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CPR’s Clubhouse (The Freestyle FOUR)

CPR's Clubhouse (The Freestyle FOUR) FOUR Freestyle songs, FOUR Freestyle Artists battle it out for a spot on CPR's Top 10 Countdown VOTE for Andrea Martin - I Want You/ Damian - Hipnotizado/ Michelle Nieves and Eric Joel - I Need You/ Luis Marte - The Light by clicking this link CPR's Clubhouse Facebook Page Voting points are awarded in the following manner DJ Votes = 3 points Artists/ Producers NOT affiliated with nominee = 2 points Fans = 1 point Stuffing the ballot = minus 3 points Plus...


CPR vs Porkie – Love Hate Life (Valentine’s Day Mix)

CPR presents LOVE-HATE-LIFE Freestyle Mix by DJ Porkie, Benjamin Castro


CPR’s Clubhouse (Goofeesnax)

It's the return of CPR's Top 10 Countdown on episode 405 of the CPR's Clubhouse Podcast, now available on Google Play Music and iTunes Podcast apps. Featuring the number one song in all of Freestyle, A Lisa B featuring Charlie Babie, LEGENDARY. Plus music from Stevie B, Aby, Susan Santiago, Rolando Montalvo, Rebekka, Jacqueline Rose and LSP, Sito from Pain, Audi Medina and Nick Colon A note from CPR Jose Ortiz We dedicate this episode to the memory of Pete Hernandez III; the co- founder of...


In Memory of DJ Porkie

1 hour 57 minutes We pay tribute to the late, great DJ Porkie on his birth date by presenting CPR vs Porkie "All Stars Mega Mix" Part I and II A message from CPR Jose Ortiz Today would have been DJ Porkie's Birthday and we pay tribute to him by featuring his greatest creation, The All Stars Mega Mix Part 1 and 2. DJ Porkie spend countless hours, nights and weekends putting this mix together. I remember getting phone calls from him at all times of the night asking me if it sounded good. All...


CPR’s Top 25 Freestyle Remakes (Part One)

CPR's Top 25 Freestyle Remakes (Part One) Freestyle has it's catalog of remakes. Whether its a remake of a POP, Dance or Freestyle song, these are the remakes voted in by the listeners of Club House Dance Music and the CPR's Clubhouse Podcast. Hosted by CPR Jose Ortiz (In Alphabetical Order) Adrienne Bailon featuring Ghostface Killa - Take Me Home (Original by Lisa Lisa) George Anthony featuring Synthia Figueroa - Beginning of the End (Original by Marisol) M:G - Think Twice (Original by...


CPR’s Clubhouse (You Gonna Be Mine)

https://www.facebook.com/vinniepolitan/videos/10215425216164325/ 59 minutes CPR's Clubhouse (You Gonna Be Mine) Stevie B sent us his new song, You Gonna Be Mine and we kick off this week's edition of the podcast with this exclusive track. Plus we get a special CPR Metro Message from Vinnie Politan formerly of Metropolitan Records and now of Court TV at the end of the podcast. Click play and listen to CPR's Top 10 Countdown where you decide who will be number one this week, A Lisa B or The...


CPR’s Clubhouse featuring A Lisa B

110 minutes CPR's Clubhouse featuring A Lisa B Singer, Songwritter A Lisa B joins CPR Jose Ortiz on this week's edition of Club House Dance Music and the CPR's Clubhouse Podcast. A Lisa B, former member of MaxAMillion who wrote Freestyle songs like Rochelle PRAYING FOR AN ANGEL and HOLDING ON TO LOVE, Issac IN MY HEART and the current number one song on CPR's Top 10 Countdown, LEGENDARY available February 2, 2018 on your digital distributions sites. Plus new music from Sito from Pain and...


