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CEO Chat is a podcast for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners. My name is Gresham Harkless, and for the past few years I have had an awesome opportunity to chat with the best and brightest CEOs, entrepreneurs, startups founders and business owners. I thought it would be great to share. Join us for CEO Chat!

CEO Chat is a podcast for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners. My name is Gresham Harkless, and for the past few years I have had an awesome opportunity to chat with the best and brightest CEOs, entrepreneurs, startups founders and business owners. I thought it would be great to share. Join us for CEO Chat!
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CEO Chat is a podcast for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners. My name is Gresham Harkless, and for the past few years I have had an awesome opportunity to chat with the best and brightest CEOs, entrepreneurs, startups founders and business owners. I thought it would be great to share. Join us for CEO Chat!




Chat #42 - How Publishing a Book Can Help You Become an Expert & Increase Your Authority

Bea Wray is the Chair, Entrepreneurship Practice of Forbes Books and she spoke about the changes in the publishing industry, how Forbes Books helps people to develop and publish books, she gave a preview of her upcoming book and how she learned more from being mother than her Harvard education. About Bea Wray As Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Bea has the privilege of telling the story of the story tellers! She is responsible for both the Advantage Media Group and ForbesBooks...

Duration: 00:37:21

Roundup: 14 Entrepreneurs Reveal Which Famous Entrepreneur Would Be Their Dream Mentor

A mentor is someone who is more knowledgeable in your area of expertise and he/she may help you through various ways such as in career guidance. In the business field, there are entrepreneurs who have stood out from the crowd due to their various accomplishments and way of doing this. It’s from this that many entrepreneurs draw their inspiration from them. We asked entrepreneurs and business owners which famous entrepreneur would be their dream mentor. Blog Post:...

Duration: 00:08:54

Roundup: 21 Entrepreneurs Share Advice To New Entrepreneurs

On the way success, there will be lessons learnt since experience is the best teacher. New entrepreneurs can emulate and learn from the experienced entrepreneurs so as to avoid common mistakes that are bound to occur when starting a business. Not only does this save resources, but is also saves time spent in rectifying mistakes and instead new entrepreneurs can focus in making their ventures profitable. We asked entrepreneurs and business owners what advice they would give to new...

Duration: 00:17:00

Roundup: 20 Entrepreneurs Reveal What They Would Attribute To Their Success

‘Success doesn’t come on a silver platter’ is a common saying that applies across every field. Often, there will be something to be attributed to your success be it financial, skills, human resources or anything else that helps foster your growth and success. It’s some of these things that make us say, ‘were it not for…. I would not be where I am today.’ We asked entrepreneurs and business owners what they would attribute to their success. Blog Post:...

Duration: 00:17:56

Chat #42 - Entrepreneur Seeks to be the Light to Survivors of Domestic Violence & Sex Trafficking

Gayan Peart is the founder of the Elnora Foundation. Elnora Foundation, a 501C3 nonprofit, provides support and services for survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking. Offering services in the DC Metropolitan area, we are located in Annandale, Virginia. We spoke about her background, the story of her nonprofit and the impact that she's having on the area. Contact Information E-mail: Website: Phone: (571) 336-5299 (Our Office)

Duration: 00:25:04

Roundup: 24 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Being An Entrepreneur

Being in love is great. Being in love with your business, when you’re an entrepreneur, is even better. Waking up each morning knowing you are getting to do exactly what you love is more than most people could ever say about any “job” they have had. Although there are days when tossing in your hat seems like a viable option, remembering how much you love your “job” can quickly snap an entrepreneur out of that mentality. Different business owners also have a different reason why they love...

Duration: 00:00:04

Roundup: 18 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Maintain Company Culture

Company culture matters in any company regardless of its size. Not only does it build an amazing team, but it also determines the growth of any company in a big way. It ensures an environment where every employee feels motivated and valued for the contribution they make to the company. We asked entrepreneurs and business owners how they maintain their company’s culture. 1. Blog Post: 2. Audio: 3....

Duration: 00:19:20

Roundup: 13 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on Co-working spaces, Is It Yay or Nay?

This is the audio version of our CB Roundup on Visit to read the post. 13 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on Co-working spaces, Is It Yay or Nay? Coworking spaces are gaining popularity over time and may soon overtake the traditional set-up of an office work-space. It is believed that by 2020, co-working spaces will be the norm in various places. This is especially the case for professionals such as independent contractors and freelancers....

Duration: 00:11:29

Wellness Coach Empowers Leaders By Focusing on the Who Before the What

Beth Schomp is an entrepreneur and wellness coach. She is the founder of Life On Your Own Terms, a health and wellness company based in the Washington D.C. area. She focuses on empowering and educating leaders and clients to live healthier lifestyles. We spoke about her background, her family's background with the Fruit of the Loom, the importance of being healthy and her perspective on leadership. Contact Information E-mail: Website:

Duration: 00:53:23

Custom Wedding Invitation Entrepreneur Builds Her Business Capturing the Essence of her Couples

Ashleigh Robinson is the founder of Type A Invitations based outside of the Washington D.C. area. Her company provides custom wedding stationery and fine art illustrations. A former graphic designer turned entrepreneur, Ashleigh spoke about her background, her unique process, some of the future trends in the wedding industry including the impact of Pinterest and the importance of community in the wedding industry and in the DC area. About Ashleigh Robinson Ashleigh is an award winning...

