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Gus Gonzalez, a 6x Microsoft Business Solutions (CRM) MVP, covers subjects rarely discussed openly in the CRM Community. With 11 years of experience in the CRM world and hundreds of successful deployments around the world, Gus brings a real-world fact-based approach to these subjects and how they affect the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM community.

Gus Gonzalez, a 6x Microsoft Business Solutions (CRM) MVP, covers subjects rarely discussed openly in the CRM Community. With 11 years of experience in the CRM world and hundreds of successful deployments around the world, Gus brings a real-world fact-based approach to these subjects and how they affect the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM community.
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Gus Gonzalez, a 6x Microsoft Business Solutions (CRM) MVP, covers subjects rarely discussed openly in the CRM Community. With 11 years of experience in the CRM world and hundreds of successful deployments around the world, Gus brings a real-world fact-based approach to these subjects and how they affect the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM community.




Special: eXtreme 365 EMEA 2018 Debrief

As you know, I attend several conferences and events each year and I do record content for this podcast at those events but I have never really debriefed after an event. This one was different, it was my 7th eXtreme 365 conference and it has been my favorite conference so far, so I wanted to bring Ulrik Carlsson on the show so we could share why we believe this was their best event ever. Follow eXtreme: Follow us: Ulrik:...


Episode 22: Ten CRM MVPs answer 22 tough questions, recorded at the MVP Summit 2018

There is one week every year where the largest concentration of CRM MVPs is recorded, and that is the Microsoft MVP Summit. During the MVP Summit 2018, I asked 10 CRM MVPs to answer the 22 tough questions you see below and I recorded their answers for all to enjoy, discuss, and learn from. Questions: CRM MVP for Life Award I would like to thank Ulrik Carlsson and Seth Bacon for contributing questions to this list. And of course, here are the CRM MVPs who stood outside a building for an...


Episode 21: Top 10 "DONTs" of Implementing Dynamics 365, with CRM MVP Neil Benson

There are many things you can do to increase your chances of success on a Dynamics 365 Implementation, there are also many things you can do to increase the chances of failure. In this episode, I'm joined by CRM MVP Neil Benson to discuss the Top 10 things organizations do that increases the risk of Dynamics 365 Implementation failure. We also walk through a few real personal stories of projects that either failed after go-live, or didn't even make it to full release. We hope you learn...


Episode 20: Twenty "Best Practices" I disagree with

Being a CRM MVP gives me the opportunity to interact with Dynamics 365 professionals of diverse backgrounds, whether they work as independent contractors, work for a large global systems integrator, or working for a customer as a CRM Admin, we all have something in common. We are all trying to learn from each other and improve our skills over time. And sometimes is tough to add value from my side because there are times where it seems like most people follow best practices that I either...


Episode 19: Setting up your CRM Security like a CRM MVP

On this episode I dive into all the steps and best practices I follow when setting up Security for every Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Implementation I lead as a Solution Architect. I will discuss my approach to: Follow us:


Episode 18: Moving to the Cloud (Part 2 of 2), with Joel Lindstrom

Back on Episode 15, fellow CRM MVPs Chris Cognetta and Joel Lindstrom walked through the best practices and details behind preparing for and migrating to Dynamics 365 Online. Unfortunately, Chris and Joel ran out of time and could not cover what happens once the Migration has been completed. This episode closes the series as we dive into the best practices and details behind a completed Migration. We discuss the following topics: If you haven't listened to Episode 15 or "Part 1" of this...


Episode 17: Is Dynamics 365 the best Customer Service solution for every organization?, with Sarah Jelinek and Ulrik Carlsson

On this episode, Customer Service world-class experts and Community Leaders Sarah Jelinek and Ulrik Carlsson stop by the show to discuss whether Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the right Customer Service solution for all organizations out there. We discuss: Follow our experts on twitter: Sarah: Ulrik: Learn more about ITIL:


Episode 16 - Being a better customer, with Chris Warton

Here at the CRM MVP Podcast, we like to focus on topics that are rarely discussed out there, and sometimes we like to be the first podcast out there covering a topic in particular. In this case, we managed to accomplish both conditions, we decided to dedicate an episode to the best practices and techniques you can leverage to become a "better customer", perhaps even "the perfect customer". Let me explain what that means. The perfect customer - in my eyes - is the organization that...


Episode 15: Moving to the Cloud, hosted by Chris Cognetta and Joel Lindstrom

On this episode, Chris Cognetta and Joel Lindstrom dive deep into Migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online. They will tackle areas regarding preparation, data, customizations, tools, Microsoft FastTrack, and readiness, to name a few. CRMUG Q3 2017 Magazine: Microsoft FastTrack info: Follow us: Follow Chris: Follow Joel:...


