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Ep. #103 – Flame Con 2018 Special

Today, Matt shares highlights, interviews and more from Flame Con 2018! This episode features brief interviews with Con participants and attendees, as well as the (Doctor) Who Queered panel in its entirety. First, Matt chats with poet and Black Nerd Problems co-founder, Omar Holmon, artist and creator Fyodor Pavlov, and finally con attendees Rachel Schenk and John Henry. Then, sci fi and fantasy author Brian Olsen is your host and curator for the hour-long (Doctor) Who Queered panel...


Ep. #102 – Feat. Kris Keyser

Today, Matt welcomes Kris Keyser, a chip tune musician hailing from Brooklyn, NY. With Matt, he discusses his latest album, Reviver, along with his instrument of choice — the classic Gameboy —- and how he makes music on it. They go over his writing process, specifically with regards to his newest records, and chat about his love of games, how that’s influenced his style, and the other genres of music he’s dabbled in. And so, from his upcoming performance in Japan to his love of live...


Ep. #101 – Feat. Maggie McMuffin

Today, Matt welcomes Maggie McMuffin, a burlesque performer, producer, clown, kink educator, and sex worker from Seattle, Washington, living in New York City. With Matt, Maggie chats about her start in burlesque and her foray into sex work, which predates her burlesque career. She also chats about her clowning career and what inspired it, not to mention her one-woman show, “Three Raccoons in a Trench Coat.” And so, from her future projects in the Big Apple to her love of nerdy things,...


Ep. #100 – Feat. Sarah Storm

Welcome to episode 100 of Crash Chords: Autographs! Thank you for sticking with us these past 4 years. To celebrate how far the show has come, check out our brand new theme music, written, produced and performed -- expressly for the show -- by two-time previous guest, Mikal kHill, who we thank for his contribution to Autographs, and its next 100 episodes! Now for the prime event... This episode has been a long time coming, for today we are excited to welcome actor, writer, producer,...


Ep. #99 – Feat. Mr. Lee VaLone

Today, Matt welcomes Lee VaLone, a drag king, producer, and burlesque performer based in NYC. The producer of BEEF SHOW at Bizarre Bushwick and also ‘Jump Shark!’ (a monthly open mic Drag, Burlesque, & Vocals event that fundraises for Planned Parenthood), Lee VaLone is also the current reigning Mr. Coney Island. With Matt, Lee chats about his start in drag and burlesque, and discusses some of his most iconic performances. He also chats about the Beef Squad Drag Collective, which he also...


Ep. #98 – Feat. Matt Karpe

Today, Matt welcomes Matt Karpe, an author, journalist, and podcaster hailing from March, Cambridgeshire in the UK. In light of his newest book, called 'Nu Metal Resurgence', a detailed history of the return of the Nu Metal movement, Matt chats about his history as a journalist and what inspired him to write his new book. With Matt he chats about growing up during the heyday of Nu Metal and how the bands of today, who have survived from the time, continue to evolve. They also chat about...


Ep. #97 – Feat. Lex The Lexicon Artist

Today, Matt welcomes Lex The Lexicon Artist, a Taipei-raised, Oakland-based nerd core rapper. With a debut full-length album out called Raging Ego, and two music videos (for the singles “Glasses” and “Artist Anthem”), Lex discusses her early exposure to rap in Taiwan and who her early influences were. With Matt, they discuss her visit to NYC, what it was like to perform at SXSW 2018, and chat about the connectivity of social media and how it’s helped her reach more people more quickly and...


Ep. #96 – Feat. Nelson Lugo

Today, Matt welcomes magician, DJ, and host Nelson Lugo, a.k.a. DJ LugoTron, a.k.a. DJ Jalopy. A three-time Crash Chords Podcast podcast veteran, Lugo stops in to Autographs to chat with Matt about his continued work, and some updates to his latest one-man show, ‘Cheating Death: Magic, Memoirs & Mortality’. They talk about his relatively recent dive into DJing, how he got started, his partnership with Schaffer the Darklord, and what it’s like to be a performance DJ in a live show...


Ep. #95 – Kayla Smith

Today, Matt welcomes Kayla Smith, vocalist for the band The Scars Heal in Time, a band consisting of Kayla, her sister Tayler Smith on drums, and Tyler Niccum on guitar. The band’s latest EP Unidentified is recently released, featuring the singles “Grip”, “In Your Flame” and “I’m About to Break.” With Matt, Kayla chats about how long she’s been playing and writing music with her sister and about the band’s origins. They dip into tour life, their influences, and the idea behind making a...


Ep. #94 – Feat. Kara Eliza

Today, Matt welcomes Kara Eliza, a singer/songwriter hailing from New York, NY. Known for making a splash on YouTube with her cover videos of “Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keys and “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake, Kara chats with Matt about her upcoming 2018 release and the process of writing for it. She talks about her early days singing and playing instruments, which artists have had the biggest effect on her style and songwriting, and why she chose to do covers for YouTube. And so,...