CPR’s Clubhouse (The Promise)

72 minutes CPR's Clubhouse (The Promise) The Pick Hit of the Week returns to Club House Dance Music and the CPR's Clubhouse Podcast featuring Rolando Montalvo, THE PROMISE. A remake of the song originally sung by WHEN IN ROME in 1988. Plus the announcement of THE BATTLE OF THE FREESTYLE ALL STARS, Tuesdays at 7pm est on FACEBOOK LIVE featuring song vs song, Freestyle Artist vs Freestyle Artist. We also speak to local recording Artist, Benny Gonzalez who is featured on the new compilation,...


CPR’s Top 40 Freestyle Songs of 2017 (Part One and Two)

CPR's Top 40 Freestyle Songs of 2017 (Part One and Two) 96 minutes CPR’s Top 40 Freestyle Songs of 2017 (Part One) We recap the best and most requested Freestyle songs of 2017 with CPR’s Top 40 Freestyle Songs of 2017 (Part One) featuring Susan Santiago, The Santana Twins featuring Aby, Julio Mena, Melissa Love, Rebekka, Alex Zuniga, The Santana Twins featuring CNR, Frankie J, Stevie B, NuFe featuring Karina Skye, A Lisa B featuring Charlie Babie, Phillip Anthony, Sammy XO, Edee, Ricardo...


CPR’s Clubhouse (Vote Now)

It's time to Vote and provide BONUS POINTS to your favorite songs on CPR's Top 40 Songs of 2017 Pick your top 5 songs of 2017 Create your favorite list from 5-1 in your order or prefrence The position of your top 5 awards the song bonus points 5 = 1, 4 = 2, 3 =3, 2 = 4 and 1 = 5 points Get your list in now! Aby - It Was Love Alex Zuniga - Better Than Me Alex Zuniga - Set Me Free A'Lisa B featuring Charlie Babie - Legendary Love Angel Mena - I'm Done With Love Angel Mena -Devil in Me Angelo...


CPR’s Clubhouse (Tabulated)

87 minutes CPR's Clubhouse (Tabulated) Your votes have been TABULATED and the number one spot goes to? Click Play to find out who is number one. The Top 3 songs in all of Freestyle, 3 Rebekka Black N Blue, 2 Gabriella Temptation and the number one song for 3 weeks in a row, Nick Colon Broken battle for the top spot. Plus 3 new songs are in and 3 songs are out. BONUS MIX by Tim Spinnin Schommer at the end of the podcast. Go to www.cprsmusic.com to get links to the podcast. Hosted by CPR...


CPR’s Clubhouse ( Legendary)

93 minutes CPR's Clubhouse (Legendary) A Lisa B featuring Charlie Babie LEGENDARY debuts on this week's edition of CPR's Clubhouse The Podcast with new music from Audi Medina RED STRIPES. Plus THE FAMOUS MAKE IT OR BREAK IT returns featuring The Santana Twins featuring Remio YOU ARE THE ONE. Plus CPR's Top 10 Countdown has 2 debuts and music from Gabriella, Rebekka, Phillip Anthony, Charlie Babie featuring A Lisa B, Melissa Love, AP3 featuring Flo Rida, Angel Mena and Nick Colon. Plus Tim...


Tim Spinnin Schommer Podcast (Episode One)

CPR's Clubhouse Newtwork presents Tim Spinnin' Schommer Podcast, recorded on Facebook live Sundays at 8pm. This episode features a birthday celebration for former Mic Mac Recording Artist and Music Producer, Charlie Babie. Listen to 2 hours of non stop Freestyle from Tim Spinnin Schoomer, BOOM


CPR’s Clubhouse (Freestyle Boom)

CPR's Clubhouse (Freestyle Boom) Tim Spinnin Schommer comes to the CPR's Clubhouse Network Saturdays on itunes Podcast app for your iOs device. You can also listen to the show by going to the Stitcher, Castbox, Overcast, MixCloud, Podbean, Otto Radio apps for both Android and iOs devices. Plus Mr Exclusive returns with new music from Susan Santiago's new album LOVING LIFE. Play the podcast to listen to a choice cut from the album. Plus an exclusive new verision of Gabriella's TEMPTATION...


