on December 3rd, 2017 on location at The Kingsland music venue in Brooklyn, NY. Today Matt welcomes Rob Malvagno (vocals) and Kevin Cassidy (bass) from the metal band Despyre. Grabbing a chance to speak with the band before playing The Kingsland, Matt chats with the guys about life on tour and playing live shows with Bobaflex. They also discuss the music video for their first single “Irritation” off their eponymous EP, they chat about their origins as a...


CC: Autographs Ep. #82 – Feat. Mac Rogers

Today Matt welcomes Mac Rogers, a playwright hailing from NYC. Founding member of Gideon Productions, Mac Rogers has written the plays Frankenstein Upstairs, Universal Robots, and The Honeycomb Trilogy (including Advance Man, Blast Radius, and Sovereign). He is also the writer of a new 14-episode narrative podcast Steal the Stars — a serial noir science fiction heist. With Matt, Mac chats about Gideon Media partnering with Tor Labs to bring Steal the Stars to life; they chat about its...


CC: Autographs Ep. #81 – Feat. Evelyn Vinyl

This week, Matt welcomes Evelyn Vinyl, a burlesque performer, model, and costume designer from Nashville, TN. Founder of her own costume and lingerie design company, Blue Lawless, Evelyn chats with Matt about what inspired her to start such a company and how she got started in burlesque. In burlesque production, Evelyn chats about her ability to drift between the personal and more serious acts to the silly and the goofy ones; she chats about the positives and negatives of the burlesque...


CC: Autographs Ep. #80 – Feat. Devin Mullen (a.k.a. Anxious Kids)

Today, Matt welcomes Buffalo native Devin Mullen, the creative mastermind behind Anxious Kids (formerly Anxious Kids Make Good People). Previously a guest on the Crash Chords Podcast, in Ep. #141, Devin arrives on Autographs to chat about his exciting work as a professional sound engineer and his recent tenure in the Big Apple to work on the sets of The Joshua Show: Episode 2 and The Flatiron Hex. He also chats about his latest album under the Anxious Kids banner, Honestly? and how his...


CC: Autographs Ep. #79 – Feat. Richard Torres

Today, Matt welcomes Richard Torres, an actor, magician, and photographer hailing from Union City, New Jersey. With Matt, Richard chats about his early interest in magic and how he learned, ultimately, that it’s what he wants to be doing in life. He chats about the magicians that influenced him and about how he build his acts; he explores his favorite tricks (both past and present), and also what goes into performing close-up magic. And so, from the magical side of things to the business...


CC: Autographs Ep. #78 – Feat. Nasty Canasta

Today Matt welcomes Nasty Canasta, a burlesque producer and performer hailing from Brooklyn, NY. A producer for Wasabassco, Nasty is known by the tag line “The girl with the 44DD brain.” She was a previously a guest on the Crash Chords Podcast, Ep. #183, where she brought on Donker Mag by Die Antwoord for discussion. Today, Matt inquires into her earliest ambitions and her transition from theater to burlesque. They chat about what she looks for in other performers and the types of acts and...


CC: Autographs Ep. #77 – Feat. Alissa May Atkinson

Today, Matt welcomes Alissa May Atkinson, a comedian and bartender hailing from Brooklyn, NY. A bar manager at Precious Metal, Alissa (along with her comedy partner Lauren Vino) produces and hosts monthly comedy shows called Midd Riff Comedy, which are held at Precious Metal on the first Friday of every month. With Matt, Alissa chats about how she got started in comedy and what inspires her joke writing. They also chat about the origin of Midd Riff Comedy and how bartending (doubling as a...


CC: Autographs Ep. #76 – Feat. Waylon K. Smith

Today Matt welcomes Waylon K. Smith, a musician hailing from Greencastle, PA. As one half of the band The Positronic Cats, Waylon’s roles as a musician range from singing to playing guitar and electric bass, while his bandmate Jim Taylor plays electric and acoustic mandolin. With Matt, Waylon chats about how his band’s newest record Mortal Cathedrals came to be, from its content to its artwork, and to the music video for its first single “Glitter”, (which stars previous guest Robare James...


CC: Autographs Ep. #75 – Feat. Kati Delaney and Robare James Pruyn-Bush

Today, Matt welcomes Kati Delaney and Robare James Pruyn-Bush. Both previous guests on the Crash Chords Podcast, Kati Delaney is an animator and voice-over artist while Robare is a music producer and musician who is a member of many different bands including Rare Spirits, The Waysties, and The Rose West just to name a few. Kati and Robare both hail from Philadelphia, where this interview was recorded on location in their studio. With Matt, Kati chats about her ever-expanding voice-over...


CC: Autographs Ep. #74 – Feat. Uncle Meg

Today, Matt welcomes Uncle Meg, a West Virginia born, Brooklyn-based transgender (FTM) rapper. With the release of his latest LP Bug, Uncle Meg chats with Matt about his influences and his writing process, from creating beats to penning lyrics. He also discusses what it was like to have made his transition in the glow of the internet, with some afterthoughts ranging from the public support offered by his friends, family, and fans, to the unique vulnerability of the experience. And so, from...


CC: Autographs Ep. #73 – Feat. Theblerdgurl

Today, Matt welcomes Karama, a.k.a. Theblerdgurl, a blogger, YouTuber, and internet powerhouse hailing from Brooklyn, New York. With Matt, Karama chats about the origins of Theblerdgurl and how it grew from its humble beginnings as a Tumblr blog to the full-fledged nerd-devoted website it is today. They discuss her childhood and how her upbringing taught her to think differently. They discuss her many experiences at conventions and what it's like to meet your idols, the culture of social...


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