Ep. #93 – The Nerdlesque Festival Special Feat. Lefty Lucy, Anja Keister, and Heart Crimson

Today, Matt welcomes Heart Crimson, Anja Keister, and Lefty Lucy for a special episode that focuses on the much anticipated Nerdlesque Festival — the original festival dedicated to nerd and pop culture-related burlesque. Created in 2014, this festival showcases the best in nerdlesque from across the globe, all brought together for one jam-packed weekend in New York City full of shows, classes, parties, panels, and more! Meeting our panel, Lefty Lucy is a burlesque producer/performer based...


Ep. #92 – Feat. The Brides of Burlesque

Today, Matt welcomes Faux Pas le Fae & Aurora North, together known as The Brides of Burlesque. Hailing from NYC, the duo’s productions, dance routines, and burlesque performances have taken the cabaret tradition to a new place; queer/trans-inspired burlesque, cirque, and world class modern dance are brought together in provocative art! With the duo, Matt chats about their new monthly variety show at BIZARRE Bushwick (DJ’d by Matt himself). They also chat about how they got their start in...


Ep. #91 – Feat. Saint Tragedy

Today, Matt welcomes the members of the hard rock band Saint Tragedy via Skype. Hailing from Kenosha, WI, Saint Tragedy formed their unique hard rock sound in 2008. Their line-up features Wayne Wiginton (vocals), Matt Brudniewicz (guitar), Eric Serbedzija (bass), and Jason Scuffham (drums). Their new EP is called Prolonging The Agony and their first single off the record is “No More Religion”. With Matt, the group chats about how and when the band got started, they chat about the...


Ep. #90 – Feat. Broody Valentino

Today, Matt welcomes Broody Valentino, a Boylesque performer, puppeteer and theatre educator based in the NY/NJ area. Known as the “Teddy Bear With Claws”, Broody chats with Matt about how he got started in burlesque and how he's always loved theater from a young age. They talk about how going to school for theater has informed his performances and how he tends to lean towards a ‘classic Hollywood’ style. He talks about the first show he saw, how he’s come so far so fast, and about the...


Ep. #89 – Feat. Collibrina

Today, Matt welcomes Collibrina, a model, yoga instructor and singer hailing from Boston, MA. Having first met Matt when she was primarily a singer, Collibrina discusses her shift to nude (and nearly nude) modeling and how she’s continued to grow her presence online. She chats about the ups and downs that go with being a professional naked person on the internet, her vetting process before agreeing to work with photographers, and how the model community comes together to recommend...


Ep. #88 – Feat. Kate Nyx

Today Matt welcomes Kate Nyx: songwriter, showgirl, seamstress, and wrestling enthusiast from Philadelphia, PA. Her latest singles “Bet It On the Bootstraps” and “Changeling” can be found on her bandcamp along with her last full-length record Sage & Silver Bullets. With Matt, Kate discusses her love of wrestling, her clothing line Closet Champion and what it’s like to design costumes for wrestlers. They chat about her podcast Bump and Grind, which she co-hosts with her husband, the...


Ep. #87 – Feat. Kita St. Cyr

Today, Matt welcomes Kita St. Cyr, a burlesque performer, producer, fire spinner, fire eater, renaissance faire performer, and actor hailing from New York City. A two-time guest on the Crash Chords Podcast (Eps. #45 & #129), Kita chats with Matt about some developments in her life including her recent hiatus from and triumphant return to burlesque. They explore her background and training with fire -- and how exactly one becomes a fire eater/spinner/dancer. They talk about her new monthly...


CC: Autographs Ep. #86 – Feat. Kat Green

Today Matt welcomes Kat Green, a producer and renaissance woman hailing from Brooklyn, NY. The Managing Director and Executive in Charge of Production for Lady Parts Justice League, Kat is also the founder and producer of Spygirl Pictures. With Matt, she talks about LPJL and how she got involved with them, and what it was like to work on “The Justice League we Deserve”, a short film about protecting reproductive rights. She talks about going on tour with them, the importance of getting...


CC: Autographs Ep. #85 – Feat. Elisa Flynn

Today Matt welcomes Elisa Flynn, a musician hailing from Brooklyn, NY. With her latest album out called The World Has Ever Been on Fire, Elisa chats with Matt about her time on tour as a solo artist and the bands she met along the way. She discusses the video shoot for the music video of the album’s first single “Before He Went Down”, along with the album’s second single “Sugar”. They cover her writing process and how she puts together an album, and they also share some lamentations over...


CC: Autographs Ep. #84 – Feat. Dan Colonna

This week, Matt welcomes Dan Colonna: gamer, podcaster, writer, and YouTuber from Brooklyn, NY. The creator of (and writer for) the website/blog NerdPundit, Dan is also behind the YouTube channel Hit Buttons! (a source for Let’s Plays and gaming vlogs). He can also be found on the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast along with his co-hosts Mark Magro and Dave Grima — a podcast described as the equivalent of a book club, but mostly focused on independent video games. With Matt, Dan chats...