CPR’s Clubhouse (Rebekka and the Dr.)

CPR's Clubhouse (Rebekka and the Dr) Rebekka and the Dr Javier Ayala join us live in studio on Club House Dance Music on 90.7 FM WTCCFM.org and the CPR's Clubhouse Podcast. Rebekka and Dr. Javi talk the new single, BLACK AND BLUE, some New England Freestyle History and some fun back and forth banter. We also countdown the hottest 10 songs in Freestyle today on CPR's Top 10 Countdown.10 Audi Medina LOST, 09 Melissa Love BY YOUR SIDE, 08. Julio Mena OLD SCHOOL LOVE, 07 Rebekka BLACK AND...


CPR’s Clubhouse (Freestyle Ragnarok)

CPR's Clubhouse (Freestyle Ragnarok) The Freestyle Marvels Charlie Babie and A Lisa B defends their number one spot in this Freestyle Ragnarok battle for supremacy (This descriptions is awful I know) Join The God of Thunder CPR Jose Ortiz and the Lord of New England Freestyle Loki Poze (Ok IM DONE) Who will be number one? Press play to find out Go to www.cprsmusic.com for links to the podcast CPR's Clubhouse (Freestyle Ragnarok) Go to www.cprsmusic.com for links to the podcast


CPR’s Clubhouse (Black N Blue)

CPR's Clubhouse (Black And Blue) 63 minutes Dr Javi presents the brand new song from REBEKKA, BLACK AND BLUE on this Mr Exclusive edition of CPR's Clubhouse. Hosted by Danny Zabian, Crystal Estrella, Jadilyz Mena and Carlton Holloman and Jose O. With music from Charlie Babie featuring A Lisa B, Angel Mena, Nick Colon, AP3 featuring Flo Rida, Gabriella, Melissa Love, Audi Medina, Julio Mena and the return of Phillip Anthony to the countdown. Go to www.cprsmusic.com for links to the podcast


CPR’s Clubhouse (Wisdom of the Crowd)

83 minutes CPR's Clubhouse (Wisdom of the Crowd) Charlie Babie featuring A Lisa B look to be number one for two weeks in a row while we have a new addition to the countdown. Plus Mr Exclusive presents Angel Mena DEVIL IN ME remix and the return of Phillip Anthony OVER and OVER AGAIN, a song he recorded for his wife, Maria Anthony. I KNOW THE REAL LAST NAME! Plus THE UNKNOWN ADMN, Rafael Reyes returns with a mix featuring JEME, CORO, CORINA, PURE PLEAZURE, SAIGE and much more. Hosted by CPR...


CPR’s Clubhouse (Radiothon)

CPR's Clubhouse (Radiothon) WTCC presents Radiothon 2017. An opportunity for you, the listener of Club House Dance Music to support our community radio station 90.7 FM WTCCFM.org We are looking for your pledges in any denomination. Call 1 866 736 2781 or go to www.WTCCFM.org and send us your pledge in care of Club House Dance Music. A $35 donation gets you a WTCC hat. A $45 donation gets you a T Shirt. A $75 get you both the T Shirt and the Hat. Listen to CHI TOWN RUMBLE featuring Rudy...


CPR’s Clubhouse (The Inductee)

CPR's Clubhouse (The Inductee) Our next inductee to the Club House Dance Music Hall of Fame is announced this week on this two hour edition of CPR's Clubhouse The Podcast. Plus the date of Club House Dance Music Family Night is announced. Plus classic, current and new Freestyle music from Artists like Julio Mena, Raul Soto, Sharyn Maceren, O Town Freestyle Remix by Dr Javi, Pure Pleazure f Denisha, Noel and many others. Plus Rudy Fausto looks to retain the number one spot on CPR's Top 10...


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