Episode 14: Sales force automation and LinkedIn Navigator, with Brian Galicia

On December 8th, 2016, Microsoft closed its acquisition of LinkedIn and all of us on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 industry started wondering what that meant for us. Over the last few months, we've seen the evolution of the integration between the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. I wanted to talk about this evolution and this acquisition as well, so I invited my good friend Brian Galicia, who is the world-wide lead for sales force automation and...


Episode 13: Do you speak Developer?, with Daryl LaBar

One of the things that happens in almost every Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deployment is that you will end up with a combination of technical, and non-technical people involved in the project. Typically we find developers at the end of the "technical spectrum", and when people can't communicate with developers correctly they can cause project delays and time and effort wasted on the wrong functionality. Solution Architects are responsible for bridging the gap between non-technical and...


Episode 12: I bet you didn't know about these documentation resources, with Amy Langlois

Like many of you, I always complained about the lack of resources available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365. That was until I realized that those resources are out there, and they are produced by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Content Experience team led by Amy Langlois at Microsoft. So I invited Amy to talk about documentation and all the work her team does. We discussed: Resources covered on this...


Special Episode: Why you need to attend eXtreme365

Originally I thought about releasing this episode the weekend before eXtreme 365, but I was able to get a discount code for all my listeners so everyone can register and attend eXtreme365 on November 6-9, 2017 in Long Beach, CA. We discuss: Visit their website at See the agenda here: Register here: Follow eXtreme 365 on Twitter @Extreme_365


Clip Show: Best practices when setting up security

This is a short recap of the "Best Practices when Setting up Security" session I led during the 2017 CRMUG Summit in Nashville, TN. Best practices covered: Download slides for this session here: Follow us on Twitter @CRMMVPPodcast and @Elev8Solutions


Episode 11: Are you part of the CRM User Group?, with Tony Stein

The idea for the Dynamics CRM User Group (CRMUG) grew from the vision of a few Microsoft Dynamics users - to connect with other users and learn firsthand the best way to leverage the software they used every day. We discuss: Follow the CRM User Group on Twitter:


Episode 10: People hate change!, with Clarissa Simpson

On this episode, we focus on Change Management, Governance, and User Adoption. We discuss the ADKAR Model, which is a framework for understanding change. We discuss: The book reviewed on this episode can be purchased here: HERE Follow Clarissa on twitter @OKKiwiFlyHome


Episode 9: Field Service Management, with Ben Vollmer

Dynamics 365 is comprised by sevaral apps. One of those apps is Field Service, and this app has a huge (and growing) market size! Ben Vollmer is the Global Sales Director for Field Service at Microsoft, but don't let this title fool you, Ben has worked with CRM systems for over 20 years, and has held multiple positions within the Dynamics space at Microsoft. We discuss: - What Field Service is and how are customers using it - Size of the Field Service Management Market from...


Episode 8: Staying up to date with the world of Microsoft Dynamics, with Jason Gumpert from

Trying to keep up with all of the moving parts Microsoft is working and innovating on around Dynamics 365 would require a full time job just focused on learning what's new and what it means for customers. Jason Gumpert did that almost 10 years ago. He was one of the two founding members of, an online independent source of Microsoft Dynamics news and views with 60,000 registered members. Almost 10 years ago, Jason and Adam decided to leave their corporate jobs and...


Episode 7: Time to talk about SalesForce, with Leon Tribe

No, this is not the "CRM Cage Match" I talked about on Episode 1, I need a SalesForce MVP to make that happen, but I reached out to a Microsoft MVP who has been blogging about SalesForce for years and we discuss their finances, their future, and what products they have to offer. We also discuss the Dynamics 365 2017 Spring Release and what we hope to see in the future. Follow Leon on twitter @LeonTribe and if you want to read more about what we discussed in this episode, check out his...


Episode 6: Getting Intelligent about Business Intelligence, with the CRM Chart Guy

On this episode, CRM Superstar Ulrik Carlsson (a.k.a. CRM Chart Guy) stops by our studio to discuss Business Intelligence. But before we start our conversation, I share some news about the Podcast and the CRMUG Summit. If you want to skip the news and just listen to the discussion regarding Business Intelligence, you can fast forward to the 25 minute mark. We discuss: - What Business Intelligence really is vs. what some people think it is - The 4 important steps to follow when...


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