Duration: 00:37:25

Northern Virginia Yoga Owner Bring Innovation & Creativity to the Health & Fitness Industry

This was an awesome chat with Suzie Mills of Honest Soul Yoga located in Alexandria, Virginia. Suzie is a Healthy CEO which I loved to speak with because she’s isn’t your traditional yogi and she has brought a fresh perspective to the health industry. We spoke about her background, her unique approach to yoga and advice that she has for entrepreneurs and business owners in the area including hiring up, innovation and reengineering things. Suzie (Owner of Honest Soul Yoga) came to yoga to...

Duration: 00:26:01

Executive Coach and Consultant Provides ‘Space’ for Senior Executives & Emerging Leaders to Grow

Charles Jewett is the founder, coach and consultant of Point Leadership. He specializes in working with leaders through growth, transitions, and challenges. He is an ICF certified coach, a graduate of Georgetown University, holds an MBA from Loyola College, and has a computer/engineering degree from the University of Maryland. Most recently he was resident coach at Impact Hub Singapore which is home to Asia’s brightest startup companies, entrepreneurs, and VC founders. Charles spoke about...

Duration: 00:44:17

Franchise Owner Attributes His Success to His Background in the Military and Government Contracting

Dan Derbes is the Franchise Owner of AdvantaClean located in Alexandria, Lorton, Manassas, Fredericksburg (Virginia). As restoration professionals in Fredericksburg, Virginia, at AdvantaClean of Lorton, Manassas, Fredericksburg, we are dedicated to excellent service. They provide residential & commercial services including: mold inspections, mold testing and mold removal; water damage mitigation; air Duct & HVAC cleaning; moisture control solutions; fire & smoke mitigation. Dan spoke about...

Duration: 00:28:20

How this Massage Therapist Builds His Business By Listening & Raising People's Quality of Life

Chris Link is the owner/operator of You Deserve Massage located in Alexandria, Virginia. The massage studio of You Deserve Massage is located in Alexandria, VA in the Kingstowne plaza. They also serve Northern VA by offering high quality in-home massage sessions for those who enjoy the serene and rejuvenating effects of therapeutic massage in a private and relaxed setting. Chris spoke about the following: • How he started his business? • What exactly being an owner operator is. • How busy...

Duration: 00:30:20

100 Entrepreneurs Discussion - How Entrepreneurs Can Use Digital Marketing to Increase Visibility

This was a live recording of a discussion that Gresham Harkless of Blue 16 Media did at 100 Entrepreneurs event in Ft. Belvoir in Northern Virginia. He spoke about why he started Blue 16 Media, why every company is a media company, the current state of digital marketing and how business owners can leverage digital marketing to help out their businesses and how CEO Blog Nation ( is an example of the media companies he helps businesses build.

Duration: 00:28:27

Healthy NoVA Franchise Takes The Lead & Creates Jobs Providing Support for the Aging Population

Michael San Juan the Executive Director of Always Best Care of Arlington which provides multiple options for seniors including an assisted living finder/referral services, in-home care and remote safety monitoring/remote home automation. Michael spoke about the following: • What the franchise do? • What a typical day is like for him • How the company has leveraged technology to be more efficient and effective • Why it’s important to be informed in business and for your health • How he’s...

Duration: 00:36:12

Best Selling Author & Attorney Explains How Getting Help Can Help You Business Land Mines from Day 1

Nancy Greene Partner of Land, Carroll & Blair, PC and spoke about the following during the interview: • How storytelling and the law go hand and hand • How She works from Cradle to Grave with business owners • How she walks through various scenarios with business owners to help them prepare • How she helps clients by having those uncomfortable conversations • The biggest mistakes that business owners makes. • Her process for writing her book Contact Information: • Website:

Duration: 00:42:00

How a Full-Time PE Teacher Runs a Successful Business Fueled By Passion & Purpose

Peter Baroody of Baroody Camps Incorporated spoke about the following during our podcast: • His background and how he started his sports camps • How he set a Guinness Book World Record and how it helped him in laying the foundation for his business • The role that building a strong team has played in his success • How his faith and his influeces his business • How he diversifies and minimizes his risk by keeping his day job • What he loves about being a Healthy CEO Contact Peter at...

Duration: 00:34:30

How to Build a Successful Insurance Business

This CEO Chat was with Donald Wilson from Farmer's Insurance Agency. We covered the following: • The difference between Franchising & Owning a Farmer’s Insurance Office • Smart Selling • The importance of continuing education and how The University of Farmer’s Insurance helps • What is Prospecting and what are Center’s of influence? • How personal branding helps owners of Farmer’s Insurance Agents • The role that the community plays in being a Farmer’s Insurance Owner

Duration: 00:34:31

How Managing Your Time Allows Entrepreneurs to Be More Impactful in Business

Corey Holeman is the President of the Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce and also is very active in the community including owning McDonald's Franchises as well as other business ventures with his wife. Corey told us about the Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce, what it does for businesses and gave entrepreneurs advice on time management and how to juggle multiple ventures or projects and still be successful.

Duration: 00:22:02

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